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What is your General Impression of the Success of Warlords V2?

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Post by fire_i »

I voted "Good". The game is nice, fast-paced and much more friendly than many other sims. However, I do find many rules unclear or even ambiguous and some minor problems would need tweaking, so I don't find the sim really great thus far. However, in my opinion, if the rules remained similar in V3, with the ambiguous/unclear ones fixed, it could usually be among the greatest sims taking place in a similar setting, or with a similar background.
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Post by Dao Xia »

Well I thought I would put my in my thoughts now that the game has progressed more. I started out really disliking the simplicity of the rules and battles, but now it has made the sim fun for me. Rather than worrying about writing up tactics for a battle you will lose, you write up a quick and daring strategy and some ploys. The simplicity of it makes the sim great, and keeps the fun atmosphere around, especially when things on SimRTK and other sims are getting so competitive.
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Post by jiangbao »

I personally think that there should be less NPCs rulers, make liu bang/xiang yu serve some deserving lords. Also the background points, many people are taking dedicated studies and personal armies. Very few people are taking gold. Hopefully there can be a way to increase the advantage of taking gold.
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Post by Maggot »

I voted Poor because I dont think the sim has enough general roleplay activity. Thats not really a bad thing. But in my opinion a sim needs more Rp. So, meh. I dig the loose rules though.
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Post by Master Kong »

I like the game, but I have one problem with the mechanics.

The battle system, yes I understand that it quickens the pace, but it tips the scale so much against the smaller kingdom as from what I've seen numbers will win the game. While getting the right tactics can make a huge difference, its simply a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with more options. So as it stand there is no way that a outclassed force can win. Compare this to the battle System used by SimRTK, and it severly lessens chances of the small guys. You can not target the supply unit and cause them to fall back, you can not cause a morale rout, and if the CiC is lost, the army doesn't go in to chaos. There isn't much you can do with an outclassed force.
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Post by jiangbao »

on top of what i said earlier, I still voted good (forgot to vote earlier). I think it a new way of battle being run. It does reduce the need of arguing that is happening in simrtk. I quit simrtk cause it took too long

the only problem is that there is no enough people signing up. there maybe about 450+ signups but how many are active?
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Post by Xiang Zhuang »

jiangbao wrote:on top of what i said earlier, I still voted good (forgot to vote earlier). I think it a new way of battle being run. It does reduce the need of arguing that is happening in simrtk. I quit simrtk cause it took too long

the only problem is that there is no enough people signing up. there maybe about 450+ signups but how many are active?
I think there are around 75 active people who post Personal Turns at the moment. That probably means there's about 90 active people overall. I would have hoped for around 100 active people after a game year, which is just about where the sim is, so it might be a little short. But it's still about where we hoped to be.
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Post by UMCorian »

I voted 'Average' - There's several things I *really* like about the Sim, and others I *really* loathe. Thus, the average rating was wanted.

The Good:

Fast paced turns and battles are definately key. It keeps the Sim moving.

The player-base and quality of the staff. Definately counts.

The character system for this Sim is the best out there - (I love the option between rich soldiers, skilled solders, soldiers with armies and whatnot.
I'd recommend a bit of a scale for new officers entering later in the game though - the soldiers they start with in the beginning are extremely useful, but right about now, forces of 1600 are useless. I'd bump that up by about 10x now to be factors.)

The village-city-town system is unique, realistic and actually simplifies things a great deal when it comes to army defensive arrangements.

The Bad:

Not enough variance in the battles - I'd prefer things to be just a bit slower to allow a few more options for tactics. If you see you outnumber your enemy, you're almost guarenteed to win, unless you're very underarmored AND choose the wrong rocks-paper-scissers tactic. To add a bit more customability to battles, I'd recommend at least two more options that relate to strategy that can add offense/defense/speed and whatnot... so a smaller force could conceivibly hold out longer, and certain combinations of offense and defense from the enemy that take total troop numbers out of it all together.

For example, Group A has 10000 troops, Group B has 2000. Group A figures they'll go ahead and play it safe, making Conservitative offensive moves that will pretty much negate most of the enemy tactics. If Group B guesses the enemy tactic correct, he could execute a very focused attack on one side of the enemy armor, effectively going 2000 vs. 2000 for part or all of the engagement, maybe even capturing to Commander and Chief and possibly winning.

It would add more room for dramatic heroism - and make battles a bit more interesting to read. You can click on a random battle, and 19/20 times, the person with even a slight troop advantage won it. Yes, more often than not, the person with more troops probably should win... but definately not to the degree we've seen here. Tactics in other Sims played a much bigger role than simple numbers.

The Ugly

Far, far, far... far far far... far far FAR too heavy handed with GM-NPCs. This was pretty much the sole reason I went inactive on the Sim. When you give an NPC like Liu Bang a 5-6 city advantage, you cannot play him like a typical PC, identifying threats from PCs and attempting to squash them within 2 months. Restraint must be used.

While it definately captured the realism of the time, it ruined the enjoyment of the game for me. Whoever wins this game, most likely, will be the person who got the least interference from GM-NPCs... not the ruler who played the best.

If there is a V3 after V2, I'd implore the staff to either A. Tone down the GM-NPCs, or have them constantly fighting each other, like in v1. Alternatively B, Start them off on the same level as PCs, and have the run by GMs, not Admins. There were a few times where it got mighty frustrating in our Kingdom, seeing a request for NPC rolls go unanswered for 3 weeks in our thread, but seeing the same individual we were waiting on grab the reigns of a GM-NPC within hours of us doing something, merely to throw a chink in our armor, a wrench in our plans - or flat out squash us like a bug.

All in all, if these two things were fixed, this would easily be the best Sim I've ever played. It's just the 'Ugly' more or less shot my interest in the Sim and made me go for higher ground.
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