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Agreed, I just finished 5 months of lessons from someone who has their degree in guitar and it helped me a lot with learning scales, arpegiation, practicing with a metronome, etc. Theory isn't hampering to the creative process.

I've my bachelors in chemistry, spent the past five years working professionally in IT, and am returing to school in the fall for my masters of divinity to enter the ministry. Kind of eclectic.
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I am in college, Los Angeles, and studying film
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Starting starting the equivalent of some kind of Pre-U college course next year. (Quebec's School System is different) Going to be studying a wide range of things in both Science and Social branches... I'm aiming for studies in economics so I may open up my own store, but am keeping every door open.
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An interesting thread. I was hoping to see some other law school students on here so I could do some networking while wasting my time... :)

Anyway, I'm headed to the University of Colorado-Boulder for law school in the fall. If anyone is interested in law school or is already attending send me a pm and we will chat about how much better we are then everyone else!
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hmm perhaps you can guess what i am...I work in less then a month. I get about 12 week vacation for the year. I am consistently evaluated by something Bush made up. So to get my full benefits I have to work for 40 yrs. =D :lol:
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I am working on becoming a Nurse Assistant ..then I will be off to Nursing school to be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)...they're right below Registered Nurse and can do pretty much everything they do save putting in IVs. So yea...I should be done with my LPN in 2010 or beginning of 2011. yay me? lol
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Hoping to be a writer, but I've had the block since I was about 16. :cry:

Going to join the military after I offer my latest work to a publisher, though. If I can finish it... :?
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Did I post here?

I'm going to the University of Michigan to get my BA in Film Studies, and then I'm transferring to Full Sail Academy to get my BA in Film Production. Then I'm off to Hollywood! :D

I think my minor is gonna be Advertising.
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Well, where do I start. In High School I recieved the Standard of Excellence Award for Higher Learning at West Elgin Secondary School (High School). I currently just finished my first year in my General Psychology course at UWO, (University of Western Ontario) and I will be going back for at least another 4 years, (BA). I may be staying another year for my Masters as well, but then again it really doesn't matter since I will be taking over my father's psychology firm when he retires.
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University of British Columbia for a Double Major in History and Political Science.
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