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21c, a simulation based on real world politics and affairs, is currently underway in its third incarnation. Control a nations people, economy and military and bring it to prosperity. Partake in the United Nations, European Union and NATO.

Brazil, Venezuela, Sweden, South Africa & Egypt (+lots more) available while stocks last.
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[center]ITALY 1494 - 1500

Italy at the dawn of the 16th Century was a volatile land indeed. It was so divided that people often wondered "Does Italy even exist?" - obviously it does as a geographic area but politically or socially? This was not just a time of trials for the Peninsula either, no, it was a golden age. The Renaissance!

The lecherous Spanish Borgia control the church, many yearn to see their demise. Spain and France both claim Naples while Naples seeks to assert its independence. The brilliant Captain-General Cesare Borgia leads the Papal armies out of Rome to reign in the lords of the papal states. Italy is both blossoming and Burning. How will you guide your people?


Essentially the idea of this Rp with be an Alternate History turn based Rp where players control either an Italian State, a condottieri force and a small castle, or maybe France, Spain, or a vassal, Potentially a cardinal (although I am not sure how the cardinal would be implemented and I kind of want to keep France and Spain as NPSs (Non-player States) just for balance and for the story.)

You will try to guide your state through these times, become a powerful Condottieri and potentially claim your own state, or serve your lord faithfully or poorly as a vassal.

Each week or two players will submit a turn where they decide what it is they are doing for that year (or whatever time period we decide). They may increase taxes, build buildings, promote culture, recruit soldiers, go to war, etc. Basically set the policy for their state. Or as a condottieri they could train their soldiers, improve their headquarters, raid the citizenry, or go to war for another nation.

Driving story line in this game will be for the states to try to survive the Great Italian wars of the century all the while accumulating wealth and prestige for their state.

I will need help planning how the game will work in terms of resources turns, etc but I have a basic Idea. For now I think there are enough states and possible positions to keep the game limited to Italy but we could potentially expand it to all of Europe.

Prestige will be a cool feature I feel because with it a state can hire better generals, officials, better standing internationally, and just have a more efficient state. I am wondering if I should do levels or simply points to spend or a mixture (such as people at certain prestige levels can accumulate prestige and use it for different, better things. Such as Prestige level would determine what buildings are available to you and you use prestige points to build them.)

As a Sovereign state or vassal you are in control of your entire state. You will hire great men (Artists, Architects, Administrators, Performers, Commanders) to fill your court and serve in your armies (which you will also control). You may also create vassals out of your territories to serve you. The fate of your territories lies in your hands. You submit political turns each year to show the policies you implement in your nation. This is very much a top down play style, controlling the nation rather than individuals.

Your great men will have abilities which you might not outright know (You wont know their stat lines), but can almost determine them based on how they perform. Mods will know the stat line, and tell you how your great man performs. Commission your great men to make Great Works which will vastly improve your prestige , such as magnificent paintings, or buildings. Be careful who you allow to be in your administration as administrators will have a corruption stat which will determine if they are stealing from you or performing at peak capacity.

As a condottieri you are more focused on a single character and his personal army. You hire out your men, raid territory, build your fortune, and even potentially claim a state. As a condottieri you may pick traits for your character, such as nation of origin, Nobility-status, wealth, Headquarters, and leadership abilities which will impact how you play the game. You will also pick the primary nationality of your mercenary soldiers. This is more character oriented.

I currently need staff and/or people to help me out as everything is still very preliminary.

Here are some examples of potentially state turns and creation of a new condottieri ... 5#p5580905
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That's right folks, I'm starting it up again. The game is set to begin in two weeks with character sign ups starting within the next few days. Check us out by clicking on the logo.


In the wake of the great Patternfall war Amber strives for peace, or so some would lead others to believe. Under the banner of the newly crowned King Random stability would seem to be the order of the day, however, there are those that lurk in the Shadows of infinity, awaiting their chance to usurp this new found peace.

A basic Points system allows for broader character concepts with nearly unlimited avenues for a player to explore. Either jump in to the action within the halls of Castle Amber as one of the powerful elite who can control the fabric of reality and traverse dimensions, or vie for control over the Courts of Chaos as a Logrus Master. Players can be multi-dimensional Sorcerers or powerful Trump artists who can create artifacts that allow them to travel to people or places.

Come join the elaborate universe that is Amber and begin the epic journey that has already begun to captivate and inspire players.
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A new game has popped up and they need rulers/players. A new setting with an imaginative set-up, interesting classes and dynamic rules.

Check out Realm of Fantasy
Back Story wrote:Welcome to the Island of Afterward!

If you ask ten people from ten different regions the same question, you will get ten different answers, all curiously alike. The question would be "How did your people come to be here?".

Each answer would be unique in specifics, but the same in general theme: An event of world-shattering proportions - a global calamity, an Armageddon, a nuclear war, all caused by the inhabitants of each world themselves - occurred in the not too distant past of each of the peoples who inhabit the Island. But instead of perishing along with their worlds, a select number from each were whisked away to to a place they all eventually came to call "Afterward". Of each race or breed from each world, only a handful were saved.

They found themselves to be the only inhabitants of a continent-sized island. It was surrounded by treacherous oceans. Storms were almost constant, winds strong and variable and the currents were unpredictable. Towering waves formed from nowhere, without warning, taking down the hearty adventurers who sought to learn more of the place they had come to. Debris brought to the shores by the small tides proved there were other lands, but none were ever reached. Despite the vast number of tries to conquer the seas, no attempt to sail to a land beyond the oceans was ever successful. No one who sailed out of sight of land into the oceans were ever seen again. After several centuries, boat-crafting was eventually limited to small barge-like vessels which were suited only to carrying trade goods and the occasional passenger on a placid river. Even the large, fresh-water, inland sea (eventually called by common consensus) Holloweye Lake or Lake Hollow Eye, was avoided because of the fear of what happened to ships that went beyond the sight of land.

So the settlers turned inward, exploring their island. They discovered a limited mineral base - only soft metals, stone and wood were readily available as building supplies. It took much time, energy and effort to find and actually start mining and smelting iron. It was a relatively recent addition to the materials available for building and was quite expensive. There were animals that could produce hide and spun fibers for clothing. There was also silver and gold, plus plant materials for weaving. The weather usually allowed crops of one variety or another to be grown year-round and a knowledge of how to rotate fields so as to not deplete the soils ensured a generally plentiful food supply.

At first, each group of peoples kept to themselves, trying to build a life in each of the regions where they were brought. As each of the peoples managed to hammer out an existence, they also began to explore their island home, mingling with the others. They discovered that the "others" were just people more like them than not. Racial prejudices pretty much disappeared, having been left behind in the face of the enormity of what had happened to all of them and never passed on to successive generations. People were just people, whether they were six inches tall and female or ten feet tall and any gender their anatomy dictated. Color meant nothing.

Time, trade and the driving curiosity each race exhibited eventually brought them a common language. Another discovery was that some of the inhabitants could make things happen without any apparent cause - what everyone eventually came to understand as "magic". Even aided with this new and not completely understood ability, despite their best efforts, no one could explain how they had come to be on the island of Afterward.

It wasn't until 200 years had passed before anyone discovered the indigenous population of the world into which they had been brought: There be dragons here.

These dragons were magical beings, elusive when they wanted to be, able to appear as anyone, any place and any time. Generally, they kept to the periphery, watching and interacting only rarely with the new arrivals. What, if anything, they had to do with the new arrivals arriving was only speculation. The Dragons maintained that they were as shocked by the arrival of the "newcomers" (as they referred to anyone not a dragon) as the newcomers were at arriving. But what little was known about them indicated they were immensely powerful, immensely wise and very fickle of temper. They could be very generous, or very dangerous. But until a Dragon decided to tell another of their identity, no one could tell who was a dragon and who was just another person.

Because of the common experience of having seen their previous worlds destroyed, the original settlers passed an accord: No metallic machines of war would ever be built. No cannons, no guns, no tanks. The combination of metal and explosives was forbidden. On the one occasion where an ambitious warlord named Xilfret, who didn't believe in that prohibition, began producing firearms, the Dragons rose up en mass in a cloud that darkened the sun and reduced all those who dared disregard the prohibition to ash and slag - creating the middle desert. The Xilfret Event was seared into the memories of everyone, and the Xilfret Desert remained behind as mute testimony to the power of the Dragons.

No one EVER crosses the dragons.

Xilfret was simply jumping the gun, though. As the power of magic grew, it became useless to produce field weapons. One good spell could reduce that weapon to compost, rust or gravel in a moment or two. Magic became the battlefield weaponry of choice for overcoming the defense of cities. Magic was everywhere, more and more people had at least a trace of it and it couldn't be banned or stopped. But it could be controlled and places of learning were established to teach those who had the skill for spells how to use what they had. Field weaponry was still used in the form of catapults, which could be used since they used the same mechanical energy concept as any bow, but they only hurled stones or burning materials. Most Battle Mages could make short work of a catapult, though.

Unfortunately, the passing of time has another less considered effect: Population.

As time passed, the population rose. As the population rose, the resources available on the island dwindled. Some places had more than others. Petty jealousies arose and conflicts over those resources became more common. Greed, population pressure, limited resources and people from a thousand different worlds, cultures and races found themselves trapped in a pressure cooker called Afterward. No longer could autonomous regions be allowed to squander their resources. For the sake of future generations, it was time for the people of Afterward to organize so that the limited resources could be better apportioned for the benefit of all.

Villages banded together in common cause, creating factions that were split by philosophy, resources and even race. It's easy to trust someone who looks different when they don't compete for what you need. It's much easier to create artificial differences between people with a common origin when someone else has what you need and won't share it. As resources grew tighter, conflicts arose.

Recognizing the need to organize and have more direct control, the dragons issued one edict: Choose one to speak for all.

The wisest among the inhabitants - outside of the Dragons - recognized that even if all of the inhabitants of Afterward united under one banner, there was still the problem of population and limited resources. If a population can't grow, it stagnates and dies. So while having one ruler would, indeed, aid in staving off the inevitable for a time, the inevitable was still coming. There had to be some way of preventing that awful fate.

A rumor began that the Dragons had the answer to the ultimate population/resource problem. This rumor was never denied by any dragon. But the answer was as elusive as the Dragons were mysterious. Only the bravest, the strongest, the wisest, the most adept, the most diplomatic and the most flexible would ever discover even pieces of the answer. It would not be given freely. It would have to be earned.

It is now the year 920 - 920 years since the cataclysms that destroyed worlds and since the arrival of the original settlers. All of those originally brought to the Island from their home-worlds are now dead. Some of those alive today are their direct offspring, others are their generations-old descendants.

In the 920 years since the arrival, many villages have been constructed, iron works have been created and stone buildings, bridges and even roads can be constructed. But it is a time for fighting, for adventure, for exploration. Unity MUST be imposed on the land. Above all, everyone knows that without that unity, and all of the pieces of the answer to solve their ultimate dilemma, there is no hope of a future worth living in for anyone.

The clock is ticking...
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Gladiator Ascension

In the land of Alvatia, the Emperor's line has believed for centuries that they are able to keep the peace by keeping the populace and the different races aligned and cheering for the Arena games. Nearly every year, a major tournament is organized and sponsored by the Emperor himself in order to crown a champion. The last champion was killed outside the arena and therefore a new tournament will be held mid year in July to crown a new one as organizers and all manner of people linked to such tournaments scramble to prepare for preliminary games.

======================================================================================================================== is a simulation game that tries to create a fantasy world setting that pitches players against each other in the Arena in tournament style battles. The fighting system is unique and something that has not been seen before and you can choose from six different races and some other settings to create the statistics that will represent your character.
It also hosts a completely automated PHP base system that allows for sign ups to be automatic (no waiting on staff), tools to manage PTs and battles quite easily and keep track of rankings and such.
As a first version, we will be running a short six turn game where you will be able to submit six PTs and participate in many tournaments before the Emperor's own tournament in the capital. With tools for everything from signing up to PTs and submitting tactics, it should be quick to do your turns and try the game. I developed it in hopes of being able to expand on the PHP based system eventually.
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Hey there Warlords and Warladies, I'm going to take this opportunity to advertise my own game, Way of the Dragon. The first turn began today in a pretty spectacular way, with several PC factions banding together with Liu Bei and Sun Quan to feed Cao Cao his own face at the Battle of Red Cliffs. The board is set and the pieces are moving, and all we need now is for some more players to join the mix.

If you like having your own cadre of NPCs at your beck and call, your own private army, and the ability to dominate your own patch of turf on the map (without being one of those lame mercenary factions that conquer one province and only survive until a kingdom feels like wiping them out), WotD is for you. If you like the idea of being able to roll a developer or diplomat character while still being able to take part in battles, again, WotD is for you. If you like a sim that operates reliably and has fast, regular turns, again, WotD just might be for you.

Like I said, Turn 1 just started, so the time is now if you want to join in the fun.
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Dawn of Empires: Third Dawn

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Are you tired of number crunching? Could you care less which hastily formed OOC alliance wins some silly simulation? Finished wasting time with complex formulae that only result in some random roll wiping out your whole army?

Me too.

If you simply want to have quality roleplay, with experienced writers, and characters who serve a purpose other than to draft troops because you picked the right skill combination and got a decent character roll, come on over to Dawn of Empires: Third Dawn, and have a look around.

Dawn of Empires is a free form, PbP, 18+ RP where players are free to express themselves and interact with other writers in a feudal society full of intrigue, chivalry, and one crazy old senile lady who looks like Betty White.

Feel free to drop by and check us out! Or, just cruise by the C-Box and tell Rick what a jerk you think he is. Either way!