Away/Return thingy

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Re: Away/Return thingy

Post by Mikal »

Out from now till Monday, most likely. Don't expect replies.
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Re: Away/Return thingy

Post by scorpion »

I just turned in my laptop to get some repairs done. SO! I may not be able to reply as timely as usual. Unless Shadow Puppet lends me his Laptop. Known on this sim as Mmhmm. Estimated repair times are 1 - 2 days.
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Re: Away/Return thingy

Post by Brother Dun »

Heading out of town for the next four days, I'll be back either late Saturday night or some time Sunday.
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Re: Away/Return thingy

Post by Unchained Phoenix »

Heading to Cancun for Spring Break, so I'll be back in full force the evening of March 6th. :)
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Re: Away/Return thingy

Post by DarkSetz »

Going to be out of town from the afternoon/evening of Friday, March 4th, thru Sunday, March 6th. I will also be busy (and probably unavailable, game-wise) during the 24-hour periods before and after the trip.
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Re: Away/Return thingy

Post by Akira »

I'm back. Where is everyone xD
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