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Well, I'm off to Sheffield in September to do my BA(Hons) in Criminology. Considering going forensics or something afterwards, but that's years away, so we'll see.
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I've completed a Foundation Degree in Digital Media and now beginning a new course, more specialized, BA (Hons) Digital Art for Computer Games. I hope to be working within the Media Industry... and I also hope that my A Levels in Film Studies and Media Studies accompanied with the aforementioned keeps the area broad, as I'm undecided in which area at the moment... though I'm leaning more towards computer games.
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Any Sociologist here? Im considering to do a joint honours in that but i like other people view on it. For example, what is my possible careers i can do and such. With Sociology you can specialise in different area such as education, law, politics etc
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i did psychology and sociology at uni, but i've only completed first year and then taken a gap year. It's a very dry subject so you really need the drive to get anywhere with it. You have to want it.
Generally my degree is more focused on psychology, but basically from i9t you can become any sort of psychologist. You could analyse loonies, criminals, children... just depends what field you specialise in. You can also become someone that figures out what the different lobes of the brain do and such like that.
hope it helps.

I'm a martial arts instructor. Been doing it for almost six years now. Since 3rd year of high school, and what i teach has more than 30 different component disciplines.
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I appreciate your post, but were you referin Sociology as a dry subject or the combination of Psychology as well. I can imagine Psychology to be a bit dry, since quite a few people who did it in college. Didnt like it too much, though i have no intention to do Psychology mind you.
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I have an undergrad degree in Anth and did grad work in Sociology. I find the idea of combining Psychology and Sociology really odd personally. Psychology attributes everything to individual personality and history. Sociology looks for structural/social explanations. At my department the Social Psychologists were a little defensive - and they weren't even Psych people. We never talked to the Psych people :)

As for jobs: Depending on what you focus on you can get jobs doing statistical research, in the US there are a lot of jobs with Census and state legislative agencies to do that. There are a bunch of social research organizations around. You can also translate some of it to marketing. Then there is academic work. When I was first looking Census had had to lay of tons off Sociologists and statistiticians and they had PhDs going for entry level stuff. So I got an MBA.
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Same stuff!

I changed what I want to do... I want to go to Hofstra University in Hempstead NY to major in Public Relations with a minor in Asian Studies (coincidence?)

It's different when you are a senior in high school as opposed to a sophomore...
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Zhang Loc wrote:An interesting thread. I was hoping to see some other law school students on here so I could do some networking while wasting my time... :)

Anyway, I'm headed to the University of Colorado-Boulder for law school in the fall. If anyone is interested in law school or is already attending send me a pm and we will chat about how much better we are then everyone else!
Because the OOC forum is utterly dead at the moment (how? Lack of game momentum's supposed to make this active, isn't it?)

Currently finding it difficult to get my LLB (and side order of BSc) to get me a job. Stupid graduating-when-the-economy's-in-the-toilet timing. Still, another round of applications in March. Woo. Even in Australia, which has nominal economic growth (ie. it's not negative, but it's not really growth either), it's tough to find a job.

Can't imagine what it's like for BA and BIT graduates - at least the world still needs some lawyers when its getting rid of marketing and tech support.

Doesn't help that most of the people I know from law school have articled positions already. Makes you feel left behind.
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