Favorite Books or Series!

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Yea a good series. I have all 5 of the books. Worst part is though, I started with 2nd book =/, but it was still unejoyable. :D
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A few that I think are worth reading, given you have some time on your hands.

- The Wheel of Time Series ~ Robert Jordan
Books Included are:
"New Spring" "Eye of the World" "The Great Hunt" "The Dragon Reborn" "The Shadow Rising" "The Fires of Heaven" "Lords of Chaos" "A Crown of Swords" "The Path of Daggers" "Winter's Heart" "Crossroads of Twilight" "Knife of Dreams" & The as of yet unwritten "A Memory of Light"

Other books that Jordan worked into the story as prologues to work around his aggravated publishing companies book maximum include.

"Snow" "Glimmers" & "Embers Falling on Dry Grass" which are prologues to "Winter's Heart" "Crossroads of Twilight" & "Knife of Dreams" respectfully.

- The Icewind Dale Trilogy ~ R.A. Salvatore (or any of his Drizzt Do'urden stories)
Books Included are:
"The Crystal Shard" "Streams of Silver" & "The Halfling's Gem"

- The Empires Trilogy ~ Dave Cook, Troy Dennig, & James Lowder (Each wrote a book in the trilogy and they did it in that order)
Books Included are:
"Horselords" "Dragonwall" & "Crusade"
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Books is the topic is it? Well, I fancy myself a good read. ^^

Some of my favorite series are the following:

Darren Shan Series (Darren Shan): A vampire series about a young boy who is blooded and goes through a series of adventures, hardships with lots and lots of death on the way.

The Two Towers (Stephen King): Not much to say that most people don't know about, the first book is kind of boring, but the second and third are amazing, highly recommended series if you want to spend hours reading. ^^

I can't really think of any other series that I've actually finished that I could recommend, but I will edit the post if any others come to mind. [/b]
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I've been reading/rereading a lot of old Heinlein stuff lately. I was shocked when I read Friday and realized that he predicted the internet and basically Wikipedia format in 1947.
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<font color="gray">Music Inside Yukino's Head - "Sky2High" - Skankfunk</font>

<font color="gray">Just finished reading the first book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer lo~ ;p

*anxiously waits for the movie in nov 21*</font>

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Post by ann »

I bought the first one in that series but haven't read it. I kept seeing it everywhere and thought I'd see what it was about. Of course I did the same thing with the left behind series and that was a mistake! How was it?
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I just recently came across the Godless World trilogy by Brian Ruckley. It's pretty damn good, although admittedly I liked Winterbirth (the first book of the series) better than Bloodheir (the second book). The final book has yet to be released, but if anyone likes a good fantasy series check it out. I personally loved this, but I'm not quite sure if everyone else will, but the book has a bit of character ADD, in that it bounces around several characters and on all sides of the conflict, to show you multiple perspectives as well as a well developed political power struggle.

Over the summer I had a lot of time to read a lot of books.

I also picked up the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz, they are all great books as well! Although I think the first book and the third book are probably the best in the series so far (currently 4 books).

I also read Battle Royale, the book is way better than the movie, the characters have a lot more depth to them than they do in the movie. So, if you've seen the movie (or even if you haven't, and you're just interested in this sort of thing) be sure to pick the book up. It's a worthwhile read. Although, don't bother with picking it up if you're not a fan of violence. It's a book about a class full of school kids getting plopped onto an island to kill each other because the government is screwed up.

I also picked up some of the Richard Bachman books by Steven King. The Running Man and Thinner, both of them were quite entertaining. Personally, I liked The Running Man quite a bit, and I am now a fan of both the movie and the book. However, the book is -completely- different than the movie. The only similarity that the book and the movie have is that the main character is named Ben Richard and that there is a show called The Running Man that he participates in. That's it.

Thinner, I can't quite compare to the movie since I haven't seen it, but the book was pretty good. It starts off a little slow, but it picks up the pace as everything spirals out of control. Honestly, the slow pacing at the start serves the book quite well.
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<font color="gray">Music Inside Yukino's Head - "Sky2High" - Skankfunk</font>

<font color="gray">It was written in Bella's perspective which I found quite nice . . .
since its the first time I read a book written all the way that way lo~ ;p

*goes to read the midnight sun partial draft (Edward's perspective)*</font>

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It might seem a bit dull but my favourite book has to be Of Mice 'n' Men, that is probably due to the fact ive only ever read like 5 other books in my life, Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix (The worst novel probably writte, slept reading that book 64404002841 times), Holes (An amazing book IMO), and ROTK (Amazing) and i dont remember the rest!
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