Your characters in games!

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Your characters in games!

Post by Lu Ying »

I always like using sim characters in games, however, often I dont like assigning stat or the like to others characters. I am about to start a game of Icewind dale II (nope, I've never played it before but I have played the same engine games, Baldurs gate series)

So! This is what I want. I need to make a party of 6 character. I want you guys to lay out what you want to be!

To start off...
Skills, feats and if aplicable, spells!

Please post here if intrested, and if you need more info(specific feats, spells or the like) I'll look up the game for info!


A bio or something would be good!
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Post by Dro »

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Post by Yen Ai »

I'd get a kick out of doing this, though I'd have to look up my options for it. (May do that in a bit here.)
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Post by Long »

i'M IN!
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Post by Majobajob »

Well i'd help out, but it'd be a character that hasn't been used in about a year. He's always been my favorite to roleplay though.

Name: Gher
Gender: Male
Bio: (Young Gher) Gher was left an orphan in the woods as his mother and father were attacked by a group of bears when out with their new born baby. He was left behind as the bears chased his mother and father away.
He, however, was lucky that day. The bears took a shine to the baby and brought him up like one of their own. He was a feral child and wore nothing for most of the years he grew up.
When he was 9 his mother (the bear) and him went hunting for some deer and ran into some poachers. The poachers thought nothing of a single bear and a small boy, so they killed the bear and took its pelt with them, leaving the boy beaten and alone. He took the skull of his mother (again the bear) and wore it as a helmet. He took all the fur that was left of her and wore it as a cloak. He couldn't leave her behind, and he felt her spirit would be with him this way.
After the attack he wandered aimlessly through the land. He passed through many cities being stared at and being called Gher by the locals, because the only thing he would say was a growl which sounded like "gherrrr"
Possible classes for young Gher: Thief/Rogue
Bio: (Old Gher) After Eventually Learning the languages of the villages he walked through as a child and learning the ways of people, Gher found that everyone he met was very easy to understand. Couple this with a good knowledge of many languages and he became well known throughout parts of the world he had visited as being a genius.
He could converse with anybody, and tell them things about their personality that only they thought they knew. People started following him to learn of how he did it.
Eventually enough people were following him that he thought he better take care of them, so he set up his own city. He became a ruler. People started worshiping him almost like a god, and they built statues of him and made bear skull hats for children to wear (Not out of real bears. Gher wouldn't have had that) The only things he wore were still the fur robes and the skull helmet.
As he grew older though, Gher started to go senile, pschizophrenic, and grow a multiple personality disorder. One day he would be an inventer trying to invent postit notes (Which he called "Small-Yellow-Papers-With-a-Sticky-Bit-For-Sticking" - he wasn't that imaganitive with words), then the next he would be knocking on an old ladies door and asking for pecan cookies. He grew a love for pecan cookies.
Possible classes for young Gher: Wizard/Inventer/comedy relief
Alignment: Good

I dont know the game so i cant really give you stats, but for young Gher using the stats from here it would be:
Leadership: 3
Might: 65
Intellect: 95
Judgement: 48
Charisma: 3
and for old Gher it would be:
Leadership: 45
Might: 6
Intellect: 100
Judgement: 67
Charisma: 89

these are also short bio's. if you want to know more just ask.
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Post by Rebel »

I think I tried playing that game or was it Icewind dale I.. It was too slow for my pc..the screens loaded and faded very very slowly so I gave it up..

Make me an evilly aligned Elven/Human Wizard, preferably with destructive spells who likes to blow things up. Lots of rage inside him boiling out.. due to the way the world around him has become. Name him "Gustakh".

Make him do evil stuff and always have him choose more chaotic ways of doing things when presented with an opportunity.