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All tools shortcuts

Postby Phailak » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:53 am

- Sign Up Tool Where you create your character
- Officer Information Where your character information is stored
- Duel Management For duels to be run outside of battle
- Planning Phase Where you make plans for your character including his development and attacks on map locations
- Planning Phase Execution This is for staff, basically process every character's planning phases
- Planning Phase Results To display YOUR results that only you can see (soldier and gold gains). There is also a more public results page that shows more public information like experience gains.
- Warlords Map The map that displays who owns which locations
- Resource Management Where you can 'spend' the resources you acquired like gold and experience.
- Game Management Staff tool to make adjustments to database related data
- Battle Management Tool to make battle related decisions. Depending on current phase, the tool will present different choices.
- Battle Execution Staff tool to resolve battles.

Die Roll Allows players to roll random numbers and get results in a locked thread. Can be used in roleplays without staff intervention results posted Here

Officer Rankings A listing of the top officer in each stat (but for ties, the other four stats are weighed in a specific order)

Debate Management For debates in RP

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