June 190 - The Five Provinces

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June 190 - The Five Provinces

Postby Titania » Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:31 pm

Early 190, Yuan Shao called for the heroes of the land to join him in a coalition against Dong Zhuo. Many aspiring warlords raised volunteers to provide support for the northern noble.

Despite gathering impressive numbers and generals, they were crushed battle after battle. The leadership of the coalition never really rose above petty ambitions and jealousy, leaving various armies in battles stranded without supplies or reinforcements.

This only caused the cruel Dong Zhuo to consolidate his power more.

Yuan Shao returned north with a depleted force, having drained his coffers and military to almost nothing. The officers he did not fire in his anger, left for lack of funds and resources. With only a few remaining, he attempts to save what his left of his reputation from Bohai.

Gongsun Zan's flying cavalry was obliterated in the final battle. Within his walls of Beiping, Zan plans his next steps to rebuild his influence.

Han Fu is left with nothing after the failure of the coalition. Not even his wealthy agreement with Yuan Shao for grain and supplies remains as Yuan Shao has no army left to feed. Those in his service will do all they can to bring back wealth and prosperity to Ye.

Liu Yu, a peaceful man, had gathered volunteers in different times of need and this was no different. Though his own losses were minimal, his influence in Dai seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. There was tension between him and Gongsun Zan that only got worse and now without the support of his ancestral name, he was held up with a small army in Dai.

Liu Bei returned to a newly appointed Pingyuan with barely less than he had before. Despite the deeds in battle he and his oath brothers had accomplished, he seemed to be ignored by the others around him.

So the provinces of Yan, Ji, Bing, You and Qing were in serious disarray. While away, several rebellious warlords took over towns and villages. Without any proper strength, the five warlords were quickly losing control of their surroundings. It was an opportunity for those unknown warriors to rise and take control.

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