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Re: Announcements

Postby Phailak » Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:30 pm

Taking me forever with V8 so Blue and Soup are going to run a C version for those interested, they will update you guys when they are ready (which is basically when I set them up)

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Re: Announcements

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:08 am

It is time for V7C! All the previous changes made in V7B will be kept in place, including previous support systems. However, for V7C, I've decided to experiment with more aggressive NPCS.

In V7C, NPCs will take a much more aggressive role when it comes to early game.
Here’s how NPC alliances work:
If an NPC in an NPC alliance is attacked, nearby alliance members will send up to 35% of their troops to help defend their ally.
If an NPC location in an NPC alliance is taken, alliance members may or may not send up to 40% of their troops to attack the recently taken location to restore their npc ally(depending on a 50-50 roll + if it's in their best interest to even do so.)
If that return attack fails or doesn't occur, nothing else will come from the NPC alliance.
Alliances cannot be broken by other NPCs. Players, on the other hand, can join NPC alliances. Players a part of an NPC alliance will be expected to send materials and reinforcements to their allies, as well as the ability to request resources from their friends. Players in alliances who are attacked will also receive support from their closest ally. Players may break them as they wish but prepare for the consequences.

Players can try to win support from NPC alliances as well as city leaders by going to any location of an NPC alliance leader to request help. The NPC will give the player a task or condition to be fulfilled, and depending on the location and strength of the alliance those groups will lend the player a set amount of materials.
Loans from alliances or cities work by sending the player a set amount of troops and possibly an npc that the player keeps for a set amount of time. Afterwards, they return the troops and/or the npc. If the player cannot do so, the alliance will turn hostile to the player and refuse to cooperate with them in the future.
NPCs and NPC alliances cannot be swayed to aid players to attack other players in any way except for troop loans.
NPC alliances will wage war with each other, but measures will be taken into place to prevent one alliance from dominating too hard or destroying their enemies.

NPC regeneration: As set, all npcs have a set troop count: Villages: 750,(except for the Almighty Meng Jun) Towns: 1500, and Cities: 5000. However, if a location falls beneath the mentioned troop counts, they will gain a location-specific troop roll each turn until they reach over the amount set again. If villages/towns/cities are wiped out, npcs will not gain camp troop rolls.

Other Announcements:

The Land Shark Loan Shark Company lends gold to willing patrons for a high interest fee! The higher the loan, the higher the interest. Speak to their leader for more information. The time that the player returns the loan is set, but be warned - do not try to mess with the loan sharks.

The Almighty Meng Jun has taken residence of Leling, and has declared to all of china, "I'm a god!"

Announcement Updates:
Just to clarify, the NPC alliance system is a general rule. Let's assume for example somebody plans to take a town from an alliance, so they send all of their troops at a town. However, in order to divert 35% of the town's troops, let's say they'll send 100 troops to a nearby location in order to do so.
The rule before says the town should send their troops to defend the village, even knowing the village won't be attacked. But in instances like this I think that alliances should act in their best defensive mindset. Similar instances like this might occur, so I wanted to address it here!
That's all!

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Re: Announcements

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:22 am

Alliances so far:
Fanyang-Touba(Northwest Alliance.)
Associate: Mercurian

Yan-Yu-Yuyang(Red Dragon Confederation.)
Associate: RedRyder

Xinxing-Taiyuan(Golden Wind.)
Associate: Paladinrpg

Liaoxi-Hejian(Purple Unfortunates.)
Associate: Krimzon

Changli-Yang(Gray Snake.)
Liaodong-Lelang(Zealots of the NE.)
Associate: Zhang Gao

Daifang-Donglai(Savages of the East.)
Julu-Guangping-Shangdang(Minstrels of the Southwest.)
Associate: TheSoupStar

Dongwan-Dongping-Jinan(Order of the Crimson Sunset.)
Associate: Nature Boy

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Re: Announcements

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Tue May 05, 2020 5:53 pm

So here are the exact benefits for NPC Alliances:
First time helping them, you gain "Associate Status." In this form, you can request resources from NPCs, up to 100 of any resource per turn(turn after request is completed). You can also request resource loans, up to 300 of any resource that must be paid back in two turns. NPCs will request certain tasks to be performed by their associates every couple of months or so, and these must be done in order to maintain associate status.

The second time you help them, you become a part of the alliance. In this form, you can now request up to 130 resource per turn(turn after the quest is completed). Your loans are also extended to 400 of any resource. Becoming a part of the alliance also means getting defended by the NPCs if you're adjacent to them. However, after becoming a part of the alliance, NPC requests will become more burdensome and require more effort to maintain good relations.

NPC alliances who receive excess resources from players can use them in any way and will use them to their advantage.
Once their locations are taken, NPC alliances will no longer exist.

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Re: Announcements

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Sun May 10, 2020 3:55 pm

Just a heads up! Turn 6 is the first instance of major battles from all competing NPC alliances. Associates will be required to help their alliances, and details will be sent to them about their plans and secrets.

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