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The Living Muse

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In the winter of 193, facing an overwhelming army of zealots, spies and assassins, the other warlords of the Five Provinces yield their authority to Shang Bo. The Living Muse was wrestling with the news that his executioners had somehow botched their execution of Shen Feng when he had left them to their grisly business and he had escaped. How could this be possible? Still, he would have to look into it another time as the letters of surrender both arrived, followed by more of lesser powers in the province.

Bo was quick to dispatch his loyal officials to all corners of the Five Provinces. The Lady of Dai kept her seat of power in exchange for her support and so did Meng Jun, they were to protect the northern borders against barbarian invasions and supply the army in times of need. The heroes of the serpents were well rewarded, Chen Ping was named the General Who Conquers the North while Shang Bu was given the title of General that Quells the North.

As the serpents consolidated their power, the minor players of the north left for better opportunities. Having heard of Dong Zhuo's rise to power in the west, Fei Lai made his way there. Always the mercenary, he gave up that life and was sent out west to conquer the riverlands, finding success, never returning north. He died on the battlefield the battle right after earning his generalship, struck by a stray arrow, his luck run out.

Sun Liang, faced with the peace of the region also made his way west. Having never met Fei Lai, he was on the battlefield and witness the death of someone he had often heard of. It so happened he was fighting on behalf of the riverlands that day but still went out of his way to send the remains to Dong Zhuo who simply had his men burned them unceremoniously. He also fought for Sun Ce for a while before disappearing from history.

Yu Yan continued to resist within the Five provinces for a while, leading some raids but more for survival than actual resistance. Eventually made her way south to help Sun Ce, earning the title of Marquis as she led several vanguard attacks into the riverlands.

Sun Bang seemed to be suicidal with his raids and sneak attacks, eventually moving against Dong Zhuo once the Five Provinces were secured. He became famous for cutting off one of Dong Zhuo's hands before finding a spear in his back shortly after.

Liu Jian's laid back attitude ended him retiring on the coast in the south, using his skill set as a blacksmith to eventually forge a sword for the young Sun Quan, something that earned him a nice piece of land to call his own.

Hu Jintao wrestled with his failure for the people of Ye, having a strong distrust in the new ruler of the Five Provinces but also of people in general. He traveled south and serves Sun Ce as a vanguard general. He earned the rank of General of the People as he defeated Dong Zhuo in the battle of Deadman's Pass.

Shen Feng joined Sun Ce after having his men save him from the Axe. He served as the vanguard in the wars against the Five Provinces. His luck continued as he survived countless battles against the serpents, sometimes against impossible odds as he was known throughout the lands. He died of old age, a sword still at his hip.

Zhang Gao rose quickly through the ranks as he continued his service to Meng Jun though eventually found an opportunity as a General who Unites the Land under the Living Muse. He died heroically holding off Dong Zhuo's troops at Julu, giving time for a relief force to arrive from Sun Ce.

Tsong Ding ended up serving under Meng Jun but was assigned as the General who Instills Fear into the Barbarians as he repelled each raid from the north several times, earning the praise of both Meng Jun and Shang Bo.

Meng Jun's ambitions quietly died when he surrendered and threw himself into administration, excelling greatly. He eventually earned the serpents trust, eventually being named Director General of the North. Once the great wars were done and a new emperor declared, he became Prime Minister.

Lady Lin took Xiang Zhi Cheng under her wing, grooming him to become one of the deadliest military men in the country. At first, he forged his reputation against the barbarians from the north but eventually was sent against the frontline enemies of Dong Zhuo and Sun Ce. Later, he was given the title of Marquis of Hanzhong by the future emperor as well as the rank of General of the white. The White Ashura's presence was enough to quell rebellions and repel barbarians once peace returned to the land.

Lin Siniang continued her honorable rise through the land, she retained her seat of power until the end, content to influence the powers of the land as she saw fit. She was named Marquess of Mou District by the new emperor.

Shang Bo consolidated his power quickly, reaching out to the other powers forming in the land, Dong Zhuo out west, Sun Ce in the south. Dong Zhuo saw the north as an extension of his kingdom as he declared himself emperor so when Bo would not bend the knee but wished to be recognized as an equal, he attacked. Sun Ce came to help and a great war was fought. Ce died from an arrow while an expedition north and Sun Quan was more reluctant to expend troops so far from home.

Eventually, Sun Quan was able to topple Dong Zhuo and Shang Bo decided to unite their clans through mariage, supporting Sun Quan as Emperor. Bo was named Duke of the north and died an old man.

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