The tiger in the den

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Liu Yu
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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Liu Yu » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:59 pm

"Ah, so that is what you want," replied Liu Yu. He was little moved by Yuan Shao's show of bravado or Liu Bei's impassivity.

He left an ordinary tiger tally for Lü Bu and then gave his own measured response.

"Sure, no problem," he said.

Liu Yu had little actual intention of following through with Lü Bu's request. It was nonsense. But Liu Yu was also located far enough away from Lü Bu as to render him unable to really do much. Maybe Liu Yu would throw a few scraps to Lü Bu down the road if a surplus allowed for it.

"Now that I have paid my fealty to your mighty lordship, I shall be off. Dai has many issues that still need to be resolved. The frontier is as restless as ever."

He bowed in a polite enough way and left.

Gongsun Zan
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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Gongsun Zan » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:11 pm

Bluntly Gongsun Zan rebuked Yuan Shao

You've lead every man here into folly, not me, not again.

He turns to address Lu Bu

The bounty of Beiping is yours, come and take it.

A veiled threat? A sincere gesture? Stoic and indomitable he crosses his arms and takes his seat.

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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Lu Bu » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:53 am

Lu Bu stared them down one at a time as they spoke, he took Han Fu's silence for acceptance.

He smiled at Yuan Shao, the only one to seem to put up a fight.

"Ah... the noble fool of the north wishes to make his grand stand. If you believe I... the Emperor will take your traitorous word", he said as he pointed to all of them before settling on Yuan Shao again, ", you are bigger fools than you look. I will wait in this nice little town for you all to deliver my... the promised goods by march 1st. Those who do not deliver, die."

He contorted his face in a weird mixture of pleasure and lust at the word.

"You are dismissed with the blessings of Heaven!"

The dripping sarcasm dared any to make a move. He actually turned his back on all of them, waving his hand dismissively.

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