The tiger in the den

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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Liu Yu » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:59 pm

"Ah, so that is what you want," replied Liu Yu. He was little moved by Yuan Shao's show of bravado or Liu Bei's impassivity.

He left an ordinary tiger tally for Lü Bu and then gave his own measured response.

"Sure, no problem," he said.

Liu Yu had little actual intention of following through with Lü Bu's request. It was nonsense. But Liu Yu was also located far enough away from Lü Bu as to render him unable to really do much. Maybe Liu Yu would throw a few scraps to Lü Bu down the road if a surplus allowed for it.

"Now that I have paid my fealty to your mighty lordship, I shall be off. Dai has many issues that still need to be resolved. The frontier is as restless as ever."

He bowed in a polite enough way and left.

Gongsun Zan
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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Gongsun Zan » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:11 pm

Bluntly Gongsun Zan rebuked Yuan Shao

You've lead every man here into folly, not me, not again.

He turns to address Lu Bu

The bounty of Beiping is yours, come and take it.

A veiled threat? A sincere gesture? Stoic and indomitable he crosses his arms and takes his seat.

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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Lu Bu » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:53 am

Lu Bu stared them down one at a time as they spoke, he took Han Fu's silence for acceptance.

He smiled at Yuan Shao, the only one to seem to put up a fight.

"Ah... the noble fool of the north wishes to make his grand stand. If you believe I... the Emperor will take your traitorous word", he said as he pointed to all of them before settling on Yuan Shao again, ", you are bigger fools than you look. I will wait in this nice little town for you all to deliver my... the promised goods by march 1st. Those who do not deliver, die."

He contorted his face in a weird mixture of pleasure and lust at the word.

"You are dismissed with the blessings of Heaven!"

The dripping sarcasm dared any to make a move. He actually turned his back on all of them, waving his hand dismissively.

Lu Bu
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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Lu Bu » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:34 pm

Lu Bu sat on Red Hare, fuming.

"I have suffered their delays long enough. Prepare the men, it is time to make good on our threats."

As the men gathered their gear and left the town, Lu Bu set his sights on his target. Turning to Zhang Liao, he smiled.

"I win either way."

Liao said nothing as was his custom.

"WHAT?! I granted them the extension as you suggested, now we show them."

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Re: The tiger in the den

Postby Phailak » Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:25 am

The vast army, over ten thousand strong, arrived in Bei Ping at the start of the month of June. The gossip around the northern lands was that Lu Bu would likely take the rich city of Ye, its administrator a weak fool. Perhaps Fu had paid tribute or perhaps Lu Bu had personal reasons to go SO far north, cut from his supply lines.

He bellowed at the city walls for Gongsun Zan to yield the city in the Emperor's name! In response, the gate opened to bellow forth a man in white resplendent armor and a magnificent white feather topping his helmet. His warhorse was of pure white and his spear as long as a tall man.

"Lord Gongsun wishes to inform you that you are not welcome in the north and that you should turn back before he must pay tribute to Luoyang with your head."

The laugh that escaped Lu Bu pierced the quiet anticipation of his response.

"And pray tell who shall deliver my head?"

The warrior did not flinch, simply removed his helm.

"I am Zhao Yun, Marshall of the north, protector of Beiping and your deliverer to your maker."

Zhang Liao reached out to grab Lu Bu's arm in an effort to restrain him but he was too late, the big warrior dashed forth in a red blaze atop Red Hare to charge Zhao Yun.

The two unbelievable warriors exchanged blows for fifty bouts without either one of them gaining the advantage. Lu Bu stood in his stirrups with each strike, his powerful blows felt by those twenty feet away. Zhao Yun dodged and weaved his way through each one with divine grace, countering when he could. No one could tell who broke off first to rest but after the exchange, they stood facing each other with some mutual respect before the arrows from Gongsun Zan's ramparts started to come raining down. Lu Bu was able to fend off all of them with his halberd, giving Zhao Yun an opening. The white warrior refused to take the opportunity and simply retreated.

Though surprised for a moment, Lu Bu took the flight as a victory and ordered his men to charge.

Better armed and with siege weapons from the capital, Lu Bu was able to finish the assault before the end of June. As they broke through, the encountered a sortie of cavalry led by Lord Gongsun himself that decimated his flank. Thankfully, Zhang Liao was able to repel them as Lu Bu took the administration building. Zhao Yun led a counter attack to try and liberate a captured Gongsun Zan but was not able to defeat Lu Bu's superior force. In the final skirmish, as Lu Bu bore down on Zhao Yun, a maniacal smile on his face as he closed in on his prey he was thrown from his horse as a huge warrior tackled both the rider and mount to the ground.

Lu Bu had barely a moment to see Zhang Liao engaged in a heated fight with a big man with a long beard.

"LIU BEI! HOW DARE YOU!" yelled Lu Bu as he saw the famed man with the twin blades rescue Zhao Yun from the grasp of his men. As he regained his footing, he was suddenly charged by Zhang Fei. Within a few exchanges, after an extended battle, Lu Bu knew he could not defeat the young oath brother and so he fell back. By the time he had reorganized his men, Liu Bei had retreated to safety with Zhao Yun and his brothers but Lu Bu still had the city and its Lord.

Gongsun Zan and his family were executed in the center of the city, unceremoniously. Lu Bu raised a banner and took control of Bei Ping. He had lost a portion of his men but still called it a victory.

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