The child with no tears left

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Phailak » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:32 am

Good guys wrote:Commander: Shen Feng 97-77
Vanguard: Liu Yun 83-82
Strategist: Men Jun 93-55
Left Flank Commander: Liu Jiian 87-58
Right Flank Commander: Xubu Kai 67-46
Logistics: Song Xi 80-56
Rearguard: Zhang Gao 93-70
Champion: Sun Liang 19-118-42-21-76 strong 3, ambidextrous 2


Bad guys wrote:Commander: 90-80
Vanguard: 80-70
Strategist: 60-60
Left Flank Commander: 70-80
Right Flank Commander: 65-85
Logistics: 50-50
Rearguard: 70-50
Champion: 70-90-60-80-50 Strong 2

As the two opposing forces lineup, the villagers flee to whatever safety they can find. Sun Liang steps forth to issue his challenge and is met by a mountain of a man wielding a two handed hammer. As the two forces take positions, these two warriors charge each other.

OOC: Mardagg need duel tactics, please use duel tool and provide each round tactics so I can run it.

As for the others, please choose your tactic from a list of three depending on your assignment. Consider the following layers are:

Vanguard, Main, Right Flank, Left Flank, Rearguard. Commander and Strategist are in the main layer. Logistics in the rearguard.

Vanguard: Charge (add to damage), Entrench (add to defense), Intercept (reduce defense).
Commander: Wall (add to defense), Reinforce (add to damage for vanguard), Command (add to speed of all layers).
Strategist: Coordinate (add to all tactic chances), Ambush (reduce defense flanks), Confusion (reduce main defense)
Left + Right Flank Commander: Flank (add damage), Raid (damage to rearguard and supplies), Pincer (reduce defense main)
Logistics: Align (add defense all layers), Confound (lower speed all layers), Escort (raise defense and supplies)
Rearguard: Cover (add defense all layers), Support (add damage all layers), Protect (raise defense main)

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Zhang Gao » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:42 pm

Here's what I'm thinking …

Vanguard: Charge (add to damage)
Commander: Command (add to speed of all layers).
Strategist: Coordinate (add to all tactic chances)
Left + Right Flank Commander: Pincer (reduce defense main)
Logistics: Escort (raise defense and supplies)
Rearguard: Support (add damage all layers)

We should end up going first which is always important. Rearguard, Vanguard, and Flanks all add to the attack on the main body. Logistics raises our defense and supplies (which increases our speed and attacks).

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Anoriand » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:43 pm

Agree down the line with the above, and officially submitting my tactics as Pincer.

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Shen Feng » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:57 pm

Shen Feng shall use Command, to bolster the speed of all layers.

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Phailak » Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:24 pm

Sun Liang awaits his opponent, his confidence seems infectious as no one can see his opponent defeat him.

From the start, the fight seems unfair as Liang toys with his opponent, finally capturing him alive easily. He turns to the men behind him with a roar, charging into the enemy troops.

Shen Feng uses the opportunity to organize the men in a quick formation (Command success), opening the lane for Liu Yun who catches up to Sun Liang and quickly decimates the opponent's vanguard (Charge success) . Meng Jun directs everyone in the best directions to succeed but most fail to listen to his advice (Coordinate failed). In the meantime Song Xi attempts to rally the men into a more defensive formation to protect the flanks and rear (align success). Zhang Gao leads the rear in a fire at will attack, causing chaos everywhere (support success). Liu Jian leads his men into a pincer attack but it falls apart as the other flank falls into disarray (pincer failed).

Despite an overwhelming success in tactics and battle, the numbers of the enemy are too great. Soon, Sun Liang is distracted by a small group seemingly escorting the child and parents away from the village and is cut down, he barely makes it back within the protection of others but his condition takes him out of the quest. He does however inform the others of the small group (10 or so) that left with the parents and child. Xubu Kai is nowhere to be found. Shen Feng rallies the men into a wall formation and they have mere moments to decide what to do next.

OOC: Mardagg and Yuki out.

Remaining 6. I need decisions from all of you. Hold the line, retreat or go after the boy.
Hold the line: Average of COM - MIG and JUD. Must have one succesful player here or everyone in the retreat option gets a capture chance. Failed attempts here get a capture chance.
Retreat: Average of ING - JUD and MIG. Easy, you make it, you are in next quest part, you fail, you are captured. No chance if no one got the hold the line.
Go after the boy: Average of JUD - COM - CHA. You get it, you continue the quest, if you fail, you are out. Need at least one successful player to get a chance at max reward, else quest is done and you failed.

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