The child with no tears left

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Phailak » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:32 am

Good guys wrote:Commander: Shen Feng 97-77
Vanguard: Liu Yun 83-82
Strategist: Men Jun 93-55
Left Flank Commander: Liu Jiian 87-58
Right Flank Commander: Xubu Kai 67-46
Logistics: Song Xi 80-56
Rearguard: Zhang Gao 93-70
Champion: Sun Liang 19-118-42-21-76 strong 3, ambidextrous 2


Bad guys wrote:Commander: 90-80
Vanguard: 80-70
Strategist: 60-60
Left Flank Commander: 70-80
Right Flank Commander: 65-85
Logistics: 50-50
Rearguard: 70-50
Champion: 70-90-60-80-50 Strong 2

As the two opposing forces lineup, the villagers flee to whatever safety they can find. Sun Liang steps forth to issue his challenge and is met by a mountain of a man wielding a two handed hammer. As the two forces take positions, these two warriors charge each other.

OOC: Mardagg need duel tactics, please use duel tool and provide each round tactics so I can run it.

As for the others, please choose your tactic from a list of three depending on your assignment. Consider the following layers are:

Vanguard, Main, Right Flank, Left Flank, Rearguard. Commander and Strategist are in the main layer. Logistics in the rearguard.

Vanguard: Charge (add to damage), Entrench (add to defense), Intercept (reduce defense).
Commander: Wall (add to defense), Reinforce (add to damage for vanguard), Command (add to speed of all layers).
Strategist: Coordinate (add to all tactic chances), Ambush (reduce defense flanks), Confusion (reduce main defense)
Left + Right Flank Commander: Flank (add damage), Raid (damage to rearguard and supplies), Pincer (reduce defense main)
Logistics: Align (add defense all layers), Confound (lower speed all layers), Escort (raise defense and supplies)
Rearguard: Cover (add defense all layers), Support (add damage all layers), Protect (raise defense main)

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Zhang Gao
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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Zhang Gao » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:42 pm

Here's what I'm thinking …

Vanguard: Charge (add to damage)
Commander: Command (add to speed of all layers).
Strategist: Coordinate (add to all tactic chances)
Left + Right Flank Commander: Pincer (reduce defense main)
Logistics: Escort (raise defense and supplies)
Rearguard: Support (add damage all layers)

We should end up going first which is always important. Rearguard, Vanguard, and Flanks all add to the attack on the main body. Logistics raises our defense and supplies (which increases our speed and attacks).

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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Anoriand » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:43 pm

Agree down the line with the above, and officially submitting my tactics as Pincer.

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Shen Feng
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Re: The child with no tears left

Postby Shen Feng » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:57 pm

Shen Feng shall use Command, to bolster the speed of all layers.

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