Gongsun Zan - Beiping Audience Hall

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Re: Gongsun Zan - Beiping Audience Hall

Postby Titania » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:50 am

No words came from the woman that was chained before them, so Gongsun Zan simply huffed and raised his hands to the men who held Xia Renxi's chains. Wordlessly, she was pulled out of the audience hall and into the main square of the city, where crowds of people had gathered. Some came to glimpse the woman responsible for the deaths of their loved ones, others came to fill the morbid curiosity that surrounded an event such as an execution. Her chains were attached to blocks of heavy wood, locked into place as a large man wielding an axe approached slowly, the sharp blade glinting in the sunlight. After a moment Gongsun Zan nodded, and with the falling of the executioner's axe Xia Renxi was no more.

Xia Renxi has been executed!

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