Yuan Shao - Bohai Audience Hall

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Re: Yuan Shao - Bohai Audience Hall

Postby AaronH229 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:17 pm


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Re: Yuan Shao - Bohai Audience Hall

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:44 pm

Anxiously, Slicer waited by the front gates for the return of Liang Lian from his mission. It was impossible to tell, usually, what the mysterious man was up to. The attack on Hejian was coming soon, and Slicer grew more anxious as more time passed. However, as noon drew near, he saw a lone shadow approach the gates of Bohai. Initially, the general breathed a sigh of relief seeing his master return. But then, more details were revealed of the masked man. His clothing was tattered, a part of his mask was ripped and torn, and a cut ran through the side of his leg, creating a deep wound. Liang Lian would stumble to the front gates before collapsing.
"Crap! No!"
Slicer swiftly made his way to his fallen ally, hoisting him up before dragging him back to their quarters to lay the man to sleep. It appeared he had gotten the job done - but it came at a cost.
After hearing Yuan Shao's request at the upcoming battle, he decided that Liang Lian was far too wounded to fight. He would have to take his place instead.
Name of NPC: Slicer(NPC)
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Re: Yuan Shao - Bohai Audience Hall

Postby paladinrpg » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:45 am

Though it was easy to relax in the lavish accommodations provided by Yuan Shao, Jiantou had nevertheless concentrated on passing most of her days during her stay at Bohai as promised developing the strategies that would destabilize the forces of Gongsun Zan. Many men came and went from her abode, all with their tasks to do... whether spreading rumors carefully crafted to damage the trust of the troops who served under the deceitful Yuan Shu, or her chief spymaster Ri Zhen who had disguised himself as a Xiongnu barbarian and sabotaged several distant outposts and watchfires to confuse the enemy.

Amidst all this Lady Huo also wrote a letter to her elder brother Jun, letting him know that she had arrived safely and the exciting battle she now faced with the coalition. It was all she could have dreamed of to be part of, to put her skills and training to the test for a worthy cause.

Soon the fateful day arrived for the final strategy meeting, and for this the red-robed general nodded to the guards that had become much more familiar with her now as she took up her place by the large map table that was set aside. The archery master came alone this time, her only companions a fresh bow restrung and at the ready, quiver flush with the scent of resin and feathers. There was a definite air of confidence in the room now that was not there at the start, and Jiantou could not help but smile, as she reached for a small marker with a red pennant attached and placed it firmly down upon the tactical display.

The volunteer general then bowed her head and placed a fist into an open palm. "Esteemed Lord Yuan, I humbly request that you allow me the great honor of serving alongside your strategists and support cadres for the coming battle at Hejian. With the Young Phoenix of Jingzhou by your side, we shall light the path to victory and cleanse the den of vipers once and for all!"

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Re: Yuan Shao - Bohai Audience Hall

Postby mercurian » Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:51 am

(RP to follow)

Decision: Sending Fen Wang 69-101-67-68-73 to battle, to be the main duelist. If no duelist from the other side, will challenge Gongsun Zan (Persuasive 1).
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Re: Yuan Shao - Bohai Audience Hall

Postby Anoriand » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:14 am

Liu Jian had received his summons, having successfully trained these men to the best of his ability. He taught them his secret technique, the Hammer Formation, in order to best expose weaknesses in the enemy formation. As well he taught them how to better integrate the combination of cavalry and infantry that they had to work with, and felt confident this plan would be a success. Around him were some of the most talented Warlords he had seen since... well, since before. Since the old him. Still, he felt his travels in multiple ways made him the one who would be most capable of handling what was next. He looked to Wu Fu, his most trusted friend and advisor, and the two nodded to each other implicitly understanding the next step without saying a word.

"My Lord Yuan Shao, I believe these forces are as ready as they'll ever be and that our talent far outweighs that of our foe. I would like to lead the men I trained myself. I have utmost confidence in their abilities... and more so, I request the chance to lead the vanguard. Let me bring the first blows against the enemy with the technique I have mastered to unify the Eastern seaboard."

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