Lin Siniang - Dai's Audience Hall

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Lin Siniang - Dai's Audience Hall

Postby Phailak » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:59 pm

Like a weather-beaten rock that withstands the unending flows of a stream, the small yet ancient city of Dai rises up on a high point of the Ordos Plateau overlooking the expansive Great Wall where the rushing waters of the northern Huang He meet the southern border of the Eurasian steppes. The watch-towers of the once formidable Zhao capital offers a splendid view of the surrounding area. A collection of traditional plank water-wheels can be spotted which irrigate the elevated fields, as well as the operations of the fishermen and traders departing downriver in small boats to trade their goods deeper into the continent. The people themselves sport a colourful assortment of attire – Xiongnu, Jie, Xianbei, Di, and Qiang - which the various clans use to differentiate themselves from each other. A wide assortment of smithies exists as well, producing the exotic weapons these people were known for since the days of Qin Shi Huang. Market stalls draw trade and commerce between nomads and the Central Plains, famously supplying furs, jade, and thoroughbred horses through Daoma Pass. In the bustling wide streets of the various neighbourhoods one can also notice a plethora of recruitment posters extolling prideful heritage of history of the region and its riches. These proclamations are part of an extensive propaganda campaign constantly being used by the newly established Princess, Lin Siniang, to fill the backbone forces of Han footmen with auxiliary cavalry and archer units.

The main administrative centre is not a particularly large structure, having only one floor of stone and wood construction, though it is definitely imposing in its decor. Two bronze lions stand vigilant watch over all who brave its steps, a prominent symbol of strength and nobility. Salmon pink standards fly above a series of checkpoints and waiting areas where each are manned by armoured halberd sentries in matching turbans and long fighting robes. All must be passed before one seeking an audience can enter the central chambers of the Princess herself. The standing rule that all must abide by is that no one may bring a weapon directly into her presence, and such visitors are respectfully disarmed before finally proceeding into the great hall. Seated upon a simple, yet elegant bronze chair inlaid with traces of other rare metals such as silver and gold, the charismatic yet stern new ruler of Dai rests atop a wide dias. A special corps of six all-female, long Dao wielding bodyguards keep watch here, forming a protective ring around Lin Siniang that one must pass through and stand at the centre of to speak. This measure ensures all guests conduct themselves with proper respect - lest they discover Lin's more violent tendencies firsthand.

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Re: Lin Siniang - Dai's Audience Hall

Postby Krimzon » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:36 pm

Sep 192

It was a quiet, calm evening in Dai. There was no wind, and the light of day was fading with the sun. Sitting in the shade of a small pavilion, Lin Siniang looked as peaceful as the pleasantly cool evening. One hand was lightly curled around a goblet of wine as she idly mused over a large parchment unfurled across the table set before her. A young housemaid quietly shuffled up behind the Princess, carrying a pitcher, and began to pour more of the pale wine into the nearly-empty goblet. Lin glanced up at this movement, a mischievous grin playing over her lips as she turned just a bit towards the woman. "Ah, thank you, Diao." She paused only a beat, then continued, her tone changing subtly. "You always do know what I want..." Lin's other hand moved over as if to clasp the goblet with both hands, but her fingers found their way around the servant Diaos hand as well.

"Shall I help you with your hair, Lady Lin?" Diao inquired as Lin leaned a little nearer. She seemed unperturbed by Lady Lins' light, yet seemingly unnecessary grasp. "Hmm..." Lin mused, letting the moment linger. "Yes, why don't you do that. No need to have my hair done up all tight when I'm home for the night, is there?" she decided, her tone staying light but with an undertone of a more suggestive nature as she let her hand slowly drop from Diao, her fingertips lightly gliding over the woman's skin as they moved away. Setting the pitcher down, Diao reached around to the back of Lin's head, her soft, youthful fingers nimbly working their way into the depths of Lin's bundled hair to slip combs and pins loose.

"Lady Lin?" came a call, a familiar voice echoing faintly from across the courtyard. "Out here in the pavilion, General!" responded Lin with a carefully raised voice. There was a faint, almost undetectable twitch on her face at the interruption, but then she shifted gracefully to a more appropriate mood. "Why do you bother me at such an hour, Geng Fe?” The last few pins left holding Lins hair in its pattern came away allowing the sweeping dark locks to fall loose on the Princesses back. "I bear a report from the south." Geng said, holding out a parchment that was sealed with an all too familiar seal. Lady Lin blinked in surprise, looking vaguely in the air for a moment. "Very well, then," she replied. The handmaiden, finding herself no longer needed, silently picked up the pitcher of wine and withdrew into the building.

Lin was silent as she read over the report, little of her expression visible as her gaze drew across the text. At last after a long and careful reading, she set the parchment down next to a map of the five provinces. A few colours of ink were carefully daubed about to demarcate political boundaries. "Peace has come just as easily as war. Or a semblance of peace, at any rate. One might be surprised to learn just how much hostility lies beneath the surface of that beautiful mirage." Lin paused and looked intently towards Geng. "It is the thunder that is loud and threatening but only the lightning strikes true... please ensure that the individual is handsomely paid for their service." She waved a hand negligently. "You're dismissed."

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Re: Lin Siniang - Dai's Audience Hall

Postby Titania » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:31 am

It had been several months since the decision was made to merge her company with the Princess Lin Siniang's, but Yu Yan had not regretted nor doubted that decision for a moment since. She had taken part in several key battles, as well as a couple of feints, and her men had been thriving without the worry of backstabbers and poor "allies" looming over their heads. The lady had been very grateful for Lin's open acceptance of her and her group, and taken over the day to day running of the original shop, a task that Yu Yan took great pride in. Having some free time, she donned her best dress and made her way to the castle in Dai, accompanied by a handful of her closest generals to pay a visit to the Princess.

Upon arrival, Yu Yan dismounts her horse gracefully, nodding to the guards at the gates. "I am here to visit with Princess Lin Siniang, if she would be able to make some time." She waited patiently for their response, hoping that her friend was able to squeeze in a quick audience in with her.

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