Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

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Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheBlueDude7 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:22 pm

Tucked away in the northwest lies the home of Liang Lian and his men. Their occupation of the village of Yan did not bring about any noticeable changes. Different flowers were planted around the village as a strange scent hung in the air. The villagers, who usually would seem tense, were now more relaxed and smiles could be seen across their faces. Small clouds of smoke were present around the different houses. Liang Lian and his men remained in an encampment right in the outskirts, as his men worked to create more buildings for the new rulers.

In another corner of the village is what appears to be a shop - but it is clearly run down and a poor attempt to establish trade. The prices read:

1 armament - 4 gold
1 NPC point - 4 armaments
1 gold - 2 npc points
1 spy point - 5 gold

A patient shopkeeper with a wide grin on his face waits any who come by. He seems really enthusiastic, as if buyers will come flooding in any second now. A bit of drool runs down his chin, and the scent of flowers radiates off of everything in his store.

If anybody would like to speak to Lian, they were to first approach the village guard and ask for permission.

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