The Feast Of Donglai

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The Feast Of Donglai

Postby TheBlueDude7 » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:28 pm

Messengers arrive all over the country with formal invitations on paper. They are delivered to every warlord in the land, as well as various mercenary camps.
It reads:
The humble Tsong Ding formally invites you to a feast hosted in the month of March at Tsong Ding’s new village of Donglai, in celebration of Tsong Ding’s first property. Any leader that owns territory or does not own territory are invited to this event. There will be a bountiful amount of food involved! Socialize with other warlords and eat plenty! Make friends and allies with old enemies. The event starts on March 1 and ends on April 1st. Drop in and out whenever you so desire. Anybody who enters will have to declare all weapons that they have on their person. The person will then be searched. If a hidden weapon is discovered, the person will be ejected immediately.
There will be a dueling tournament as well! - details below.
You may bring weapons or guards. Please limit the amount of guards to no more than 10.
Warlords may also bring their own food. Although, we encourage you to try the dishes we prepare.
We would appreciate it if willing individuals could volunteer for an ocean bathing cleanse after the event finishes - although it is not required.
The Donglai Dueling tournament will be held in memory of the mighty dueler that was the Jade Falcon. The tournament will be held throughout the month, with duelers required to appear in time for their matches. There will be four combat classes that will each be run separately:
Lightweight: Under 45 might
Midweight: 45-70 might
Heavyweight: 71-95 might
The Falcons: Over 95 might
The cost to join for one character will be 250 gold, and the winners of each category will split the pot four ways and take it back. The cost to enter two people will be 500 gold, for three people it will be 650 gold, and for four people it will be 750 gold. (Tsong ding will keep 10% of the overall end pot). You cannot submit two officers of the same combat class.
If two duelers draw, they will battle again. If they draw again, the one with the higher remaining health percentage will continue on.
Duelers will fight with wooden weapons - do not aim to kill. Guards will be closely watching the events that occur - if anybody attempts to kill their opponent, the guards will execute the murderer without mercy.
We hope all will come!
OOC: Submit duelists and their skills in this format for each round:

Participant statline:

Post Duel Winner:
Post Duel Loser:

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Re: The Feast Of Donglai

Postby TheBlueDude7 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:47 pm

Over the month of March, the villagers of Donglai eagerly watched the front gates waiting for the various lords of the land to visit - it would be quite the spectacle. Alas, all they saw, however, was an abundance of food rotting away on the tables laid out among the village. As April finally rolled around, the "feast" was over.

“What did I say?” Tsong Gui replied sullenly. Even though the man opposed the feast, the idea eventually caught onto him too. It was a sore disappointment. Almost as much of a disappointment when his wife cheated on him and then attempted to murder him. Almost.

In the corner of the tent sat Qin Xingzao, who was hunched over sniffling."it was just the current political times, that's all. i'm still good at ideas, making ideas I mean." His figure resembled a broken husk of a man. Yet another failure for the merchant Qin Xingzao.

Tsong Wei was hunched down next to the sniffling man, trying his best to comfort him.“There, There.” said Tsong Wei as he patted Qin's back. The gesture, however, went unappreciated, due to the fact that Tsong Wei's voice was extremely cold and emotionless. It was hard to gauge Tsong Wei's reaction this "failure" of an event.

In the middle of the room sat Tsong Ding, who's face held a neutral expression. After a few moments of silence and more sniveling from Qin, Tsong Ding spoke up.

“Well, we did consider this a possibility. Still... it is slightly disheartening that nobody came to the event. Qin.”

"didn't want them to come anyway, honestly. not like i wanted to see a tournament anyway. Huh?" Qin muttered.

“Do not fret too much. In the end, we lost nothing from this.” stated Tsong Ding.

Qin slowly stood up and sadly stared at his master. "Yeah, we lose nothing, but do people hate you that much? I mean, even the Archon himself didn't come!"

“I don't know. If you look at the situation, Shang Bo's coronation was this month, meaning he was likely caught up in other affairs. Do not speak rashly about the Archon.”

"or he hates you..." quietly muttered Qin Xingzao. When he saw Tsong Ding glaring at him, the man quickly spoke "Nothing against you, of course."

Tsong Ding sighed. “Well, if any warlord does decide to come visit, we'll treat them with unwavering hospitality. Understood?”

And so, the feast of Donglai was concluded before it even began.

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