Tsong Ding: Wildman of the Bamboo Forests

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Tsong Ding: Wildman of the Bamboo Forests

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Tsong Ding - a man born in the wilderness who spent his early years living within the forests of bamboo. Tsong spent many years experimenting with different animal products and living among the wildlife. As a result - his language skills suffered.

At age 9, Tsong was ambused by a pack of wild boar, leaving him near death. He was found by a group of local villagers. Half of them argued against saving somebody so worthless, while the other half argued to save him. In the end, he barely survived. This event would give Tsong moral principles to follow.

At the age of 15, Tsong Ding discovered a miracle - a cure. Take a bit of bamboo, some orchid stem, a bit of monkey fecal matter, and you have the most potent medicine man can dream of. It could cure anything that was mildly inconvenient - ranging from a scratch of the deadly snub-nosed monkey, to the almost fatal headbutt of the raccoon dog. Just a dab behind the ear and any sort of bruise on the body would instantly fade away. This new herbal blend brought on a very minor age of medicine.

Tsong was a philosophical man. He believed that his cure would only be granted to those who deserved it. He started simple. When visiting villages, Tsong would take to running out of the forest covered in fecal matter screaming obscenities at the locals. It was his test - if he wasn't immediately shot at, he would grant the cure to the village folk.

As time passed, Tsong gained followers. Although at first they assumed that Tsong had the mental capacity of a walnut, Tsong showed to be very persuasive. He preached to all that would listen about finding true human kindness. Humans were a species of good and evil humans, and his goal was to determine who was innately good and who was scum. According to Tsong, any humans that showed evil intentions should be purged from the world. He taught his most devote followers about tests - a way to measure human kindness. Conducting these tests would reveal a person's inner personality, and from there he could decide whether they were evil or not.

Then, at age 18, Tsong decided the most effective way to purge evil - to cleanse those unworthy of living - was through drowning. No blood was shed, and their bodies would eventually be given back to the soil. Here, he would start the practice of death through water.

Tsong was determined to teach China his principles of human kindness, even if they didn't want to learn.

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Re: Tsong Ding: Wildman of the Bamboo Forests

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"I'll let you go" Tsong whispered.

Five men sat binded at the edge of cliff near a roaring river. Silk had been stuffed into their ears, and they were gagged and blinded. It was a clear day. A beautiful day for testing. With one fluid motion, Tsong ripped the earplugs off of one of them and stroked his cheek.

"I'll give you two options." he whispered into the man's ear. "I'll let you go, but in exchange I'll kill two of your comrades. Or, I'll drown you and save two of your comrades."
Tsong stared down at the trapped man. For a minute, the only sound that could be heard was the rushing of the water. Then - a reply.

"The one with the long cropped beard, and the one with the short hair."

Tsong chuckled to himself. Yet another one. Of course. He ordered his men to gag him again and pushed him onto the ground. Tsong then turned to each one individually and performed the same experiment.

Each man had something different to say.

"I... I don't want to die. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I choose Wei - he's the one with the long beard. and Min - the guy with the curled mustache."
"I have a family to get back to."
"You're mistaken to think that I'm dying here today."

Hmm. Tsong looked at the results. Four votes for Wei, two for Min, and two for Ying. Finally he walked over to the last one - the one with the long cropped beard.

"I'll give you two options. I'll let you go, but in exchange I'll kill two of your comrades. Or, I'll drown you and save two of your comrades."
The man looked up.
Unlike the others, there was no hesitation. No weeping. Instead, Wei returned Tsong's offer with a cold hard stare.

"I don't think that it matters anyway, but I'd rather die than betray my comrades. Kill me."
The man's composure was steady. He was serious.
Tsong chuckled darkly. "So be it."
After Wei was regagged each of them were positioned directly over the river.

"So, that's five votes for Wei, and a tie for Min and Ying. Results seem pretty clear to me -
not that they matter."

With that, Tsong kicked off four of the five men. Each of them struggled blindly before hitting the water down below. Four more unworthy souls taken away from the earth.

Tsong unbound Wei.
"Congratulations. You're the only one who passed."
"What? WHAT DID YOU DO?" Wei shouted. He made a move for Tsong.
"I'd like to tell you that all of your comrades voted for you to be sacrificed - just to let you know."
Wei fell silent and looked at the ground. Then -
"I have nothing. Nobody to go back to. I was ready to die. I joined this pack of mercenaries to make something of myself. And now-"

"Then maybe I can find a reason for you to live."

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Re: Tsong Ding: Wildman of the Bamboo Forests

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A man and a small force of thirty troops trudged through the northeast of China under the cover of darkness. The small group was mostly composed of mercenaries, although there was a woman who had joined as well. As the group searched through the shadowy land, no results cropped up.

The small scouting force was led by Gui Du, a man sent to investigate the new formation of a cult that had cropped up. He was sent directly from the city of Beiping under the command of Lu Bu. His orders were simple. He was to put down the cult ruthlessly. Gui had received a report of countless missing people, ranging from villagers to small bands of mercenaries. Hopefully, they were still alive.

Gui Du was a very calm man, but he wasn't treated well. He lived in poverty in the city of Beiping, and was often mocked by his fellow officers. No matter what, however, Gui returned their jeers with a smile. The only thing that could keep him going was his wife. He never wanted to leave her alone, which was why he brought her on the trip.

As he pushed further into the land, a groan came from the back.
"My love, can we please rest for a little while? My feet are getting tired."
"I'm sorry, but we must keep pushing forward to find the leader of the cult. Our goal is to disband it."
"I understand, but can't we-"
A small light was visible in the distance. Gui motioned to his men to make their way in the direction. As their boots silently crept on the grass, Gui was prepared for the worst case scenario.

When they finally reached the light, they found a large camp of at least 100 men. Many were bustling around the area while others were on patrol.
"Damn, it looks like they've gathered quite a following." he muttered.
Gui's lover quickly caught up to him.
"My husband, why don't we just return home?"
He swiftly turned around.
"I can't, we have to keep pushing forward. We have to find a way to shut them down. If I don't, Lu Bu will have my head."

Just then, a booming voice echoed throughout the encampment. Gui and his men quickly ducked into the shade of the grass. The troops inside the camp quickly gathered into a crowd among two central figures. Gui watched intently.
"My brave, loyal followers! Today, I would like to appoint a new high priest! He has proven himself worthy through trial and I grant him my blessing. He goes by the name of Tsong Wei!"
Cheering erupted from the mass as the two central figures raised their arms. Presumably, they were the leaders of the cult.
"I am excited that all of you have accepted the way of testing. Each of you individually have the ability to become good. To become kind. Some people, however, have the inability to do so. And these people must be ridded of from this world!"
More cheering. Beads of sweat slid down Gui's face. These people were extremely dangerous. His men were rustling quite loudly behind him. "Quiet!" he hissed.
"I am truly pleased that all of you could be here for the promotion of Wei. In fact, we have some uninvited guests."

All of a sudden, the crowd shifted to look directly at Gui's troop. Gui's heart stopped as he saw the leader stare directly into his eyes.

Gui Du immediately tried to stand up. As he got to his feet, he turned and saw the entirety of his troop had been disabled. It seemed that men had come behind them and had quickly knocked them unconscious.
"My love!" he cried. Gui made a move to grab her, but was quickly knocked unconscious.


Some time later, he awoke inside a small cell. He was bound tightly against a simple stake nailed into the ground. When Gui full understood the situation he was in, pure panic engulfed him. As Gui struggled relentlessly, a voice spoke to him.
"Good. You're awake."
Gui called out to him.
"Please! Don't hurt my love! You can take me, but let her go!"

The voice laughed heartily.
"Your love? You mean the woman?"
"Of course! Who else would it be?"

The voice spoke again.
"Sorry, but she just didn't seem like she would fit the description of a lover."
"What.. what do you mean?" Gui stuttered.

"Funny thing - when I talked to her - she had said that she had no real affiliation with you. That you were nothing more than a puppet to her and that she would join us if she could. Apparently, she slept with plenty of men while being married to you."
"Lies... YOU'RE LYING!!!"
"Well, let's let her tell you herself."

The cage door opened, and a woman was thrust into it.
"My love! They didn't hurt you did-"
Gui never saw the knife as she lunged towards him. It pierced him right on the right side of the chest. As he fell, his lover pinned him against the ground. She started punching him on the face. Once. Twice. Then, she was pulled off of him. Gui's last few thoughts before falling unconscious was betrayal and pain.
Gui awoke once again, but this time he was on the shore of a great river. As he looked around, a sharp pain shot up his chest. He collapsed onto the ground and struggled to move. A voice called out again.
"You must be confused."
Gui groaned in extreme pain.
"I'll put it simply. We offered her freedom. In exchange, she had to kill you. Our goal was to determine how selfish she was. She failed the test."
Gui managed to lift his head off of the ground and looked the man straight in the eye. He was tall, and had a long cropped beard.
"You, on the other hand, was willing to sacrifice yourself for her. How noble. Too bad the same can't be said for her. But it's unfair that she should get away with something like that."
The man grabbed Gui roughly and brought him to a woman bound at the side of the river.
"Purge her."
As Gui slowly limped toward the woman, she struggled and cried. She grew more and more desperate as Gui finally kneeled before he. He reached out his hand and stroked her cheek. The woman flinched. Then, Gui kissed her on the lips.
For a second, the woman calmed down.
It was a swift motion. Gui shoved her into the river, and it was the last time he ever saw her terrified face.
Tears rolled down Gui's cheek, and he started sobbing.

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Re: Tsong Ding: Wildman of the Bamboo Forests

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A crushed army. A crippling defeat.

Tsong's force strong of a 1500 men had been slaughtered down to 100. His following and his teachings had a chance of being wiped off of the face of this earth. The disastrous result of the battle of Xuantu has left Tsong weak.

Tsong surveyed his battered force. Morale was low, and the human will was weak. Many of his followers had deserted him. It was to be expected. Tsong himself had realized the mistake of trusting a coordinated attack on this kingdom.
Months back, Tsong's following had been found by Meng Jun, ruler of the west. Meng had planned an attack on Song Xi, and explained in detail the plan to cripple the kingdom. Both sides could mutually benefit. Tsong would receive a base of operations, and Meng Jun could deal damage to the oncoming eastern threat. But the plan went wrong - a betrayal from one of the supposed attackers, leaving the force at Xuantu greater than before.

It seemed then like an honest mistake. Now, Tsong realized that Meng had never cared for whether his attack succeeded. All he wanted was to do damage to the kingdom of Song Xi. He had been deceived from the very beginning.
Desperation grew among his men. Tsong had to act fast in order to regain support. With a weakened army, however, how could he recover? He needed an ally. A true ally, one that he might even consider pledging his allegiance to. He must not make the same mistake again. It must be somebody who would hold true to his ideals.

There was one - one that went by the name of Jade Falcon Zhang. A religious leader of his own right, and one who was okay with the execution of non believers.

Tsong ordered a letter to be sent, and anxiously awaited a reply.

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Re: Tsong Ding: Wildman of the Bamboo Forests

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Ki Hou flipped the knife in his hands. The metal was cool and polished. Perfect for killing.

His target never saw it coming. One second, they were busy gorging themselves on the finest of dishes, the next second a knife was through their eye and the attacker was nowhere to be seen.

Ki Hou, the assasin's apprentice. He was a part of a small order of assasins, and was slowly working his way up the ladder. So far, Ki Hou had to deal with minor tasks - weak nobles, out of control mercenaries, - nobody too important. Because of this, Ki Hou was always denied the ability to rank up. This infuriated him. But today, he received a new order from the master. As always, it was clean and straight to the point.

"There's a weakened cult leader that somebody wants dead. After a disastrous mistake on his part, his entire cult was all but wiped. Kill him. He goes by the name of Tsong Ding."

Yet another pointless assassination. A stupid cult leader, that he would probably be paid small gold for. Nothing was going to ever change for Ki Hou's ranking. As Ki Hou walked away, he made the decision to abandon the guild - after this hit, of course.

Ki Hou set out on the journey to find the man. As usual, Ki Hou found his target within days of receiving the hit. Always efficient. He spotted the force on the roads from Liaoxi and Leling.

He found them on the move to the southwest, a battered troop led by three men. They appeared to only be one hundred strong, give or take a couple men. It would be easy to kill the leader, although he wouldn't receive good payment for it. Nevertheless, Ki Hou started to formulate his plan.

He watched them for two more days. This cult were no neophytes when it came to the art of killing. They appeared to often drown their victims, but sometimes untied some to be let go or to join.

On the third night, Ki Hou made his way into the cult leader, Tsong Ding's, tent. It was easy. The guards and the followers of the cult weren't trained how to watch for people, making Ki's entrance incredibly simple. He crept over to the bed of the sleeping man.
All he found, however, was an empty bed and a missing target. Ki Hou snorted. It looks liked he had made a miscalculation, and decided to hide and wait for the leader to return to his tent. Just as he took cover, the flaps suddenly fluttered open and Tsong Ding walked in with wet hands.

"Of course," Ki Hou muttered. "What a lunatic."
Tsong Ding walked towards his bed, when he was jumped by Ki Hou. He aimed for the neck, but missed and plunged his knife through the man's side. With no hesitation, Ki Hou unsheathed another knife from his belt. However, as he stared down the bleeding man, he noticed that the man was staring back.

"Ha!" Ki Hou laughed. "You're about to die, and yet you stand there so proudly. Meet your maker."
Ki Hou lunged with his knife again, but was only able to scrape his Ding's arm as Ding made a quick sidestep. Ki Hou kept up with the ferocious knife swings. He made little contact each time, but Tsong Ding would only stare down at him. For a second, Ki Hou stopped.

"What do you think you're going to accomplish by staring at me?"
"Do you even understand what's going on? I'm here to kill-"
"Drop your knife."

Ki Hou heard the voice behind him, and realized his mistake. He would have to return later. Ki Hou suddenly ducked and elbowed the man behind him in the stomach. After hearing the grunt of pain, he plunged his knife into the man's body and made a break for the entrance of the tent. Before he did, however, he heard a voice.
It was a trap. The man was trying to distract him to wait for his cronies to arrive to kill him. Yet something about the leader was intriguing to him. He wanted to listen, but he didn't want to fall into such an obvious ruse. Instead, Ki Hou roughly pulled the knife out of the man's thigh and held it to his neck.
It was a strange situation. The wounded cult leader sat in the corner of the tent, while Ki Hou held one of his officers hostage with a knife to his throat. Yet, this cult leader thought he still had control. Ki Hou decided to humor him.
"I'm listening."
"You seem like somebody useful we could use around here."
Ki Hou laughed at the idea.
"Like I would join your murderous cult."
"Murderous? Then what are you?"
"Let me make a clarification. You appear to kill for fun. I kill for money."
Ki Hou had heard enough. He was about to slit the throat of the man and leave, when -
"Well, we do have money."
Ki Hou stared down the cult leader. The man didn't falter. He didn't appear to look scared. He just stared back with eyes that seemed to pierce his soul.
"You know, I thought you were a lunatic. But now? I'm sure you're a lunatic. But I'll offer you a deal."
The man nodded.
"I would not have received much payment for killing you anyway. In fact, I barely make enough money to support myself as of now. I plan on becoming a free lance assassin. I'm not going to join you, but I'll be available for whatever jobs you need. You'll find me in the city of Bohai."
With that, Ki Hou sheathed the knife again and left the tent before quickly disappearing into the night. He chuckled to himself. Things would be interesting, working for a cult.

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