Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby Rue Goung » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:50 am

quickly Rue Hei donned the robes and festive wear of Liang Lian, he stood in front of the large mirror in the opulent room and adjusted his disguise. nodding his head he let out an evil yet hart warming laugh. "MUHAHAHAHAHA hehe. this can work! i look just like that mute bastard... wait... mute... how am i going to communicate?... how does he communicate?..." rue pondered to himself as he looked around the room. "i mean he has that weirdo slicer talk for him... i don't have a slicer... that's it i need a slicer!" there he spotted something. under the mask he smiled brightly, his eye twinkled! his toes curled. "thats iiiiittttttt." he said in a very creepy hide your kids kind of creepy. suddenly Rue Lian was walking down the halls. strutting and nodding to those around him. one servant girl bowed to him, he then politely and respectfully patted her behind. very respectfully because Rue Lian valued the female gender greatly. with a thumb up he walked away. the girl very much confused. then before he entered the great hall he had another test, guards! there before him stood two guards. they bowed to him. this was his chance to subdue them with his impressive intelligence! with that he pulled out his secret weapon! a sign on a stick that read "yo". with a nod and a thumbs up Rue Lian entered the great hall through the open doors. as he entered past the guards one guard looked to the other and shook his head. "i need a new job." said one, "i agree, find one for me to." the other reply.

now in the room holing up his "yo" sign, Rue Lian walked around his side of the room. patting backs and tussling hair of the guests. randomly giving thumbs up and making gestures and references no one will understand at this time period. just then he looks up as the far side doors open. "shit," rue muttered to himself as he spotted on the far side.... the real Liang Lian. rue turned quickly and tried to make his way back to the door he came from... but now it was closed. he turned back around as the real Liang Lian spotted him. Rue Lian then lifted a finger signaling to give him a moment and then turned back around and knocked on the closed door. when no one answered Rue Lian let out a deep sigh and then turnd around. "well, no turning back now. let the show begin!" he thought to himself. he faced the real Liang Lian and started to gesture erratically. trying to give off a surprised and at the same time commanding look. he started to move to the center of the room in front of the throne of the hall.

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:13 pm

The real Liang Lian immediately noticed the fake walking toward him, making weird gestures. Angrily, he signed back to the Rue Lian, not knowing the identity of his impersonator.
"Wh... what is going ON in here?" said Slicer, still dazed. "I must be reallllly drunk."
It was a solid couple minutes where both versions of the Lian were signing aggressively toward each other, seemingly in a nonverbal argument. Impatiently, the real Lian withdrew a sword from his belt and started to walk over to the fake.
"Wait, what are you - STOP HIM! And SUBDUE THE OTHER ONE!" commanded Slicer. The guards from the side of the room tackled the real Liang while others took ahold of Rue Lian and held them both tight.
"Alright, nobody here LEAVES until we find out who the real one is! Take off their masks!"
"err, but sir, nobody here knows what the real Liang looks.. or sounds like."
"I - damnit!" he said, kicking over a chair. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE YELLOW RIVER IS GOING ON HERE?" he remained silent for a bit, before snapping his fingers.
"I know, I'll ask them something only the real Liang Lian would know. What did you do with the corpse of the Painted Lady?"

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheSoupStar » Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:31 am

Fa Tugu had just heard about a feast being held in the city of Dai, after it had recently been taken under the control of Liang Lian. He was remarkably uninterested, until he remembered a detail of the invitation that he had had recited to him (after all, he was illiterate).

"It's a feast!" bellowed Fa, to all around him. "With food!"

Fa mounted his horse, and set out full gallop without notifying anybody in the village of Touba where he resided. He then doubled back, realizing that the road he was on was not the road to Dai, it was the road to Bei, which was dangerous enemy territory.

"That was a close one!" Fa practically screamed. He let out a large belly laugh.

Galloping off again, he double back a second time (tripled back?) realizing once again he was on the wrong road. Departing for a third time, Fa was finally on track to reach Dai.

As Fa approached the gates of the city, he was welcomed in, a recognized sight after all his extensive work with Liang Lian. They were best friends, after all, and after spending so many months working together, there's no way that Fa could've identified him anywhere, even without his forever worn mask! Fa was sure of it. Entering the party, Fa announced his arrival far too loudly for the building, hurting the ears of anyone in the vicinity. Looking around the room, Fa had no idea what was happening, seeing soldiers apprehending two obvious imposters of his best friend. Unless one of them was real... Wait. What if both of them were real?

Fa looked bewildered. He looked back and considered leaving. However, seeing the feast set out on the table, he shrugged, pretended nothing was happening, walked past the conflict and sat down to eat.

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby Titania » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:13 pm

Yu Yan raised a slender eyebrow at the display of the two men, the officer she had fought beside and knew as Slicer drunkenly knocking the other man unconscious. The real excitement, however, came when the door near her burst open, revealing a masked man that looked to be Liang Lian. However, at the corner of her vision, she saw another man, dressed in a similar fashion and also covered with the notable mask of Liang Lian. Her two officers stepped to stand at either side of her as the two approached each other, gesturing wildly. She watched, eyes bright with curiosity and amusement and the officers stepped forward. "Well, this is certainly interesting." She quipped, the men at her side murmuring their agreement.

Just then the door opened again, and another person she recognized came forth, announcing himself so loudly that her ears rang. Ah, yes, Fa Tugu. He would be here, that should have been expected. The man seemed to hesitate at the sight of his ally facing himself, but then turned and made a beeline for the food on the tables. She sighed, tapping a finger to her glass as the question regarding what was done with the body of the Painted Lady was posed, and she looked to Slicer and down at the unconscious Charger. Clearing her throat, she raised her voice to be heard. "Slicer, dear, are you able to understand the signs from Liang Lian in your state? If so, you can simply ask what the sign is for a simple command, and whichever one gets it wrong will be the impostor. If they both get it wrong, then we should probably start searching for the true Liang Lian." She stepped forward and tilted her head, eyes flitting between the two men. One was far larger than the other, seeming to be stronger... The most clever disguise would have a hard time of hiding the body of the man within it.

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