Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

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Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:22 pm

Tucked away in the northwest lies the home of Liang Lian and his men. Their occupation of the village of Yan did not bring about any noticeable changes. Different flowers were planted around the village as a strange scent hung in the air. The villagers, who usually would seem tense, were now more relaxed and smiles could be seen across their faces. Small clouds of smoke were present around the different houses. Liang Lian and his men remained in an encampment right in the outskirts, as his men worked to create more buildings for the new rulers.

In another corner of the village is what appears to be a shop - but it is clearly run down and a poor attempt to establish trade. The prices read:

1 armament - 4 gold
1 NPC point - 4 armaments
1 gold - 2 npc points
1 spy point - 5 gold

A patient shopkeeper with a wide grin on his face waits any who come by. He seems really enthusiastic, as if buyers will come flooding in any second now. A bit of drool runs down his chin, and the scent of flowers radiates off of everything in his store.

If anybody would like to speak to Lian, they were to first approach the village guard and ask for permission.

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:51 am

A great deal of time had passed since Liang Lian's initial arrival in Yan. Since then, the masked man had expanded his influence rather dramatically. His conquering of Bei and Yuyang had radically changed the northwest. However, the greatest shift was the toppling of Liu Yu, thanks to the efforts of Liang and his allies.

With this rapid expansion, Liang Lian implemented much more efficient.. 'farming methods.' Entire sectors of the locations of Dai and Yuyang were dedicated to "crop farming." The citizens would become generally more happy, as more succumbed to the influence of these new "crops." New, thriving markets appeared in the town square and in various locations close to Dai.

The soldiers and guards, however, were still trained diligently. Their swords and spears remained sharp and at the ready, prepared to defend the kingdom to their last breath.

Liang Lian himself would generally not greet visitors - instead, Slicer would give audience to any person who requested to talk to the lord of the city. Any visitors wanting to talk with Liang Lian should speak to the general first before anything else.

The shop in Yan still exists with the same prices. The man's son had taken over, drool still running down his face.

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:40 pm

Slicer returned from the bloody, brutal battle at Hejian. The kingdom was in a state of turmoil - the eastern army of Xiahou Fa was approaching, and the mercenary forces had turned traitor. When Slicer entered the main building of Yuyang, he found Liang Lian knelt over a corpse of an old woman. Her body looked peaceful, her eyes were shut and her hands were folded over her chest. It appears she was killed from a stab wound through her heart.

"Liang? What's happening here?" asked the confused general. It seemed no battle had taken place at the town. "Who is this woman?"
"She's the one who's been murdering our men" came an abrupt snarl from the corner. Liang Lian's second second-in-command, Charger spoke up.
"This... old woman?"
"Yeah, and we oughta burn her corpse, or leave it to the crows."
As the two generals continued conversation, a servant brought Liang Lian a small bowl of river-water and another bowl of pink dye. Carefully, Liang started to clean the dirtied face of the dead elder. Next, he gently lifted her hands off of her chest, to reveal a deep, bloody stab wound. Liang dabbed his finger with the pink dye and made a circle around the wound, before placing her hands back to their original position.
The Painted Lady would be buried in the city center of Dai, with a small gravestone to remember the foe.
"He will return this month, I am sure of it. We can't just wait around, we have to muster a defense."
"How do we do that? We're short on troops."
"We need allies - friends to assist us in this time of trouble. We need to gather some, and fast."
"What if we had a feast? Invite warlords from all around China in an attempt to create bonds. We'll invite all of our current allies, as well as other potential assets."
With that, the duo started to make preparations for the great feast ofDonglai

Messengers arrive all over the country with formal invitations sealed with wax. They are delivered to a specific list of warlords, as well as many mercenary camps.
It reads:
The mystic Liang Lian would like to formally invite you to Dai for a great feast. Socialize with different warlords, enjoy great dining, and make yourself comfortable. Drop in and out whenever you so desire. Anybody who enters will have to declare all weapons that they have on their person. The person will then be searched. If a hidden weapon is discovered, the person will be ejected immediately. Bring as many soldiers and generals as you so desire. We hope to see you there.
(The List):
Yuan Shao
Bao Bao
Fa Tugu
General Tsow
Hou Jiantou
Jia Yuanjin
Jiang Xu
Li Jing
Liu Jian
Pan Shaozu
Wei Zan
Yu Yan
Zhang Gao

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby Mal Tijie » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:31 pm

The battle against Yuan Shu was over and Wei Zan and his company had returned home to Jinan. It was only shortly after that an invitation to a grand feast arrived. The influential lord of the north Liang Lian was holding some kind of party. Having never been a gathering of lords, it would be a good learning experience since he too was one now. So he and Fu Heng traveled to Dai quickly.

Dressed in elegant robes and his hair pulled up, Wei Zan entered the place of festivity unarmed and complying with all checks. From there he and his servant searched for the host.

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:40 pm

Wei Zan is quickly escorted into the hall, where he would be greeted by the general, Slicer. Liang Lian was nowhere to be found, but a large table was spread out in the center of the room. Platters of roasted meats and bowls of rice were laid out across the table, creating an enticing aroma around the area. Slicer seemed to have some sort of cigar in his mouth, a dull look spread across his face.
"Welcome, esteemed - guests. Please, yourself be helped to our food fine," he said, his eyes a bit slack.
"You'll have to excuse him," stated Charger. "He decided to help himself before the party even started. Speaking of which, would you care for some?" The general held out a small cigar, filled with some sort of pink liquid.

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby mercurian » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:50 am

Jia Yuanjin sighed as he was riding a horse on the way to Dai. He was trailed by two other riders with flowery robes and armed with ornately decorated weapons: one, who by all extents looked like a woman, was carrying a sha which shined with the color of plum blossoms and decorated with such on its broad blade; while another person, who seemed to be smoking from an ornate pipe that seemed to be resembling those of the southwestern barbarians, had a thin-edged dao sheathed in a sheath decorated with peach blossoms and the handle was also decorated that way. An ornate carriage which was driven by a person who seemed like a respectable gentleman was trailing the three. Jia Yuanjin then looked behind his back, and then towards his front, and then sighed again. He himself was dressed in an ornate manner; he had the same flowery robe that his companions wore, of black color as background. But, as one of the companion had the robe worn and the other had his robe worn like a waist sash; his was half worn, revealing his silky smooth complexion; the half-worn part was girdled with a white double belt. His blond hair was tied with a silver clasp; the rest of the hair then rested on his shoulders. White trousers and black knee-high boots with white soles completed his outfit. It was his usual garb as a duelist; his main weapon, a pair of ornate long dao with straight edges, rested on his belts. But it seemed that he was burdened with a problem.

"I definitely knew it was my plan to lead the van so as to make myself more menacing than I should be, but I am quite shivering around here; I don't know if I am all right with this arrangement. But those three... they are more frightening than me in every aspect."

The person who looked like a woman then laughed, and said, "Well I should be accompanying them, but since we needed two people to cover both flanks, I needed to be here with you. Do you think I am even agreeing to this?!"

The playful banter continued until they had reached Dai. The group then continued to progress until they reached the area of festivity. At that moment, both Jia Yuanjin and the person who was half-naked then wore their robes properly so as to impress all others of their craftsmanship. The man who drove the carriage alighted as the others dismounted, and then opened the door. Three beautiful women who were also robed in flowery silk robes and also armed with ornate weapons alighted from the carriage, and then, the six people then moved towards the guards. Jia Yuanjin then presented the letter of invitation towards the guards and said, "Jia Yuanjin of the Jia Family Foundry and Stables, requesting to partake with the festivities." The six then presented their arms to the guard for safekeeping, followed by the seventh man who had just parked the carriage at a designated location.
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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:05 am

"Stop! What are you doing, this isn't even close to appropriate!"
"No!" slurred Slicer, his stomach clearly filled with alcohol and rice. "That Jia Yuanlei guy has always bothered me. He looks like a lady" The general banged his bowl of rice and duck on the table wildly, random thoughts flying out of his mouth.

"Do not insult one of our guests, you-" Charger was cut off abruptly as the doors opened, revealing Jia Yuanjin and his coterie. Candles lined the inner walls of the large hall, and many of Liang lian's personal generals were already speaking with one another at the main table. The smell of flowers radiated off of everything within the room.
"Ah! Jia Yuanjin, what a pleasure to see you!" He took a deep bow as the guests entered the hall. "We welcome you to this hall with all of our hearts. Please, sit down. Oh, and Wei Zan has already arrived as well. I do not know if you know who he is, bu-"

"EY YOU! JIA YUANLEI!" came a loud voice from the table. "ARE YOU A GUY, er A GIRL?" he hiccuped a bit. "I Mean -hic- sure, You're the champion who led us to victory at Dai and Yuyang - hic-, but YA still look like a girl. FIGHT ME! -hic-"
Slicer stood up suddenly, a wooden sword in his hand that he brandished wildly. Charger quickly ran over to him, trying to get the rowdy general to settle down while apologizing profusely to the lord who had arrived. "Liang Lian will be here shortly, I presume. In the meantime, feel free to talk to anybody else here."

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby Titania » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:49 am

A small group of people arrive, lead by a woman on horseback. Her long dark brown hair fell over her back, framing her face. A light pink Camellia was pinned in the hair on the right side of her face, and she was garbed in a blue, white and gold dress that was simple in it's elegance. At her side were two men, much more imposing than the woman herself, towering over those on foot on their horses. As they approached the gate the two men fell back, the woman presenting herself at the lead. She pulled the invitation from a pouch on the saddle, presenting it to the guards. Once they were escorted to the place they were supposed to go, she and the two men dismounted their horses and made their way into the venue, the woman still leading the way. They announced all of their weapons, the two men's on full display strapped to their back and the woman's exquisite dagger hidden at her hip, which she deftly removed and revealed. No other weapons were to be found hidden on any of them, and were handed over without qualm. They then turned to face whomever welcomed them, bowing slightly. "Greetings, I am Yu Yan. Accompanying me are Ri Lei and Zan Fan."

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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby Rue Goung » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:38 am

i have permission to do this so non worry or complain!

"NOT INVITED!!!!" Rue Hei screamed to himself as he sat in the main tent at the BHMC hidden lair. slamming his fist into the table then kicking over a chair towards a sitting Dong Sui. who catches tha chair and places it down calmly beside him. Hei looked even more pissed as he points to Sui and yells. "HEY! i meant to hit you with that chair! stop making me look bad!" Hei then turns to his map on the floor and points to Dai on the map. "Do you know how much we have done for that mute bastard! suuuurrreee, we tried to kill him maybe. but you know. the amount we have done for him out weighs trying to kill him! its all Buddha and tao crap! don't he know about buddha and tao crap!!!!" Hei yells from the top of his lungs as Dong Sui raises his hand to interject only to lower it. obviously not wanting to correct Hei as it would most likely lead to a stroke. Hei snaps his fingers and then takes off. "i got a fool proof plan! you hold down the tent fort... use rocks or something! i got a party to crash!". Hei rushes out of the tent and onto his horse and rides away. a lonely Dong Sui is left in the tent that was turned upside down. he stands to his feet and goes to the tent opening and lets out a deep sigh. "looks like ill need to find another leader for us again... i wonder what that Jia Yuanjin guy is doing.... i hear he looks like a girl... maybe he will be a good leader."

Hei traveled for some time till he came to Dai. the city was well guarded. guards at checkpoints and patrols. Hei put together a bush costume. perfect for sneaking past the gate guards. the guards were on watch checking everyone goods and documentations. a cart with straw was pulling up to the gate. Hei eyed it and exclaimed "this is my chance!" the guards looked his way, Hei went back into bush mode to try and trick them away with his wily impression of the elusive bush. one guard looked to the other. "did that bush talk?" the other answered, "yes." the first guard then replied. "should we do something?" forcing the second guard to answer,"i really don't want to do the paper work." to that they both nodded. with the guards occupied nodding their heads, Hei took the opportunity to jump on the back of the cart and be snuck in. the bush in the back of a cart full of straw was the perfect disguise to enter dai.

now in the city Hei used a plethora of disguises to find his way into the palace of Dai, even one that had him dressed as a servant girl and a lord who will not be named hitting on him.....but we will tell that story a different time. lets just say they had rough hands and loved to grab butts. the plan was coming together. now here was Hei inside Liang Lian's personal bed room. "damn that was one wacky adventure!" rue Hei said to himself as he took off his servants outfit. then removed his fake boob bra he made out of some cloth and some fruits he found laying around(dont ask). he walked around the splendid room, looking and touching everything out of spite. then he came upon a chest tucked into the corner of the grand and opulent room. "well well well! what have we here?" Hei spoke before he very carefully picked the lock on the chest with expert precision and grace(he kicked it till it opened). there in the newly opened, not kicked chest. he spotted the most amazing of prizes. "what the &*$&?! are these all his masks?" Hei grabbed one and looked at it. indeed the chest was full of Liang Lian's personal masks. some had different expressions painted on the faces. one even had a hole where the mouth was in a surprised appearance on the face. "im not touching that one..." he muttered to himself as he stood up and looked at the masks, then he turned and saw a set of Liang Lian's cloths set up on a few dummy's. a smile crept across his face. a plan was forming in his mind of what to do next.


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Re: Liang Lian's Small Kingdom

Postby TheRudeDude7 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:00 am

What was supposed to be a mostly peaceful feast had turned rather rowdy in a matter of seconds. Charger was wrestling with Slicer on the ground, attempting to subdue the extremely drunk general.
"Oh! Yu Yan! What a pl-*grunt*easure it is to see you! Please, take a seat!"
"Lemme at hER! LEMME AT HER!" he said, pinned to the floor feebly swinging his sword.
"We really -uh- appreciate your support in the toppling of Liu Yu. We hope you are doing we- AGH!
Without warning, Slicer brought his sword upward and hit Charger in his head, rendering him unconscious. Some spit flew out of Charger's mouth as he fell to the ground, his eyes rolling into his head. With the only sensible man gone, the only thing left now in the event was simply chaos.
"HA HA!" he boasted proudly. "I, SLICER, HAVE TOPPLED MY FOE!". He stood there, triumphantly laughing when the doors to the main hall suddenly burst open. Right behind Yu Yan stood a masked man who appeared to be Liang Lian, silently staring into the feast room. However, another shadow started to shift from the other side of the hall...
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