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Re: General Roleplay

Postby Phailak » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:39 am

Lai looked at the map... where to next?


The commander calmly strode in from the adjacent tent and stood at attention.

"We've been going at this all wrong, spread the word, we're mercs now."

Hun San did not hesitate one moment but his face betrayed his disgust.

"Spare me, I looked over these reports, the new warlords in these villages are formidable, not this rabble we have been facing. If we're to attack them, I want something..."

The other commander said nothing, completely impassive.

"We can't take a town, those are fortified nightmares, this is the right course."

San waited a few more moments before leaving in case Lai had something to add.

"Maybe we can shape the north then..."

OOC: Open RP for any interested in discussing plans with Fei Lai, of course will accept PM RPs as well

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Re: General Roleplay

Postby Mal Tijie » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:58 pm


Pillars of smoke rose in the night sky. A lone man running as fast as he could away from the lights caused by the flames he was responsible for. Sun Bang was this fugitive. A pirate "king" and outlaw, wanted by both Liu Biao and Sun Ce. He was simply minding his own business at a brothel, treating himself and some of his boys to a good time when some of Liu's men came crashing in trying to arrest the poor guy. In his attempts to escape, Bang may or may not have knocked over a handful of candles, which may or may not have caught some drapes on fire. There was no way he knew this was going to happen. Though it did give enough of a distraction for the outlaw to escape his would-be captors.

So there he was, all alone, running blindly in whichever direction he was moving. Little did Bang know, he was being followed by practically all of his followers in the night.

"Oi! Boss! Where we goin'?"

A voice broke the silence around Bang, causing him to jump into the air in fright. Seeing it was one of his loyal followers, Jin Yang, he breathed easy.

"Well my friend, I, am going north! Up there are more opportunities for sweet, sweet gold than there are in the ashes left in Jing. You, can go wherever you want. So long as it ain't with me, it's easier for one person to travel than two, ya know?"

"What 'bout over thousand person?"

Bang then saw that everyone was sneaking around, following him where he went. Well, no escaping it I guess. So Sun Bang stood tall in the dark night, the scent of failure in the air.

"Alright you stupid lot! If ya following me, get ready for a fun time! We gonna go north and get as much as we can out of the wars up there! You've been around me long enough to know 'bout my lifes philosophy. Live by the "Three G's!" Glory. Girls. AND GOLD. NOW LET"S GO"

Forgetting they were supposed to be sneaking, the group let out a large roar and marched to the chaotic north.

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