Farewell RP SIM space...

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Farewell RP SIM space...

Postby BJR » Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:57 pm

The space is all but dead, an era is over. Strategy gaming will not be done on forums anylonger, let alone with RP elements. Warlords was a valiant effort.

Phailak. As you continue your path as a Dev, you must consider critiques are born out of a love for the game/application in some cases. You must remove your emotional attachment which is the root of you being so defensive and dismissing any complaint as coming from a person you have classified as a nag, whiner, or just a crank. Personally I gave up. As soon as the words came from you, I gave up. Some are just never happy. You are right. I was never going to be happy until Warlords was a perfection in my eyes. I was a fan. Going forward. I hope you consider my advice in taking critiques. I see it a lot in the Dapp space. Some devs are just like you, maybe most. While the rare Gem takes the time and effort to calmly discuss the concerns, no matter how often they are brought up.

Everyones interest has waned so much. Its apparent. Strategy RP SIMs are as antiquated as forums themselves. Be innovative and bring RP SIM elements to another medium if you want to have hope. There is no sense in personal goodbye's, many years have passed as we all drifted apart already.

Maybe I will see some of you around TG in the dapp space. Maybe in general in cryptocurrency. You can find me as an admin in coinmarketcap's channel there. YOu can find me in decentralized mindz channel there, Im all over. Many great people, developers, players/users, and enthusiasts can be found there.

You may opt to delete this post. Farewells are generally treated that way. I used to agree with that, but at this time I find that rule a sad one. after over a decade of knowing most of you, to delete a goodbye seems a crime. Do as you will. I will log out and never return now. Again, bye.

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Re: Farewell RP SIM space...

Postby Phailak » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:40 am

So dramatic lol.

Critique is very important and we have adapted a lot of stuff because of it, what is important here is that one person's view is not always correct, including mine.

Sorry you feel like you were not listened to, I felt we made efforts towards most of your grievances like coop and I am not sure that worked out well, was worth a shot. We're a very small community and that is more than fine, as long as we keep getting players, I'll try to keep this thing alive, mostly out of nostalgia. That being said, if it causes you some much grief, leaving is probably best, Warlords is not worth making you feel crappy, nothing is.

Best of luck :mrgreen:

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