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Plots can be used instead of game mechanics to achieve a specific goal.

The setup

Although you can submit a plot on a whim or because of how a RP progressed, it is not recommended. In most cases, without proper preparation, it would end up being handle by a duel or a few rolls either way or simply judged nothing happens except the implicated parties each go their own way. Because the nature of a plot goes beyond the game mechanics, setting up is important.
First, you will need to RP with the target and that RP needs to include the setup we are talking about. So, if you want to capture a PC or NPC, you would setup your plot to say you have men or traps in location X then RP inviting target to said place. In the RP, you would need a good description of the location they are walking into and an 'out' clause that if they feel threatened on their response RP, they can simply walk away.

Good setup RP wrote:Ma Dieu (Target) RP's arriving at the destination.
Fei Lai (Plotter) RP's the following.
Ma Dieu would be walking into a small camp with alert soldiers. The meeting would take place in the command tent at the center of the camp.

Bad setup RP wrote:Ma Dieu (Target) RP's arriving at the destination.
Fei Lai (Plotter) RP's the following.
Ma Dieu is brought to a tent where Fei Lai waits.

In situation 1, I would accept the plot to continue, discussion to occur and resolve from there. In example 2, I would simply say soldiers got distracted and really it's only Ma Dieu and Fei Lai in a tent.

Plots against other players will ALWAYS be more difficult to pull off. In Warlords, the PCs are considered potential heroes and would be subject to great feats. So even if you RP someone entering a camp with 5000 soldiers, the plot would involve at the VERY least a capture and escape roll. It would be entirely feasible for a PC to fight off a whole camp and escape in the confusion. It's a judgment call on the part of the staffer running the plot, but here are some basic formulas that would be used.

Main is 1.25 + Secondary 0.75 / 2 - Def stat
Skills on either side can be used, usually 10% per level

Sneaking past security check points
(skills: Assassin, Decoy, Infiltrator vs Attentive, Perception, Guard)
(skills: Authorative, Entangle, Barricade vs Swift, Sortie, Haste)
(skills: Swift, Sortie, Haste vs Authorative, Entangle, Barricade)
(skills: Author, Commander, Persuasive vs Acumen, Attentive, Perception)

*note: Defense stat is who is being targeted. A normal man or guard would default to 30. If the action is against a whole camp or group, highest stat among them would be used. Also, players can suggest skills influencing rolls BEFORE the roll is made. I will add to the suggested formulas above, they are a guide to help you formulate your plot, it is up to the person running it which test and skills should be used.

The person running the plot has the right to simply refuse it as well if it doesn't make sense. You can plan to poison a player, but you can't force them to drink it. You can't say your plot is to follow someone until they are alone and jump them.

There are plot free zones, mainly any storyline RPs and Quests and any RP specified by staff.

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