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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby gravenimages » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:59 pm

Phailak wrote:Lai nodded to the Commander's words, thinking it wise to let the argument die with his final retort instead of adding more fuel to the fire. It did amuse Lai that Guang would assume the council would take place in order to appease people or redeem some ill they felt towards Ma Dieu's clan. Fei Lai did not share such animosity towards his opponents, it could cloud judgement and allow for missed opportunities. Such accusations towards Ma Dieu when Wu had been the first to engage was a bit ironic and Lai continued to believe that first defeat at Xuyi was the real cause for the Commander's strife. If the man really felt the loss of men to be so great, he was in the wrong business. War was a terrible thing but a necessary one.

Lai tabulated in his mind and as suspected there was not much support for Ma Dieu though the nomination for the Emperor was well enough received. Lai shared the concerns for history repeating itself, yet something had to be attempted. It was a risk to have the young naive Emperor's ear exposed to men such as Yi Guang and Xiang Hin, yet no one could deny their talent and they might still serve the Emperor well.

"After hearing the interventions, I have a proposal for the Son of Heaven, the Prime Minister and his advisors to consider. It is quite obvious none of the Lords are ready just yet to simply relinquish power and land. Perhaps the Emperor and his entourage, should Commander Yi and Duke Xiang still wish to serve, reside in the palace in Chen temporarily with their own guards and loyal subjects. I believe the Prime Minister should resume his post as Prime Minister of Chu. I am not sure how a personal guard can be acquired for the Son of Heaven, perhaps each Lord loyal can provide a portion, I am sure my brother would match it. Yes they will be surrounded by men of Ma Dieu and Zhu Lizhi's in Chu, but they will still be an independent force. It is the best compromise I can think and still allow for my brother to protect the interests of the Empire as suggested."

Hin was pleased, reason seemed to be prevailing. At least the various factions were open to ideas and discussion. "If you would not mind clarifying a few points, Marquis? You stated that those who chose to serve the Emperor directly would reside in the palace at Chen... Temporarily. I am uncertain as to the nature of 'temporary' and what would happen after. Would this be a term of... Evaluation of the loyalty of commander Yi and myself? Or do you suggest that the Emperor himself should reside at Chen only temporarily... Or have I mistaken your meaning entirely?

Further, this arrangement would beg a question: With such a force 'surrounded' by the armies of Ma Dieu and Zhu Lizhi... What recourse would it have if there was a difference of opinion regarding what was and was not in the interests of the Empire?"

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Agon07 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:12 pm

She let most of the other present speak, and though few actualy comented on her idee, going mostly ignored. And it seemed that the young age of the emperor was troubeling some. She decided to first adress what the Prime minister said then focus more on what other said. She focus her attention to the prime minister as she spoke.

Lizhi: If it where the wish of the emperor to redistribue the lands, i would follow his wish. Though im sure some of you might argue, i have always been loyal to the emperor.

She knew well that many might belived she had been loyal to Xiang Yu, she had vesited him on many ocasion after he had the prime minister attack and killed the emperor. But it wasent out of loyaty to the man, more out of nececity for alone she had no chances against his army.

Lizhi: As for the protectors, i couldnt coment on Yi Guang's nomination for i do not know the man. As for Xiang Hin...

It felt strange to call him that now.

Lizhi: From my past dealings with him, though few. I would say he seems like a loyal man. Wich in itself is great, but considering his recent adoption with Xiang Yu, the man who killed the previous emperor, it worryes me.

She belived hin wu to be a loyal man, just wasent sure where is loyaty was now, and part of her still felt like she owed him for his help when Yin was attack.

Lizhi: It would ease my worry if i could be part of those protectors, even if just untill the land is united or that the emperor's comming of age. I would also step down should my worrys be proven unfounded.

She paused a moment, she knew many would likely think of this as her trying to gain some form of power, though was far from it. She wasent like many lords here, she had no real desire for power or else she might have atempted to expand herself more then she did.

Lizhi: as for the imidiate treath of Zhefu and Shi Tong , i belive actions against them would be needed, for they are the bigess treath to a new emperor. As for Zhao, i could send my forces there, but unfortunately i douth it would be a battle i could win, not on my own.

She then turn her attention towards Xing Cai to enser his worry about the young age of the to be emperor. And his proposal to have his father take his place untill he would be old enough.

Lizhi: while your consern for the age of the Son of heaven is founded, i dont think assigning his father untill his comming of age is the way to go. What i would propose instead is have the Prime minister here take that role for the time beeing. For he is well knowed and respected, and has the experiences to gouverns. And all these will be needed untill things settles.
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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Lurking Tyranny » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:13 pm

Mardagg wrote:''One man we should not ignore as an enemy of the new Emperor is lord Baoceng Peng: he fought alongside Xiang Yu and don't answer to my missive I think he may be still loyal to the deposed King of Chu it would be wise to keep a close look on him even if his resources are limited and his army partially defeated.''

He then turns his gaze on Fan Zhen: ''Prime Minister would you make all arrangements to bring the Emperor into the palace of Chen: I will give you full authority and your former position in Chu if you still wish to have it.'' Dieu then bows in respect waiting for the Prime Minister answer.

Fan Zeng turned on Ma Dieu then and shook his head in the negative. "Baoceng Peng is an old friend of mine and a loyal man of Chu. To claim that he is in league with Xiang Yu is a wild accusation. Has not lord Baoceng been working in conjunction with lord Shen?" The old man of Chu directed his gaze to Shen Feng, worry and confusion contorting his bearded visage. He was caught wondering why it was that Ma Dieu spoke of Baoceng Peng like he was some stooge of Xiang Yu.

A fit of coughing seized him for a minute, before he regained control and wiped some spittle from his lip with a silk cloth. Drawing in a deep breath he let his eyes move around the chamber.

He then heard the words of the man once known as Hin Wu, now Xiang Hin and turned back to Ma Dieu. "Lord Ma, I would hear the answer to Xiang Hin's question first, but should it of acceptable tone, I will resume my duties with whatever energy remains in my coming years."
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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Shen Feng » Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:41 am

"Myself and the King of Nanyang were attempting to work together to do battle with the King of Han, yes. It was the directive we received from the Hegemonic King." Feng paused there, knowing that many here wouldn't take kindly to him having received directives, but everyone knew who'd appointed him as King. Circumstances changed over time.

"Lord Baocen Peng was captured during what I'd hoped would be an orderly retreat. We felt we could have triumphed over the King of Han, but on seeing the paltry reinforcements he received from Sai, we worried that a larger force from Zu Yanghei would come down upon Nanyang while we were still on the field of battle, so we pulled back. I have not seen the King of Nanyang since then, nor have I heard of his fate. Liu Bang has kept him as a prisoner for quite some time. It has taken a lot of prodding on my behalf just to get him to release my own men who served as a rearguard. But, to his credit, he did release them in the end."

"I do not think Baocen Peng would remain in support of the Hegemonic King after what has transpired here. He knows that if he were to, he would be standing alone."

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby KvChaos » Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:40 am

Seeing that this meeting is practically useless, Di Zibiao feign illness and left. Mostly trash talkin, reports the man after he was back in Henan.
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