Chen Imperial Council

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Chen Imperial Council

Postby Phailak » Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:00 am

OOC: This thread will be locked after the initial post to give the Prime Minister a chance to make an introduction. Once he does, we'll unlock the thread and you may RP, assuming your presence is already there if you wish it so. Assume your representatives will not be permitted entrance with an escort larger than 20 people, including retainers. If the Lords themselves come, they may petition for exceptional escort through PM with Mardagg

NOTE: I will track attendance in this post

Ma Clan
Ma Dieu
Fei Lai
Xun Jiang
Sun Chao
Ma Su
Zhao Ban
Zhang Ze
Po Huai
Pang Zhou
Xue Shi
Tai Ju Li
He Ro
Nalan Yuchun
Shan Dian
Chu Ming Sing
Kong Ming
Jing Yun
Wei Lian Si
Ma Ryo
Long Ju
Ji Xin
Cao Can

Xiang Hin

Rou Jang

Zhu Lizhi

Li Zhu

Di Zibiao

Qiong Sui

Shen Feng
Zhang Han

Fan Zeng - Prime Minister of Chu

Sai, Zhao, Wei, Han

The following introduction was written by Li Dao Wen

The Chen Palace Conference [Mid-February 205 B.C.] - Introduction

With the annexation of Liang, the fall of Yue, and the mass exodus of the province's battle-hardened troops, the eventful month of January came to a close. The new overlords of Chu had done a masterful job in cutting their losses and progressing forward, despite the hurdles which their enemies had flung their way. Now that the raging fires of war had momentarily settled, the first order of business for the month of February was put into effect.

The missive had said that the conference of lords would take place at the onset of February; certain events, however, had derailed the timeline of the event. Yet despite the battles on the eastern and southern fronts that he had to fight, Ma Dieu had ordered his favored ministers to go ahead with the preparations. As such, they were met in the quickest and soonest time possible.

The massive ramparts of Chen were now fully repaired and the tapestries newly refurbished, leaving little or no trace of the capital's plundering by Xiang Yu's fleeing troops. All the officers and veteran soldiers of the Chu campaign stood in a glorious array of martial might and arms, clothed with bright new colors and equipped with polished new weapons and armor. Patrols both guarded the populace and manned the battlements, making sure that nothing went amiss from their plans, for the meeting called forth the presence of the most important leaders of the land. Security was top-notch and strict compliance to the rules and regulations were enforced within the enclave of the palace; outside, the common rabble, subjects of the Grand Protector's new regime, gawked and looked on with constant interest.

Duke Ma Dieu had sent his noble minister, Chief of Officials Chen Gu, on a mission to invite his peer leaders to a conference that would decide the fate of the empire. Guided by the belief that the land could only be led by a new emperor, the Duke conveyed his sincerity and humility before friend and foe alike, through the vigilant efforts of his chosen emissary. In the end, Chen Gu did all that he could, and he did a masterful job in convincing most of the lords themselves to attend. Now, with all the preparations ready, both servant and master stood at the helm of the assembled fray, ready to see their long-term goals come to fruition. Around them stood some of the most famous -and infamous- ministers and generals of the land.

Marquis Fei Lai, the Duke's sworn brother, highest ranking official and most important minister, stood at his right side, wearing that ever-passive look on his face. To the Duke's left, towering over the average man was the mighty General Xian Long Rui, former bandit and terrorist of the Shadows, now champion of the reformed Imperial armies. The former Lord of Liang, the Duke's cousin Ma Su, made his presence felt in his battle garbs, that grim look on his face still roving the premises. Minister Sun Chao, the lady who oversaw the operations that brought death and destruction to Xiang Yu's supply lines, also stood by, along with the silent Supreme Commander Zhao Ban. Beside the giant Black Ogre stood his protege and lieutenant General Zhang Ze, one of Chu's brightest stars for the near future, and his sworn brother, the famed trainer of horses Po Huai. The victorious general of Yue, Tiger Pang Zhou, was also present, standing tall amongst a myriad of other heroic officers, including the former Xiang Yu minister Xue Shi, the enigmatic Tai Ju Li, the charismatic He Ro, the shadowy personas of Nalan Yuchun, Shan Dian and Chu Ming Sing, Kong Ming, Jing Yun, Wei Lian Si, and Ma Ryo, all people of few words but great substance. The newly-recruited former Xiang Yu loyalists Long Ju, Ji Xin and Cao Can stood at the helm of a troop of soldiers, clad in ornate garbs and armor, overseeing the inspection process of those who were to come through the palace portals.

The supposed-to-be king of Yue, the famed Qi general Tian Rong, was also expected to be there, as well as the presider of the conference, Prime Minister Fan Zeng.

With a smile, the Duke, along with his entire retinue of retainers, waited at the gates of Chen to meet their guests of honor.

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Lurking Tyranny » Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:17 pm

Chu. It was the land that Fan Zeng had fought against the tyranny of the Qin for and now after many months in exile Fan Zeng finally returned to the land he considered his home. He did not delude himself concerning his situation in Wei and while it's King had been supportive and made his stay as comfortable as possible, Wei was not where the old man of Chu wished to spend his final days. It was for this reason that, despite his doubts, Fan Zeng had accepted the invitation from Duke Ma and traveled alongside Cheng Dang to Chu. Now that they had reached their destination Fan Zeng said his goodbyes and parted from the men he traveled with. They were ranked men in their own respect and were accorded their own time and place to make their entrance. He would not rob them of that.

The Prime Ministers wrinkled hands shook as he leaned on his polished wooden cane and stepped out of the ornate carriage that had been gifted to him by will of his one time friendly rival. For the first time in a long while his nerves were acting up. The spectacle of the gleaming men in mail and finery did little to phase him, rather it was the memories of this place that assaulted the old man. How much had changed. The Emperor had been murdered, Xiang Yu had tried to kill him, and even the old warhorse Lù​ Chén was gone from these halls. On the long carriage ride the old man of Chu had harbored some foolish hopes that he would once more reunite with his family or even his once dutiful secretary Xu, but no sooner had he put his foot down on Chu soil did he dismiss such naivety. At best his family was in hiding or scattered from the lands of Chu, for he did not expect that Xiang Yu had left them unharmed, even with his pretenses of innocence in the whole abominable matter.

Two undersecretaries who had survived the massacre on the borders of Chu followed dutifully behind the Prime Minister, carrying with them bamboo scrolls, inkwells, and pens. They kept quiet and close to Fan Zeng and were dressed in embroidered robes of red dyed cloth. Fan Zeng however did not dress simply. The elderly prime minister was outfitted in exquisite silk robes in the lavish Chu style, with the faint outline of serpents and serpent like gods sewn into the fabric. His intricately embroidered robes were perfectly tailored to fit the Prime Minister and consisted of multiple elaborate layers and a high collar which somehow made Fan Zeng seem taller then he actually was. The old man of Chu's white beard and hair were neatly groomed and cut just prior to departing Wei.

When the old man finally stepped into the chambers of the Imperial Council he made a point of specifically not bowing to any of the individuals present, including the triumphant Duke who had liberated Chu from the grasp of Xiang Yu. If his role here was to be a mediator and preside over the gathering of would-be Kings and Dukes in as neutral a manner as he could muster, it would not serve the interest of any involved if he seemed to well disposed with one side or another. Complete neutrality was of course an impossibility for him, but he could at least maintain it's formal appearance.

He waited patiently but was anxious to see one of this effort come to a fruitful conclusion. In the last year, little he worked toward had seen a positive outcome, undermined by petty jealousies and ambition. As he cast his hard gaze on the man who had invited him here, Fan Zeng's face seemed older then Ma Dieu would have last remembered, tension lines standing out among his grandfatherly features.
Fan Zeng, Prime Minister of Chu

Player Character
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Liu Bang then asked Han Xin, who had served under Xiang Yu but was driven out, "what is Xiang Yu's weakness? Is there a way to defeat him?" Han Xin calmly replied, "No, Xiang Yu himself is invincible, he is destined to be king."

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Phailak » Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:35 pm

Lai looked around, it seemed everyone that was to be here had arrived and so he stood once the Prime Minister was in place to address those assembled in the huge chamber. The walls were lined with two hundred and fifty of Chu's best soldiers while the small balcony that circled the room held fifty more marksmen with crossbows at the ready.

Though escorts were permitted, they had to wait outside the council room except for personal bodyguards and attendants.

"Welcome to Chen. I am Marquis Fei Lai, sworn brother and right hand to Duke Ma Dieu. Thank you all for coming and a special thanks to the Prime Minister for having made the trip from Wei to offer advice and guidance for this council. The objective is clear if somewhat difficult to achieve, it is our hope that these proceedings will allow us to identify the proper heir to be Emperor, to lead us in the hard times ahead. The land is ravaged by wars and my brother knows a lot of those are by his hands, his objective now is to try and enter an era of peace as soon as is possible. If this can be achieved through a majority here today, much will have been accomplished."

Lai paused to look at the men gathered before continuing.

"The matter of who should be the next great leader of the land is not an easy question to answer. With no obvious heirs left after the horrible demise of the Son of heaven at the hands of the Butcher, it is left to the leaders of the lands to find a solution. When you make a statement or ask a question, I ask that you identify yourself and the clan you represent in order to avoid any possible confusion."

With that Lai sat back down to wait to see if any had any comments or questions before proceeding.

OOC: This is a good time to make your presence known. You don't have to have an introductory RP, you can just assume you all arrived before the Prime Minister. As you post, I'll update the list in the OP to show who is present

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby gravenimages » Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:43 pm

Xiang Hin arrived at Chen alone. He had come against... Against so many things. The wishes of his current employer, good sense, perhaps even against the loyalty owed to his adoptive family... But he had come nonetheless. His journey from Wu had not been direct, he had passed through Yangcheng, now under the banner of Zhu Lizhi, and the site of January's battle outside Xiangcheng. Hin had allowed himself time to feel again those same feelings he had felt when he had first reported to his King after the battle, but by the time he arrived at Chen, those feelings were locked away behind the same barriers he often employed when considering a distasteful course of action from a strictly rational viewpoint. This was, after all, just another intellectual exercise, was it not?

So it was as such that he presented himself at the gates of the palace of Chen, dressed in traveling garb with no sign of rank, for he had no claim to such having been driven from his holdings in Liang. He was unsure as to whether he would be admitted, despite the very thinly veiled threat against the people of Liang that had been made by Ma Dieu before his release... In effect requiring and ordering his presence at this very conference.

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Rue Goung » Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:54 pm

as the prime minister departed from the king of Wei, so did Rou Jang. Jang may not have been high ranking or even born into nobility. but the prime minister had taken him under his wing and because of that, jang owed him much. in jangs eyes, the prime minister was the only one who could save this land. as his bodyguard and confidant, jang followed the prime minister everywhere he went.

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Agon07 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:20 am

It was time for her to make her way to the meeting in chen to decide who would would be the new emperor. As her usual travel, she whent with her two sister, though this time she was also acompagnie by Suo Yang. He had lead the Yin army in the battle of chu, he had more then earn the right to be there. Part of her couldnt help but wonder how it would all go, and who would even atend it. They all made there way there with small escort, once arrived she gave a bow to the guards and anounced herself.

Lizhi: greetings, im Zhu Lizhi...i came for the council, if you could please take us there.

(ooc: assuming im let in...just trying to speed it up;) and not drag it)

They followed the guards, upon entering, it seemed they whernt the first one to arrive, she could recognise the prime minister, even if it had been months since the last time she saw him. She gave the duke Ma a bow and then one to the prime minister.

Lizhi: its good to see you again Duke Ma, and same to you Prime minister.

She wasent realy expecting much reactions from the prime minister, though rumors that she had been close to him, if true he likely didnt think so anymore.
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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Royalspork » Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:23 pm

The chosen representative of Yun Ling's kingdom, Li Zhu had recieved orders to be more of a listener than a talker. He had a general order of what Lin Yue wished to get across, but it wasn't his place to dictate the conversation. Knowing this, he took his seat and waited.

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby KvChaos » Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:21 pm

With some diplomatic experience, Di Zibiao was again called upon by the Don to attend the ceremony in Chu. Travelling to the capital through the province of Hann he arrives earlier, requesting for a seating arrangement beside the representative of Sai's ruler Zu as per instructed by the Don Bai.
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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby AaronH229 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:56 am

Qiong Sui arrives in Chen as his lords chosen representative. Somewhat nervous about what it was he had to do he squared his shoulders and moved into the room. With a look of distaste on his face he asked for a seat as far from any Ma Dieu officer as possible.

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Re: Chen Imperial Council

Postby Shen Feng » Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:46 am

Not a man known for tardiness, the Tiger King of Linjiang had been among the first to arrive. Alongside the former King of Yong, Zhang Han, he had travelled from the frontier lands of the south along with a fitting royal entourage, counting among it several hardened veterans from the southern campaigns. Shen Feng was wearing, of course, his new trademark attire, the tiger-skin cloak made from the beast he slew with his own hands in a martial display surprising to most.

As he watched the others file in, his most genuine smile was on seeing the elderly Prime Minister, Fan Zeng. It had been quite some time since he'd directly seen or heard from the man, and now perhaps he'd be able to get some answers. But there was no need to rush that, there were more important matters at hand.

It seemed that many other lords did not trust the hospitality of Ma Dieu, having sent representatives in their stead. If anything, that reassured the King of Linjiang of some measure of safety. Were every lord of the land in attendance, there might be some temptation from the host to execute them all to try to seize control. But with only a handful, such a rash act would only inflame the others against him. And surely, his words would carry more weight here than that of those who did not even dare leave their palace.

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