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Postby Lurking Tyranny » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:54 am

Spring 206 Rumors

Changsha: The axe gang and the exiled Chu politician Pei Jia have been conspiring together. They plan on moving into Nanyang and winning revenge and power for themselves against the army of Baocen Peng.

Chu: The Hegemon King has depleted his forces in the heart of Chu. He has given his best armies to untested men to consolidate his strength in the frontiers. Now is the time for those who would challenge his rule to strike.

Di:Both the former governors of the province have been overthrown in recent months. Most say this plan was arranged at an elaborate banquet where the lords of Di decided the future of the province. However the secret council is now at war with themselves. Does this mean Di's new lords will soon be at war as well?

Han:The King of Han, Liu Bang, is constantly drunk. He spends his days drinking with his men or drunkenly wooing the noble (and not so noble) ladies of Han. Few can get audiences with him, and his chief ministers don't seem to care. Most say he has turned to Alcohol to cope with being denied the title King of Qin.

Liang: Ma Su and the lord of Dingtao have made a secret alliance to split control of Liang between them.

Yong: There are members of the Tian family hiding in Yong's mountains. Some even say that Tian Heng may be a refugee there. This is why the Marquis Zhang has been dispatched to the region. The Hegemon King of Chu hates Tian Heng and his older brother.
Fan Zeng, Prime Minister of Chu

Player Character
Gu Hama of Ba

Liu Bang then asked Han Xin, who had served under Xiang Yu but was driven out, "what is Xiang Yu's weakness? Is there a way to defeat him?" Han Xin calmly replied, "No, Xiang Yu himself is invincible, he is destined to be king."

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Re: Rumors

Postby Cao Chao » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:39 pm

Summer 206 Rumors

Changshan: Some of the city governors are getting a bit worried about the growing military might of the Red Masks. Led by the brave governor of Quni, they're going to do something about the bandits.

Chu: Individuals who were spreading rumors about the Prime Minister have been mysteriously disappearing...

Dai: It appears that the tales of Tian Heng having gone to earth in the Qilian Mountains in Yong have been greatly exaggerated. In reality, Tian Heng is now living the good life as the guest of the Governor of Zhouguo.

Han: Liu Bang's brother-in-law Fan Kuai has returned to Nanzheng from some secret trip to negotiate with the barbarians south of Han. There are stories that barbarians of Ba-Shu have sworn allegiance to the King of Han.

Henan: An elderly Confucian scholar has been visiting the towns and villages of the province recently. He seemed quite knowledgeable and would be quite the diplomat if he didn't foully insult everyone he came across.

Jibei: Han Guang has been drowning out his sorrows recently after he lost Pingyuan to one of Shi Tong's armies. On one drunken escapade he ever threatened to end his disgrace, but was stopped by his companions.

Yan: Wen Luan of Yan is extremely modest, denying herself even so humble a rank as Magistrate. Some say that she intends to become the Marquis of Gaomi's vassal. Others however speak of a secret alliance made through the Tian family to oppose Shi Tong's growing power.

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