The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby jiangbao » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:02 am

Night, et al

Po Huai said "Damn right you are. You are smart Shangguan Wei. You got it free. That shows your talent. Any bozo who bought it for even 1 gold ought to have his head examined."

Smiling, he said "Name is Po Huai. I can see with your brains you are defintely the coolest warrior around, although somewhat impaired by this stupid horse. I suppose sympathy for the sorry excuse of a horse does give you a few more points of coolness."

Po Huai did not know what to make of the situation. He assumed Qian Yen has it covered. He continued "Lets bring the horse round back, in case it scares the daylight of other horses. They might not want to mate after seeing this piece of art."

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The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂] -- Panic!

Postby GreenFabre » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:12 am


"Qian YEENNNNNNNNNNN! Where in the bloody hells are you?!"
The kijo called for her again, as she opened the wooden door.
It was quite dark in the room, searching as she narrowed her eyes.

The kijo suddenly stopped.
Her eyes went all wide and white.
For right in front of her was a small hunched form of a shadow.


The kijo shouted for the life of her, being surprised like that.
Suddenly backpedaling all the way out of the house screaming.
And ran towards the two men, and hid behind them in panic.
Quivering as she pointed at the house with her shaky hands.
Shouting loudly in their ears about some bloody evil ghost!
Shaking them roughly like there's no tomorrow.

Not knowing it was Qian Yen.
Little short Qian Yen. Bad, bad girl.



An audible "Huh?" erupted from the kijo's puzzled face.
She then turned to her companions and began asking them.
The three riders only gave half-hearted shrugs and sharp frowns.

The kijo then shook her head and muttered under her breath.
And hurriedly dismounted from her black horse, Kumo.

"Gah! Another one of Qian Yen's stupud boy toys..."
"... She has them running everywhere. Useless bloody things!"
"And they can't even bloody open one bloody darn gate! Grrr!"

She finally noticed Po Huai talking to a horse... Ahh! Bloody fools!
The kijo only grumbled once more and angrily rolled her eyes.

The kijo glared at the talkative man as she walked past right him.
Genuinely wondering how many more of them are scattered around.
She needs to talk to Qian Yen about this. This has to stop!

Kijo Akki

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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby Splash » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:54 pm

Pitiful. Shan Dian spent the whole day on the prowl for easy to gain followers but he didn't expect them to be of this standard. Then again, it wasn't as if men of talent would need to join him... but seriously his band of followers were pitiful. Not one could so much as touch him in a duel; correction not one could touch him in a ten on one fight. There was much work to be done, and the only place he could think of to do this was of course the home of The Shadows. As a man who never stays still and always on the move, Shan Dian didn't even have the time to view their new base of operations yet, given just some vague directions, the flash assassin was forced to find his way to the base and managed without too much difficult. However, the journey for Shan Dian and his black as night steed Heiye was much easier for they traveled often but the conscripted soldiers moved sluggishlly behind, tired and parched from their journey. One of the few things keeping them going right nowas the fear they held for Shan Dian. Fear, one of the greatest of motivators, these men feared Shan Dian as much as Shan Dian's enemies feared him on the battlefield. Good... with this ingrained fear, working Shan Dian's hands into crafting them into the perfect follower and slaves won't be difficult.

Never one for big entrances, Shan Dian had originally planned on making his silent entrance from the back of the house, a favourite passtime of his for he rarely used front doors; he finds them too troublesome and for a man in his line of work, the less people that saw and noticed him the better, else he wouldn't be able to live up to the name of Flash Assassin. What stopped him of course, was the big commotion that was going on outside of his new house. Riding up a bit, Shan Dian gripped his sword tightly and held Heiye's reigns firmly; if the government was already cracking down on his base, he was ready to send them a message or two in body bags. However, the commotion was nothing less than his more troublesome comrades. The base may belong to theirs, and the land around them may belong to The Shadows, but this was getting a bit ridiculous. Dismounting off of Heiye, with a sharp hand motion, Shan Dian had told all of his men to follow him into the building.

As Shan Dian walked up to the front doors, he looked up at the giant sign that displayed the name of their base and immediately he squinted his eyes. 'What the... why does it say Hall of The Shadows up there? Who put that there?' Though silently thinking to himself about these things, Shan Dian almost made a note to bring it up with QIan Yen later, 'this must have been the shorty's idea, yes, blame the shorty' - another one of Shan Dian's favourite passtimes. Walking into his new base for the first time, Shan Dian couldn't help but feel slightly impressed, at the very least the place seemed big enough and fitting enough for their little troop. One thing that did seem out of place though was the man who stood with Qian Yen, Po Huai, and Kijo. Whoever he was, unless it was for business than he wasn't welcomed, at least not to Shan Dian at least. Without a word, the masked man silently walked past all those present with his men following behind him quite quickly.

As he pasted by Shangguan Wei, Shan Dian gave the man a long and cold stare. Silence, nothing but silence was radiating off of Shan Dian, at least at first; soon the unmistakably feeling of bloodlust filled the room. A suffocating killing had completely skipped creeping into the room and followed the Flash Assassin as quickly as his followers did. His brown almost reddish eyes only seemed to ehance the effect of the bloodlust which was almost causing Shan Dian's men to break out into fits of insanity; perhaps the onlly thing keeping them in check was their greater fear of the man. Walking past Qian Yen, in a low muffled voice, Shan Dian spoke out. "This one's not here for business. Do it while there's no idea of what's going on, otherwise it'll be a tough fight." His voice was barely audiable, even to Qian Yen whose ears were just inches away from the Shan Dian's masked mouth. Sometimes one just couldn't be sure if Shan Dian was speaking too quietly or if his mask was serving its purpose too well in muffling and lowering his voice. Without even so much as turning behind to see if his soldiers were still there for Shan Dian knew his soldiers would undoubtly still be there, he continued forward and beakoned them with a few simple words. "Move. Now."

Walking out of the room and into the back of house, Shan Dian looked for the secret switch that he was told about. Quickly he searched the room but still couldn't find the switch. How was he going to fit all of his followers in here? The house is big enough, but what he was really interested in was the secret halls that sat underneath the house. Suddenly, a flash of brilliance hit him like lightning and he remembered the afforementioned switch. Quickly, he opened the secret passageway in the wall and began to enter. Time to drill this motley crowd.
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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby Li Dao Wen » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:59 pm

"Hmph. Funny developments."

The vicious voice was one that seemed to explode from beyond the shadows of the hall despite the Stoicism of it. Standing statuesque in slendor by one of the tall wooden beams was a gigantic man with an even more enormous halberd sitting right beside him. Both arms, armored to the core, were folded across his chest, though they did not shield the eyes away from the enormity of his bulk and muscle. Two cold eyes searched the faces of those present in the room, Qian Yen, Po Huai, Xiamo, the Flash, and finally, the warrior from Wei.

Out of the shadows, illuminated by the beams of light sneaking from behind the cracks, came the form of Xian Long Rui, better known as Xun Jiang. A scowl could be seen in his hardened face, as if he had been disturbed from a period of rest like some sleeping titan, and he was obviously looking for something to vent on.

Ne too had been busy drilling his new recruits, and the 500 or so men were lying camped in the forests near their base. None of them had dared follow him to where he was going; one of the men had his entire body split into two for merely being annoying. It sent a spine tingling message to each and every one of them; the Shadows is an organization which does not tolerate stupidity nor monkey business.

His face turned to his fellow assassins and the strange warrior, the deep scar lining the side becoming more prominent in the light.

"Quiet." He ordered in a silent, droning voice.
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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby NightForever » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:29 am

Things now were getting weird again for Shangguan Wei. Although he almost jumped with joy as Po Huai became the first human to acknowledge and praise his "coolness", his happy moment was interrupted by a loud shriek of the tall girl as she ran into him and shook him back and forth, mentioning something about ghost. Before he could say anything, another fearsome masked man approached and stared at him with suffocating killing aura. Behind the masked man, Wei saw a hoard of creepy-looking warriors, whom Wei assumed to be the masked man's followers. Maybe they were the restaurant's kitchen crew? Lastly, he saw another tall guy from inside the building with a huge halberd besides him. So that guy was ..... a restaurant's butcher? Yet, why would that butcher seem a little irritated at Wei's arrival?

While being muddled within his thought, Wei had the first chance to see the sign on top of the gate clearly. He began to read the sign slowly as beads of sweat started to appear all over his face.

The .... Shadow .... Guild

Suddenly, Wei's idea so far was replaced by another theory. What if this place was not an exotic restaurant that served authentic Chu cuisine? What if this place, instead, was the big hideout of an underground organization full of elite but bloodthirsty and merciless killing assasins? Now that really makes sense.. Wei thought as his hands started to shake and his throat went dry for no reason. Now, there was one question left which he would rather not try to answer.....

What would an underground organization full of elite but bloodthirsty and merciless killing assassins do to a noisy, disturbing man with no business nor money who messed around in front of their hideout's gate?

Calm down, Shangguan Wei. He thought. You must keep cool and think of some way. Obviously, he could not just say sorry and leave. He could not just run away either as his stupid horse was too far and he was circled right now. Being quiet for a while, Wei finally came up with an idea. He then turned to the assassin group and tried to make an evil laugh as best as he could.

"Muhahahaahaaa! This is the place I have been searching for a long time, The Shadow Guild! I have heard of your reputation for a long time. Now, I ,as a coolest.... No!, I mean, as a merciless and most brutal killer on the land, would like to apply for a position in your guild! Trust me! I am not a passer-by without money who got lost up to here! I have killed thousands of men, including women and children!"

Afraid that it was not enough to convince them, Wei took of his shirt and flex his muscle as hard as he could while gritting his teeth. He would think himself this was the fiercest look he could make. For others, well, it looked rather pathetic than fierce. Wei maintained his funny stance and waited for any response from the surrounding assassins.
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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby Seewichai » Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:40 am

Everything was happening too fast for Qian Yen to digest. After being knocking off by Xiamo, Qian Yen had been squatting at the sand, back facing them doodling on the sand bed. After hearing the stranger's intention to join them, Qian Yen perks up. "Join us? Are you sure? Once a member and forever a member. There is no backing up in the future and you will not want to know what happen if you do..." Qian Yen spoke as she continues doodling on the sand bed.

"Shan Dian, Xiamo and Xun Jiang is our best fighters while Po Huai is the best saboteur. What skills do you have Mr Shangguan?" Qian Yen asked.
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The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂] -- Qian Yen, The Witch

Postby GreenFabre » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:50 pm


"Anyway, she makes it appear that she's just a bad cook... "
"But no, she can't fool me. It can't be helped, her work is too sloppy.
"And me, a true genius, I just can't help being smart, you know?"
The kijo said matter-of-fact, shrugging her shoulders.

"Hey boss, how do you escape her poisons?"

"Superior skills."
The kijo laughed.

"Please tell us! We don't wanna die!"
The three asked desperately.

"Ahh, shall I tell you my secret now?"
The kijo asked teasingly.

"Yes, yes, yes! How?"

"I throw it away when she's not looking."
The kijo said with a smile.

"What a genius! That's so clever boss.
"You saved our lives again!"
The three maidens began to cry tears of joy.

"Eh-eh-eh! Dont call me boss. Just call me Master! Huwahahahaha!"
The kijo roared in laughter unable to contain her bloated ego.



"Oi can you cook? As in really cook?!"
The kijo butted in from the side, with a hopeful look in her eyes.

'Cmon, cmon, real cook, real food, cmon, sayy it, sayyyy it'
She mumbled on and on, hoping against hope just for once.

One of her maidens then asked why she'd ever want to know.
And the kijo walked closer and beckoned to lend her their ears.
Huddled altogether in whispers as if conspiring in some evil plan.
Talking in hushed whispers that everyone can unfortunately hear.

"You see that short ugly woman? That's Qian Yen, and she's poisoning us."
"I tell you she's making us test subjects for her new poison recipes, I swear!"

"That's.. sick!." "Yeah." "Totally"
The three maidens said, shocked at this discovery.

"I've even saw her actually do it and with my own two eyes"
"I'm telling you she's a real witch." The kijo said, closing her eyes.

"But boss, you're blind right?" One of them asked.

"I'm.. SHUT UP! Im the one telling the story here. You just listen!"

"Ohh, but boss if you already knew, why don't you confront her about it"
The three maidens asked in unison.

"Tsk, tsk, One must learn how to fool the enemy.."
The kijo said while shaking her head like a wise master.
"You know Sun Tzu?" The kijo suddenly asked.

"No. Why?"

"I dont know him too." The kijo chuckled with a fanged smile.

Kijo Akki

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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby Seewichai » Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:17 am

An all familiar black crow flew over the head of Qian Yen as she overheard the conversation. Out of the sudden Qian Yen's head turned big with razor sharp teeth, she screamed at Xiamo.

"I AM NOT A WITCH AND I DON'T DO COOKING~!" Qian Yen roared with drama as she turned her head left and right like a wave. Some of the nearby trees trembled, leaves flew in the air and the roared sucked back the black crow into a mini tornado conjured by Qian Yen. After she had stopped, the black crow dropped on the floor, fainted with its legs in the air. Qian Yen was huffing away with some of the twigs and leaves in her hair.

She turned and faced Shangguang with pleading eyes, "That is not the truth, look at my hair..." Qian Yen raised her hair to exposed the skin at both side of her head. "I've been so much stress that my hair is falling... See.... SEEE.... SEEEEEE!" Qian Yen grabbed Shangguang's head to close proximity to her head.
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The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂] -- Qian Yen, The Witch II

Postby GreenFabre » Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:11 am


"Behold, right in front of you is a real witch!"
The kijo turned around, now speaking to her followers.

"Haven't you seen how the wind follows her whims?"
The crowd gasped.

"Of how the trees tremble before her ugly face?!"
The crowd gasped again.

"And how black birds do her evil biddings to scare us!"
The crowd gasped once more.
Someone in the back coughed.

"And how else would she know what were talking about?!"
"She can read minds! Qian Yen is a witch! Burn her to the stake!"
The kijo pointed at her leader, with a treacherous smile.

The crowd of slaves made an angry roar.
And quickly retreated back into the woods.
Shouting for their lives.

Leaving the three maidens and the kijo alone in front of Qian.
The kijo could only offer a sweet little syrupy smile, as an apology.



The three maidens latched on Akki's feet as the strong wind blasted them
Yet the kijo continued to laugh, hands on waist, the wind blowing her hair~
Unmoving and standing tall, her laughter amplified by the moaning gale

"Wahh, tornadooooo! Massterr do somethinnnngggggg~!"
The three girls shouted as the leaves punched them in the face

"Hold on to me, weaklings, see the composure of a true master!"
"Ahahahaha ^o^" The kijo said, and began laughing once again.

And when the evil wind finally stopped, all came back to normal.
The three lay down before the kijo's feet, tired and wasted from the ordeal

"Stand up, don't let the enemy see you were affected by her attack!"
Her followers quickly followed, dusting off themselves.

And saw how the kijo didn't suffer anything from the wind.
Clothes unruffled. and not much of a single hair was out of place.
The three maidens clapped their hands, praising their master.

Yet the kijo silenced them with her hand.
And they stopped, anxious to hear what she will say next.

"The battle is not yet over." The kijo said with grim eyes.

Kijo Akki

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Re: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]

Postby NightForever » Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:19 am

The shadow folks

Wei tried to keep calm as best as possible as his head was pulled closer to the screaming girl. Getting a closer look to the girl's face, Wei wondered how many men had died just by looking at this girl. He was also in the middle of a bizarre debate between two female killer weirdos. Such abysmal experience almost made the coolest man like him lose sanity completely. Nonetheless, he had to put himself together and get away with this. Wei made a dry smile and started to utter the words.

"Y..Yes..., I s...see, Miss waitress, .... I mean, Lady witch.... ,No!, I mean, Madam assassin! Your beauty had been tainted by stress. That is why I am here to help you! You guys are looking for a cook, right? Look no more! I am the coolest and most awesome cook of the era! I mean, you know, I am both the best chef and the merciless killer at the same time! Have you ever heard about the reputation of Shangguan Wei, the merciless chef? That is me!"

Wei then pose his idiotic body-builder stance again and turned around the witch lady, the blind lady, the stable boy, and the fearsome giant far away in the house. Luckily, another bloodthirsty assassin had already gone inside the house.

"If you are still curious in my skills, we can spar a little! How about one-to-one duel on horseback? Heh..Heh..."

That was a perfect plan. Wei thought. Now he just needed to get on that stupid horse in front of the gate, and then he would be able to get away from this place! Without doubt, only the coolest guy like him would come up with such a flawless plan! Wei maintained his smile and posed, waiting to see what would happen next.

(OOC: I am tempted to stay here but I think I got to keep the promise with another force already. Just drop by here to greet you guys (and probably to have some friendly duels). However, it is nice to see you guys here. :D)
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