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Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby ann » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:47 pm

Please post here to request a roleplay thread - be specific please.

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Brother Dun
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Re: Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby Brother Dun » Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:10 pm

Requesting a thread!

Name: The Library of Zhongxin Zhishi
Location: Sai
Purpose: A vast repository of knowledge collected by the head of the library, Zu Yanghei. A place for scholars to gather and discuss politics and philosophy and to share knowledge with others.
In the heartland of the former Qin Empire, the village of Zhongxin Zhishi sits slowly growing and returning to some form of normalcy. The village of Zhongxin Zhishi would, in fact, be nothing of note, except for two large buildings that stand in complete contrast to the rest of the village. The first, the personal villa of the new village headmaster, constructed during the reign of the Second Emperor, but even that is overshadowed by the second building. Constructed simultaneously with the villa of Zu Yanghei, the library of Zhongxin Zhi has quickly become a matter of great importance, to not only the villagers, but also scholars from across the Middle Kingdom. The library, now houses many rare books, ranging from books written in the varied scripts of the Warring States period to the forbidden books that were a death sentence to own under Qin Shihuangdi's rule, that the master librarian, Zu Yanghei, managed to save from the Qin book burning and scholarly purges. The library is even home to many rare books stolen from the Qin Imperial libraries, taken from the city of Xianyang before it was sacked by Xiang Yu. A full staff of scribes is on hand at the library at all times, fervently working to restore and maintain the books and scrolls housed at the library.

The master librarian has extended an invitation to the entire scholarly community of Zhongguo to travel to this library, hoping to create a repository of all knowledge and to create a haven for free thought and speech. All students of the Hundred Schools of Thought are welcome, and shall be protected whist in the confines of the library. Those seeking to learn and experience new lessons of life are welcome to visit the new library at Zhongxin Zhishi, the Center of Knowledge.
Zu Yanghei zì 智盜 'Zhì​dào​' (Knowledge Thief)

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Re: Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby Seewichai » Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:08 pm

Name: The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]
Location: Chu
Purpose: A gathering point for all 暗兵


The Shadows [暗兵] first formed back in the secluded mountains in the Northern-eastern outskirts of China’s boundaries. The head of the elite team was a woman and the adopted daughter of the mountain chief. Her name is Nalan Yuchun but more commonly known as ‘Qian Yen – Thousand Eyes’.

One day, Qian Yen decided to leave the mountain stronghold to roam the world in search of wealth, fame and power. She brought a few of her most talented lieutenants with her and descended into a world that they never know. A world full of political intrigues, cruelties that even Qian Yen and her men would at least bat their eyelids. Decided to settle down in Chu, Qian Yen paid for an abode that would serve as their base. Qian Yen had instructed that, ‘The Shadows Guild [暗兵堂]’ is open to all, especially those who bring business to them and to those who come on goodwill.

Hostile or unwanted elements are advised to stay away for their good health’s sake.
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Xiao Gau
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Re: Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby Xiao Gau » Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:05 pm

Well... if I'm going to do this, might as well do this right, and put the effort in.


Name: Lair of the Red Masks
Location: Changshan
Purpose: A gathering point for the various Red Mask cells.


The Red Masks were once a rough collection of cutthroats and murderers from the Changshan province. Raiding and killing under the command of a single man; the half-breed Zang Kai; they were merely a local menace. Nevertheless, as Kai's fame grew, more like-minded individuals drifted to his group. Soon other cells inflicted themselves on the population, hidden behind red masks.

High in the mountains of Changshan, rumors speak of a network of caves where men and women wearing red sashes gather. They say it is here that the leaders of the Red Masks lair, and here where they can be contacted. But time wasters and the idle curious are warned to steer clear, for the depredations of the Mask's cruel leaders are the stuff of legend.
Ying, former Chu tracker and hunting dog
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Re: Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby Crim » Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:12 pm

Hunt for the Chengde governor here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5232&p=163096#p163096

Thank you.
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Li Dao Wen
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Re: Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby Li Dao Wen » Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:41 am

The Shadows [暗兵] - Conquest of Huainan, Aftermath

I'm not terribly sure if this is the appropriate thread to request this, but if any of the super staff is interested in running a little bandit hunt for me here, please and thank you.
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Re: Roleplay Thread Requests

Postby gravenimages » Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:40 pm


A lil RP in the Hin Wu PH, requesting the presence of Xiang Yu.

V1: Absentee
V2: Da Re, child Duke of Yin
V3: Ouhuan Bai Zhan
V4: Xiang Hin (the PC formerly known as Hin Wu)

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