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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Oro » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:17 pm

Wěn Luàn 紊乱 (born Pyu Pyu)

Pyu Pyu was quietly born to very happy korean parents in the town of Qingpo, China, in the year 232. As Pyu Pyu grew up, the child had an obsession with torturing insects and small animals, often making elaborate designs out of body parts and laying them out on the street. She loved dressing up and always acted proper around adults, yet treated other children horribly, as if they were on a lower plane of existence to her. Due to her strange actions around the town, many villagers moved away from the area, fearing that the child may have been possessed or worse.

In her teenage years she became disgusted with her self, finding out that she hadn't been born the same as the other children at that time, often taking blades and other objects to her body. Pyu Pyu could never follow through with fully hurting herself, so she would take it out on dogs and cats, looking completely unamused as she tore them limb from limb. Eventually the children of the village had started disappearing, plus nobody had seen or heard from Pyu Pyu's parents for over a week, so a group was formed to investigate their home. Inside was a horrific scene, a crimson mass of body parts nailed to the walls in no particular visible pattern, the floor a red pool of blood and gore like out of a splatter film.

The girl was nowhere to be found.

For several years after her disappearance, there was news of several gruesome deaths in random towns around china, all carrying with them the trademark of the Qingpo killer. Despite this, Pyu Pyu roamed the land, being welcomed by every family she came across due to her innocence and politeness. One unfortunate family in Jian Ye had welcomed the girl, in little under a week most of the family was strung up to the walls and ceiling, except for one sibling, Qiao Sen, who had wandered into the carnage. Pyu Pyu tensed the muscles in her legs, ready to launch herself at the girls throat, but relaxed as the girls face widened into a sick smile. Taking Qiao Sen under her wing, Pyu Pyu left the village, the duo heading straight for the next town.

Eventually all the killings came to a sudden stop. The two stood in the middle of a once populated town, Pyu Pyu looked to the sky and smiled, calling out to anyone upstairs that was listening.

"I'm not content with this scale any more!"
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Mogwai » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:55 am

Sun Cai
238 BC - ?
Yincheng, Yong Province

The parents of Sun Cai did not ever push their son to his limits of excellency, or fueled any desire in him to be greater than planned. He was born into a relatively good life. A long family tradition of bureaucracy and aristocracy provided an above average means of living. Growing up, he became learned in the ways of Confucius and legalism. Cai had a fondness for settling disputes with the tongue rather than the sword, and had an ambitious appetite for justice. When Xiang Yu wrongfully crowned himself and committed Liu Bang to the outskirts of China, Sun Cai made a vow to bring justice to the Han, and restore order and peace throughout the Empire.

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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Jin Shi » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:15 am

Ma Su, 22
Native of Wei Province

Ma Su was an orphan. His mother died in childbirth, and his father, a general of the Qin dynasty, went on campaign when he was 5 and never returned.

Born and raised in Wei Province, Ma Su was quiet when he was young, and was said to be feared by his peers because of the cold stare he would often give people he did not know or care to know. However, those he did like he was very gregarious towards, almost charming. Even though he was an orphan, no extended family ever came to take care of him. Living off his father's inheritance in a small palace, he had a small army of bureaucrats at his command ever since his father left. Growing up in such an environment has not made him a politician, but savvy as to how business works, and has shaped him into a very self-reliant person.

His first good friend was Zhou Yuan Ziyang, who he met as a young boy. Even though of a pseudo-peasant upbringing, Ziyang never struck Su as any different than himself, and they became very close. Having a house of his own and living a very independent life, he was tempted many times by people he knew to just blow it all on toys and fancy parties as he grew older, but he was not that sort. Spending his wealth on military training and some literature, he aspired to become part of the army, which army he didn't honestly care. His father had served with the Qin, but he had never returned after the Qi had sent him on expedition, and Ma Su was spiteful towards the Qin for that reason. He trained himself and observed as the scattered wars and struggles for power took place after the Qin fell, looking for a good leadership to follow. He was impressed with the Xiang clan's movements, and once he turned 18 he told all of his attendants to move to Chu and start establishing contacts. He then prepared to enlist in the Xiang clan's army.

At first he led a few dozen men from Wei who had also volunteered, but he eventually commanded a unit of around 250 men from across the country, one of the "non-Chu" units, pacifying Wei at first, then joining with the main army. He was part of the western campaign at first, marching with Liu Bang briefly before asking to be reassigned, not approving of Liu Bang's sometimes impulsive orders, transferring to the northern campaign. He found Song Yi to be even worse, but Ma Su just sat and waited, there being no other fronts to even go to. He was pleasantly surprised when Xiang Yu took the reins and marched on Julu. Upon being ordered to massacre over 1,000 captured Qin soldiers in the aftermath, he nodded to his second in command and watched his troops butcher them, his face a stony expression. What hid behind that mask, one can only speculate. He wore that expression as he continued along the path of destruction Xiang Yu created.

He would not be so stoic for long, though. He was promoted for his action, which made him much happier, now commanding 500 men. During the final struggles amongst Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, Ma Su could only sit and watch for the most part, much of the action being political in nature. Once the civil war had ended, Ma Su was reassigned to watch over his village in Wei, where he enjoyed a vacation of sorts, not having to be on campaign anymore. He was recalled to the capital, however, in December 205, and arrived in January 206.

To be continued...
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Regent » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:15 am

[Very much Incomplete ]
In the winter months of 230 B.C, location Changshan province, a child was born on the outskirts of the military city of Quni to a struggling farming family. The child's name was Bái Róng, the eldest and their only son. Róng was the elder to his two younger sister's, the middle child Bái Méi(219 B.C) and the youngest Bái Lǐ(216 B.C).

A few months after his 7th year in the world. Rong began working on the field's to assist his father and mother. When Rong retired from the fields with his parent's, his mother would send him to the neighboring cottage to acquire literary skill's from the elderly couple that resided in the home. These skill's would provide useful as he grew older. Though notably he was not one to make the best decisions when the time came, which would be one of the downsides to his future adult life.

During the summer months of his 11th year in the world, Rong was now an older sibling to a newborn sister soon to be named Bái Méi. Unfortunately, soon after labor his mother died of exhaustion from the length of the delivery. From then on, he was given the task of protecting his newborn sister Mei. Three year's later, now in his 14th year in the world. His father remarried to woman only four year's older than Rong. He a distaste of what his father had just done, as in his mind his father just tarnished his mother's name. A few month's forward from that event, the new wife of Rong's father Fán Huā, gave birth to his second sibling sister Bái Lǐ. At that time, Rong cared less about the jovial event that had occurred that day. Week's after the birth of his sister, Rong left. It is unknown what he did during his leave.

[Insert Missing Text]

Returning six year's later, now his 20th year in the world. He returned abruptly and announced, carrying a more distinct strict manner. However, the truly noticeable difference was the Plumed Halberd he had brought with him. To his own fault, he had not corrected his error in judgment which would later change his life that night. [Insert Missing Text]

Entering the year 206 B.C, Rong was now twenty-four. Now living alone with his stepmother and his two sister's, he watched over them in the place of his late father at their cottage on the outskirts of Quni, Changshan Province. He developed an extreme habit of being protective of them, hoping not to lose them in the same manner as his father.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Kakirot83 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:15 am


Name: Tai Ju Li
Age: 23
Height: 1.71 M
Weight: 50 Kg
Eyes: Reddish Brown
Hair: Black w/red and pink streaks

Tai Ju Li barely remembers much of her childhood, or perhaps more accurately chooses not to remember much of her childhood.

She was always known to be gifted, though in her very own unique way. She was said to have mystical powers, but how she chose to use them, or expressed them often made little sense, or fit into the norm of society. She will admit to having been wandering from a young age, younger than most might, but doesn't seem too distraught by it, nor does she seem to mind that people think her odd.

She is prone to wild mood swings, and random babblings, though they are not always poorly timed, or useless. One would be hard pressed to decide if she was under the influence of spirits, drugs, or perhaps just madness. She is beautiful, and articulate when the need arises. Also her mind is sharp, and she is often one to give advice, though it's general coherence is sometimes lacking.

She wanders still, willing to heal and predict for people, what they might wish to know, as long as they are willing to deal with her, odd ways of doing things.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby OneEyedDrgn » Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:37 am


Name: Liang Zhuwen
Style: Hedeng (Breeze)
Born: 234 B.C, Changshan province

Liang Zhuwen was born to a rich family of merchants, his mother falling ill after child-birth and dying. She was however not missed, Zhuwen's father had many more concubines and the death of one meant nothing. Zhuwen's father also did not care for his son, leaving him simply to be taken care by the servants. It was for this reason that Zhuwen grew up as a rascal, spending his days pulling pranks and having fun. At the age of thirteen, he grew bored of where he stayed, and it was also where his love of women awakened. Without a word, he took a large amount of gold and a blade, leaving Changshan and aimlessly wandering the land. His usual days were spent drinking, hunting, and sleeping with women.

Days went by, Zhuwen unchanging. It was then that he happened to hear about a rebellion against the empire led by Xiang Liang, and Zhuwen joined simply to find a way to pass the time. Zhuwen participated in many battles under Xiang Liang as a common soldier, even Xiang Liang's defeat by Zhang Han which Zhuwen was lucky enough to escape. After Xiang Liang, Zhuwen simply went on to serve Xiang Yu, and again participated in many battles as a common soldier. His talent as a fighter was in short astounding, but Zhuwen's laziness and lack of care for rank only made Zhuwen go up tot he status of lieutenant. After "peace" was created by Xiang Yu, Zhuwen left his services in order to wander the land aimlessly again.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Xiao Gau » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:16 pm

-=Sins of the Father=-

Violence always came easily to Kai. After all, violence was his parents courting ritual. His father, whom Kai knows only as 'That stinking, horse-sucking barbarian", meet his mother during a dawn raid across the borders. The Qiang raiders were swift, merciless, and brutally efficient. Foodstuffs, weapon and household supplies were greedily snatched, as well as the meager savings of the poor villagers. But the leader, he had a far keener eye, and a far crueler heart.

Riding past, the barbarian snatched up the young daughter of the village headman, slinging her over his horse's neck at a high gallop. The poor headman could only cry for help as his precious daughter vanished into the cloud of dust with the villages goods.

It was almost three full days before the daughter staggered back into the village. Dirty, wounded and in a daze, she could offer little explanation to what happened the days. It was days before she could see a man without flinching, and weeks past that before she could even speak. But she never spoke of what happened at the hands of the raiders.

In time, she didn't have to. The swelling of her belly was testament enough to the horrors she endured. In due course, she gave birth. Almost as a seeming apology, the birth was simple and easy as the baby boy entered into the world. But his mother was in no mood to accept the universe's apology. She refused to touch the boy, wouldn't hold him, refused to even suckle the innocent child. All he could do was cry helplessly.

Kai knew rejection from his first moments.

-=Fierce will, wicked hands, cruel heart=-

Kai grew quickly, ironically nursed on milk from the village mare. Still his mother refused to offer motherly affection, or even acknowledge the boy's presence most days. But Kai was used to it, and let it pass, though the hurt festered in his heart. Neglect, abuse and cruelty were Kai childhood playmates… his mother ignored him hoping he'd leave or die, the adult villagers abused and tormented the bastard child, and the children avoided him or teased him mercilessly.

Left to his own devices, Kai drifted to the callings of his blood: violence and larceny. As he grew, the villagers learned to avoid the youth… those who tormented and teased Kai often came home to find dead pets and livestock or lost treasures.

In the late summer of 216 BC, one of the children in the village died from a terrible fall from a tree. He was playing 'Seek-and-Find' with several children from the village, while Kai lurked nearby. None of the children remembered seeing the boy climb the tree, but they all heard him cry out and the thump as he fell. People offered the parents sympathy and spoke often of what a tragedy it was. "Clumsy bastards shouldn't climb so high" Kai told them when the adults questioned him. Luckily for Kai, there was no physician in the village, any doctor would have been able to tell the difference between falling ten feet from a tree and a savage beating with a heavy branch.

The spring of 210 BC, Kai's dark celebrity began to garner certain attentions in the small village. The more people bespoke of Kai's cruel and evil heart, his wicked ways and deeds, the more the daring girls of the village sought his attentions. Father's began to walk the village with clubs in hand, eyes searching for the furtive half-breed.

Things came to a head when the blacksmith came home to find Kai in bed with his daughter, a cruel smirk on his coarse features, as she cried her shame on the bed behind him. "That's five." Kai said with a cheerful wink. If Kai hadn't been blessed with quickness and cunning, the enraged smith would have ended him then and save people a lot of pain and heartache in the future.

But the bellowing smith couldn't hope to catch the nimble little man and Kai escaped into the darkness of evening.

Perched atop the smith's house, watching him and his friends search uselessly for him, Kai decided it might be time to seek greener pastures. Under the cover of night, he made his way through the village and took what he would need to see him on his way, making extra certain to slip back into the smithy and leave the smith a present: a dull knife between the ribs.

-=Rise of the Red Masks=-

For the next few years, Kai drifted around in Dai, stealing and killing his way across the province. At times, he fell in with like-minded men and women, raiding villages like his own, even towns when they had the muscle. Before long, Kai's face appeared on wanted posters throughout the province. After several close brushes with militia forces and aspiring warriors, Kai began hiding his appearance behind a mask of red burlap.

His cunning and daring on raids drew ruffians to him, young and old alike. Soon a dozen men were wearing his signature red mask, following Kai into the darkness and bloodshed. Kai's natural speed lent itself well to the skills of knife fighting, and he trained rigorously. He keeps a collection of blades taken from his victims.

Soon after an Imperial Engineer named Lou Tan deserted his post in the army. Dissatisfied with his assignment, what he felt was a squandering of his strength, Tan drifted into Kai's camp and signed on with him, ready to use his strong back instead of his weak mind for a change.

A year later, an aged man approached Kai after a successful raid on the town of Maiyi. Introducing himself as Xie Diao, he proclaimed his need to find the balance of his life. Having spent the majority of his years as a farmer, a man of peace and law, he needed to seek balance in his life, or suffer in the afterlife. The old man claimed a dream omen sent him to Kai's camp, where he could satisfy his need for spiritual balance. Unconcerned with the man's motivation, Kai welcomed the quick mind to his group.

With the capable aid of his newly found lieutenants, Kai became a force of fear and profit in Dai. More desperate and rough men flocked to his banner, and soon talk of the Red Masks spread. Kai was an indiscriminate monster; no one was spared his cruelty. Men, women, children and the aged, all could expect to feel the sting of his knives if they resisted. Nor did the masked beast limit his pillaging to just goods and money. Strong backs were spirited away to be sold into labor, and pretty young things were often ravaged as fiercely as their towns.

But no bandits can enjoy success forever. In time the local military forces moved against the Red Masks in a series of ruthless battles. Outnumbered and outmatched, the Masks refused to fight in the open field, preferring to wage their conflicts in alleys, taverns and crowded markets. More than one militia captain or Imperial corporal found his end at the hands of the Red Masks, and Kai's own knives.

The skirmishes lasted several months, on into the early months of 206 BC. Finally, Kai and his closest men slipped away, passing over the borders into the neighboring province.

A grand new land stretched out before him, and Kai's fingers itch to take everything he can. The Red Masks have arrived and the innocent sheep of Changshan have no idea the wolves are in their midst.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Arkain Hibiki » Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:08 pm

Born the only son of the Tie family of Zhao, a very minor noble family near the city of Julu, Tie Yi Tianshi was everything his father wanted. A warrior, a leader, a man who knew his place in the world, and would strive to further that place. Atleast, thats what his father thought. Tianshi did not approve of his father, in his drinking, in his gambling, and in his boasting. Lacking the ability to do anything about it, though, Tianshi was forced to keep his mouth shut until the day his father proclaimed he became a 'Man', at his fourteenth year.

During the celebration his father threw for it, Tianshi stood up and denounced his father. He told all present of his father's gambling, which had left the family with barely any wealth, of his debauchery, and of his other foul habits. With every word the young Tianshi spoke, his father's face grew redder and redder as he sputtered, unable to actually form the words to attempt to silence him. Finally, when Tianshi finished, he told his father he was to leave the family estate, and never to return. This finally caused his father to break out of his stuppor and with a roar, he jumped unsteadily to his feet. However, Tianshi refused to face his father then, wanting to leave no doubt in anyones mind who was the superior fighter. The next day, Tianshi, clad in simple armor and wielding a much inferior blade, matched off with his father, fully armed and armored in the family's best armor and weapons.

The fight was brutal, and prolonged only by Tianshi's desire to prove a point. The ground was soon speckled with spots of blood from his father, as the wounds Tianshi inflicted where not fatal or debillitating, only painful. However, Tianshi's inferior blade soon shattered, and his father, thinking he had one, raised his sword over his head to kill his son, only to miss, as Tianshi stepped into the strike, and drove the shattered hilt into the man's throat. Turning, he orderd his new servants to clean the mess up, and bury his father with respect.

Excerpt from Tie Yi Tianshi's War Journal wrote:My equipment was surplus from our guards. Inellegant, but still functional. Seeing him in our finest caused a ripple of pity. Not for the man wearing them, but for the sword in his meaty hand.....the armour covering his fat torso...the helmet covering his balding head. These tools where for a warrior, not a fat incompetant. His stance was sloppy, full of holes. I barely needed a single feint to open the first wound, a small chink in the armour created by his girth. Age had slowed his hand, making dodging his blows easy. Drinking had clouded his mind, making his every move foolish and open, easy to counter. Debauchery had sapped his strength, tiring him early in the fight. A dozen blows, a hundred cuts, each shallow and precise. A light cut under his left eye, nearly useless from over drinking. A shallow stab into his left flank, exposed by his over indulgance of rich foods. After a few more strike, I knew it was time to end it. His eyes finally dawned on the truth. This battle was over before either took up arms, him giving up his warrior nature, while mine was refined into a murderous blade. I shattered the sword on purpose, as a tribute to what he became, and ended his life with it, a ruined blade ending a ruined warrior. The armour would be cleaned and reused. The helmet was to be burried with him, as a symbol. Protect your warrior spirit. Finally, the family blade was shattered, and the pieces scattered to the winds. Only a fool wields a weapon that was once raised against him.

Tianshi took control of his family's holding, and continued to hone his skills through study, training, and minor skirmishes with bandits and rebels. He also fought against Zhang Han at Julu, defending his home from the invaders. It was there he observed Xiang Yu, and found perhaps the truest warrior in all of the lands. Executing all 200,00 Qin soldiers was the wisest move, as a weapon once raised against you, can always raise against you again. Tianshi remained in Zhao, and returned to his estate to contemplate his next move. Now, with the turmoil of china spreading again, perhaps it would finally be his time to show his warrior spirit. Paying his first, and only, visit to his father's grave, Tianshi payed respects to what his father was, and vowed to never become what his father became.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Shinpusan » Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:51 am

Born in 252 to a family of moderate importance in the city of Shangdang, Hong Jie was given an education that was better than most children and youths of the Middle Kingdom would receive. He was taught in nearly all aspects of civil service, becoming well acquainted with how to make a location wealthy, and also to spot where a city of wealth could be placed and also how to go about building it. Not only that, but Hong Jie was schooled in all manner of military tactics and maneuvers, learning important formations and how to keep an army in shape and disciplined. Jie enjoyed studying quite a lot, more so than any of his other classmates; this caught the eye of men of some import within the Shangdang government. Jie's father was a member of said government and was more than willing to speak of his son's virtues to his colleagues and senior officials.

Because of his father's constant praise of Hong Jie, his father's superior, a minor member of the Wei family, wished to meet with Jie. The member of the man was quite pleased with what he saw in Hong Jie and in his responses in their discussion (of which there would be many more). As a result, Hong Jie was given a position in Shangdang's administration. He worked diligently, and was often praised by his peers and superiors; this general appreciation for Hong Jie lead to him being suggested for promotion often. Hong Jie was eventually given a military rank alongside his civil position. He proved to be a valuable support officer, well accustomed to most battlefield situations and particularly skilled at leading archers and coordinating their attacks with the melee troops.

Eventually, Hong Jie's peaceful, prosperous life would no longer exist. His military skills would soon be tested in heated battle -- horribly one-sided heated battle. By now, the state of Qin had become a powerhouse, something the Marquess of Wei thought would never happen. The State was taken by surprise and Wei lost much ground quickly. Jie was involved in many skirmishes and battles; though, most of them consisted of the Wei army falling back. Eventually, the forces of Wei were holed up in Daliang. This situation was hopeless as it was, but then the Qin general Wang Fen flooded the city. Wei surrendered very shortly after that. Hong Jie was managed to survive the ordeal and surrendered along with his state. He was demoted, but he still retained civil and military rank. For the next sixteen years, Hong Jie worked for the Qin Empire as a civil officer in Wei; he had been stripped of his military rank after he had finished helping the Qin put down any further resistance against them in Wei. The Qin was steadily becoming dilapidated, and Hong Jie was well aware; he wondered what would happen to him if the Empire crumbled and he was still a part of it.

When Chen She's general, Zhou Shi, marched against Wei, Hong Jie left his post under the failing Qin and went and joined his camp. From there Hong Jie assisted Zhou Shi by providing important geographical information about Wei, and also led troops in battle against the faltering Qin. When Zhou Shi had Wei Jiu instated as King of Wei, Hong Jie once again enlisted in the service of Wei. This reign did not last long though, as Zhang Han led an army into Wei and defeated Zhou Shi, killing him, and causing the suicide of King Wei Jiu. During this time, Hong Jie kept a low profile, not wishing to involve himself in the currently very unstable political situation in Wei and the rest of the Middle Kingdom.

Not but a year later, Wei had once again changed hands. This time, Xiang Yu of Chu had driven out the Qin again, instating Wei Bao as the new king of Wei. At this time, Hong Jie came out of hiding; though, he did not enter back into the service of Wei. Instead, Hong Jie chose to travel to Chu, where he intended to join the Hegemon King. Hong Jie was tired of worthless men trading land back and forth and him constantly getting mixed up in it. He believed that Xiang Yu had the power to secure a lasting, established stability in the Middle Kingdom; and he would help make that a reality.

A note about Hong Jie's personality: despite his seriousness about his studies and his work, Hong Jie is actually a rather lackadaisical person; he can be gregarious and friendly, but usually he just keeps to himself and does little outside of work other than relax.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby NightForever » Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:08 am

Shangguan Wei : The cursed warrior of Shangguans

Placeholder for now.
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