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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Tong » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:46 am

Fa Shi is a hollow man. In his past, he was known as an energetic idealist, a man who pushed his goals to his bod'y's limit. All around his home town he was known for his personality, and many would gossip about how far he would surely go in life, how successful he would be. He even joined the militia. For a few years he fought along side his friends and family to protect his home. But, this life would turn afoul once the military summons arrived.

Shi fought for the Qin for some months, aquiring acceptable success for a soldier, he managed to maintain both his dignity and his life. But the Qin were losing ground fight by fight, and it came to pass that one battle would take place just a bit too close to his home town. Neither army held it as a particular target, but of course, war cares not for intentions. The town was caught in the middle, and was regularly raided by each army each time they gained a little momentum in a search for runaways. A man from the village, tired of the harrassment got too zealous and took a swing....and doomed the small town. The soldiers reacted and a fight broke out, and small groups from all three of these factions fought in the now burning town. Shi abandoned his post and the Qin army in an attempt to aid tose he spent his life with. It was a lost cause. During the fight a blade meant for his neck cut across his jaw line and he passed out from blood loss shortly after.

Upon awaking, Shi found that he and some others were pulled to safety, and the armies had moved on. All the memories of the night, fighting against his comrades, seeing friends and family killed in the confusion, he tried to bear through it, he tried to overcome the pain but just....couldn't. Out of this was created not a miserable wretch, regretful of all sins and failures both real and imagined, but rather a hollowed shell. As he sat, healing his wounds, he just couldn't think of any real earthly link for wich to cling. He had nobody left, and he had no anger or revenge as he was not so foolish as to believe the destruction was intended. He had nothing. And because of this, he grew distant, terribly distant. Once he healed he set out immediately not really caring where he ended up, He just wandered in the opposite direction from the tent his life was saved in for months with no real purpose, no real goal.

After some time Shi had managed to find himself in a company of mercenaries that sold their services to the leaders of the armies. As such the roster changed often. Until this day he just fights for money, seeing nothing else in life. At least this way he would have an excuse not to think....

Appearence: Fa Shi is a fairly standard looking member of the middle kingdom. He stand 5'9 and weighs about 157lbs, and is fairly well toned. His hair is tied in a loose messy ponytail, just controlled enough to keep it out of his vision, and he has some rough facial hair that he barely maintains. Of course this does nothing to cover the scar, which runs along the jawline on the left side of his face. He doesn't have a signature armor or dress, as they are constantly swapped around due to battle damage.

Personality:He is dry, humorless, inconsiderate, and blunt. He doesn't care what people think, nor does he care for anyone's feelings. He is slow to anger, and even slower to trust. For the most part, there isn't much to him. His free time is spent staring into nothing, training, and eating. The only thing that breaks this little stagnant routine is a job. One of his few virtues however, is his honesty. Of course, this trait can go a bit either way.

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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Xe » Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:49 am

221. The Guan family, a minor noble family, led by the veteran Guan Huang, was still in its prime, already gifted with one talented daughter, as the wife Guan Huang gave birth to a second daughter. Yet, it was the strain of the second birth that taxed her beyond her measures, for she quickly caught illness and passed, leaving the newborn to be cared for by nurses and her older sister. Enjoying a calm childhood, her world was shattered when her father abandoned the family, leaving his younger brother to become a foster father to the girls. Xiuying took the blow perhaps worse, as she had seen her father, despite his drinking habits, as the pillar of light for china. Yet, he had left his family for fortunes unknown, with Xiuying believing he had gone to unite China, a belief she holds to this day. After her father's departure, Xiuying became withdrawn, spending most of her days inside the household, Mostly speaking to her sister, uncle, and servants. Yet there was a faithful day four years ago, when a party of Da Qin barbarians came to the compound, when she layed eyes upon the man who would be her future husband. She shyly avoided all meetings with the party, however, even after he uncle proposed marriage. She did marry the man, however, and carried on her life as a faithful bride, aiding his ambition in what ways she could, Until the day came for him to make his mark...
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Postby Unchained Phoenix » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:45 am


Puyang Shuang of Huaiyin

Bringing one demented child into the world on 224 BC, Huaiyin trembled and quaked. By no means was the young Shuang inept as he flourished, but he was instead arguably psychotic. He took interest to his books. He took interest to learning etiquette. He took interest to writing poetry and other small works of literature. Most notably, however, Puyang Shuang took interest to manipulating others and subsequently crushing them when he needed to move on to bigger and better things. At one point in his adolescence he even led his own gang informally known as the Black Night, stealing from other children and defiling public property without hesitation. Puyang Zan and Lady Kuai were both highly involved in political affairs, therefore never noticing how troubled their child actually was. Perhaps it was the curse of being an only child, or even some unseen medical complication during birth. Either way, Shuang only grew more irrational as he neared adulthood, trading in his immature gang for more time to dedicate to his studies of the military arts… but why?

If there is one thing you should know about Puyang Shuang, it is that he always thinks not one, but many steps ahead. While leading the Black Night, he was testing his own ability to lead a pack of morons in anticipation for his greater ambitions. The first sign of his successful plans came in the form of Yuan Man, a brutish warrior from the North—from what area, Man did not remember—who chased off a throng of peasants who had been harassing Shuang in front of his own home. By no means was the scholar flattered by this act of charity, offering not even one word of thanks as he disappeared into the Puyang Mansion. Day after day, he would see Yuan Man helping out with various tasks around his home, from leveling weeds to delivering crates of foodstuffs to Shuang’s front porch. When Shuang confronted the buffoon asking him why he tendered his assistance without request, Yuan Man responded: “If the world’s gonna be against you one day, you’ll need someone on your side.”

The savant readily accepted Yuan Man’s companionship, appreciating the warrior for being a foil of himself: wide, unintelligent, ungraceful, and having no direction in his life. Moreover, his assistance allowed Shuang to start more problems in the deepest recesses of the city, only fearing for his safety when Yuan Man paid more attention to the clouds or unimportant cracks in the ground. Again, the cogs were a’turnin’ in his mind, thinking of where he, as a sixteen-year-old, could go next in his life. He could always start a young men’s school near the townsquare, but he did not trust Man to be an adequate educator of the martial arts. Shuang could make some extra money by starting a traveling road show, demonstrating the true daftness that his accomplice equipped. The answer to this question suddenly came to the young man when Puyang Zan passed away, having privately suffered a great illness.

With his father out of the picture, Shuang saw the opportunity to take his ambitions to the grand stage, the floorboards of China beneath his feet. He would be the main protagonist, carving out his own epic tale that would be retold for generations. Check the list of ingredients: a layer of high ambition, a gallon of ingenious, one half-cup of his family’s repute, a generous portion of physical strength, a teaspoon of youth, and finally, a cup of madness. Seasons could come and change the time, and thus there was no point in waiting any longer for old age to drag him, flailing, to his grave. Puyang Shuang, aided by his youth, would gather his followers who were secretly following him all along, and turn their anger against the world that dared to cradle him though his infancy. It would be a delicious conquest of Huainan, deliberate and careful, running from the capital to the very shore itself, and into the waters that ran out to who-knows-where. Realistically, the world would never be his, but that did not mean that he could not profit from these disparaged lands.

Begin Act I, Scene I.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Doc Strange » Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:59 pm

246 BC, amidst the warring states of the Middle Kingdom, a child fathered by a Qin general was born. The baby's cries were loud and clear, some claimed to be surprised by it, and some people believe, that the child is going to be an important figure in the future, for the cry of the new-born child while frustrating, was full of energy.

In his childhood, his mother always took care of him when his father was drilling armies and leading them to march. The boy that has been named Liang Wei always look up to his father and the Qin, and when his father got home, Liang Wei would bombard him with questions about military and the current situation of the Qin. His father had given him some literature about Military stuffs, and he indulged himself in it, much to the father's joy and to the mother's dismay.

Upon reaching adulthood, he had learned Military and Judgment lessons from the province's teachers, and had taken interest in Martial Arts, and Horsemanships. He was looking forward into joining the army by the age of 25, but alas, in the Qin's final conquest to unite the land, his father, old and weary, died in the battlefield. This was a huge shock to Liang Wei, and he decided to left the province with his mother to some lesser province.

Even after he decided to not join the Qin army, Liang Wei still supports it with his heart. From villages to villages, towns to towns, he would discuss about how great and mighty is The First Emperor, Zheng. By the age of 36, again he polished his ability to try to join to Qin army yet again, but fate seems to prevent him, for The First Emperor died, and Liang Wei wasn't so sure about joining the second Emperor, so yet again he retreated to recluse.

In recluse, he observed how the Qin dynasty declined, and roughly 4 years later, the Qin dynasty is no more. He was furious when he heard the news, and sad. The once mighty Qin is dead. But hope is not lost, he thought. He is determined to rebuild the Qin Dynasty, and for that, he will need armies, and to make one from scratch might prove too long to be done. He went to the country of Chu, where Xiang Yu, the conqueror of Qin, resided, and hoped that he can influence him enough to lend him an army, and start rebuilding the Qin Dynasty.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Trendkill » Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:00 pm

The brothers Luò, Xiao and Jiān, were born in the city of Dingtao around 232 and 226 BC, sons of a successful military commander named Luò Fèng (洛鳳) who had served the kingdom of Chu for many years, rising to prominence after the Daze Village Uprising. Their mother, Lady Gào, was the daughter of a very successful merchant and was considered to be of minor nobility. Having a military father and an educated, socially elevated mother allowed the brothers access to many paths. The eldest brother, Xiao, developed a passion for swordplay from his father, gained skills in diplomacy from his mothers side, and was also highly educated. The youngest son, Jiān, took more to his fathers side and trained almost exclusively in the arts of warfare, specializing in the use of spears and mounted combat.

For much of their lives the two brothers would follow their father on many of his military exploits, with Xiao alternating between campaigning and going on diplomatic missions with his mother. Jiān would rarely attend these social events, finding little enjoyment from rubbing elbows with the elite upper class, and preferred the muck and grime of fighting along side his father.

When their father died at the battle of Julu, the brothers brought his body back to their home for a proper burial. Xiao, being the eldest, inherited most of the estate and took over as the patriarch of the Luò clan in Chu. Once the matters of family had been settled, and feeling a need out of filial devotion to their father to continue his service to the Xiang clan, Xiao and Jiān would leave for the palace of Xiang Yu in order to offer up their services.
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Shen Feng

Postby Shen Feng » Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:03 pm


Shen Feng (styled Zitai) of Chenliu

Born to a common family in 227 BC, Shen Feng proved himself to be anything but common. Even as a young child, he had a way with words, an ability that only improved with age. Though his older brothers were larger and stronger than him, Feng contributed to the family farm in other ways, supervising the efforts of his brothers and always knowing how to motivate them. Though he did far less actual work, no one in the household felt he did not contribute. In his free time, Feng sought education at the hands of a village elder, and thus learned to read and write even while his brothers did not.

His world came crashing down around him in the months following the death of the great Qin Emperor. With rebellion and war again plaguing the lands, it was only a matter of time before the farmers outside Chenliu were dragged into it kicking and screaming. A brutish company of men arrived outside the town, barely more than bandits, and began conscripting the farmers forcibly into their army. Feng found a spear pushed into his hand and was pressed into service. Dismayed to be seperated from his family, nevertheless he schemed on how to make the most of his situation.

Unlike the majority of his fellow conscripts, Feng was educated, even more than his superiors as it turned out. While some would mope at the situation they had been forced into, or plot a rebellion to attain freedom, Feng did the exact opposite. He eagerly went to the men in charge of the unit and spoke to them, befriending them and offering them advice, volunteering to take care of tedious jobs that none of them wished to perform. Impressed by the youngster's earnestness, the generals grew to trust him and promoted him within the unit. Feng took care in battle and didn't overextend himself, and as the ravages of war went on, he advanced further and further in rank among the small army as others, less fortunate, met their ends. His shrewd advice led the ragtag band to eventually tie themselves to the Xiang clan of Chu, and that proved to be his big break.

With their influence expanding to replace the fallen Qin, Feng found his out from the army life, talking his way into the Imperial Court. His easy-going demeanour and the constant smile on his face disarmed those who would speak with him, and he rose to a position of some prominence at court, taking a position as a diplomat. In just a few short years, he had gone from a simple farmboy to an Imperial post, and the young man didn't see why he couldn't go further yet. This was now a land of opportunity, a place where people like him could attain things he'd never dreamed possible, a far cry from the tyranny of the First Emperor. It was just a matter of putting his plans into action...

Shan Lue, Shen Feng's loyal follower, was a fellow soldier in the initial company that had recruited him. His survival through the unit's myriad battles was proof enough of his skill, and he saw in Shen Feng a chance to find an easier life. As Shen Feng advanced to positions of command, Shan Lue made sure to stay near him, and eventually Feng took him on as a personal bodyguard. The cunning youth realized that surely enough, even he would make some enemies, and when that time came, it would pay to have some muscle backing him up.

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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Marquis Black » Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:11 pm


Name: Bái Ruì
Style: Ruìcōng (Farsighted Intelligence)

Born in 230 BC in the town of Henei, Province of Yin, to a little known family of scholars, Bai Rui is a man who grew up knowing only the Qin Empire. Having been born on the same year as Qin Shi Huang's final campaigns of unification, he was said to have an auspicious birth, and his life thereafter did seem to have Heaven's favour. Being the only son of his parents, Rui had the very best education lavished on him from almost as soon as he could read, and his scholarly parents made sure to encourage a studious attitude.

Nonetheless, despite his growing intelligence, Rui was not gifted with a very strong body, earning his parents' concern as he was often wracked with minor illnesses. To ensure that he would never be on his own in a situation where he would be physically endangered, his parents thus enlisted, in the year 215 BC, the aid of a small attendant family of theirs in providing a suitable companion to protect Rui whenever he left home. To that end, the patriarch of the Lu clan had his youngest son, Ning, move into the Bai household for this express purpose, thus beginning a deep friendship between Rui and Ning.

Tragedy struck the Bai clan in 213 BC, however, as Qin Shi Huang began to persecute those scholars who had refused to follow his edict to burn certain books. Among said scholars were Rui's father and mother, but when the Qin soldiers came, Rui's father took the blame wholly unto himself and charged Rui's mother and the Lu clan to protect each other, at the same time officially passing on the patriarchy of the Bai clan to Rui. Rui, being 17 years old at the time, never forgot this incident that left their family without a father.

Rui, however, was too clever to swear revenge on the Qin. After years of studying the military classics and Sunzi, he understood the futility of waging a one-man vendetta on the first ever Emperor of China, and the fates of Jing Ke, Gao Jianli, and Zhang Liang all shined prominently in his mind. Instead, Rui cultivated his knowledge in military affairs, seeking to one day serve a man who could deliver the final blow to Qin Shi Huang's precious empire. Unfortunately, by the time he was ready, it was already too late.

Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, within four years of the First Emperor's death, had managed to topple the mighty Qin with an ease that surprised even young Rui. Even if his vengeance was denied to him, however, Rui seized on what he saw with frightening tenacity. He watched as Xiang Yu's brutal tactics effectively destroyed all his enemies, mentally comparing the man with the infamous Bai Qi of old. In his mind, brutality began to take root as the solution to warfare. Furthermore, not wanting to see another period of destruction the likes of which his parents had spoken of so fearfully in his youth come about again, he began to believe that the only way was to quickly resolve any conflicts through brutal methods so that the people themselves would value peace after the war was over, thus preventing future conflicts.

Thus, in the year 206 BC, with the Qin finally destroyed but the land now effectively disunited once more, Rui set out from home, accompanied by his childhood friend Lu Ning and his favourite serving girl, determined to find that one warlord that could effectively and pragmatically unite the land once more.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby ShamsTron » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:54 pm


Zheng Nu had a mostly ordinary life. He came from a moderately wealthy family but did not see one tael from it. They were not one to flaunt their riches and merely saved it for emergency situations that would never arrive. His family taught him that wealth is not important but the journey towards it was. "To be honorable and poor is always better than being disgraceful and rich", was a saying his father told him at least once every day. While Zheng Nu's family had the opportunity to gain more riches they were overly content with what they had and lived a comfortable life.

When Zheng Nu went off to live on his own his family's teachings were firmly entrenched in him. Instead of searching for riches in war he decided to set up a small military school in his new home of Xiapei. As days turned into months and then into years his content slowly crumbled away. While he was able to live a decent life every day he would see countless amount of people putting less effort in and gaining much more riches than he could ever imagined. Zheng Nu tried to suppress these feelings but on January, 206 he decided that this life was not for him. He convinced his two best friends who were also colleagues at his military school to explore the land. With preparations complete they venture off to find their own riches.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby osiris » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:56 pm

Fasho Baipan


In 220 BC in the city of Yuan, a minor magistrate's daughter and an even more unimportant commander produced a child that would become more remarkable than the both of them. He was born on the very first minute of the very first day of the new year. Sadly, his mother died shortly after creating him. His father tried his best to raise the young boy, but he desperately sought glory and worked so hard and so frequently, he hardly saw his son. Baipan and his father hardly interacted more than an hour a day until Baipan reached the age of five. Even at such a young age, Baipan could direct many with just his mere words. The children referred to him as duke or king, and often followed him. This caused Baipan's father to show more of an interest in him.

He started to aid his young son in his education and taught him many things about the role of soldiers in peace time, and how a military administration functions. Baipan's father lacked a firm intellect, or an innate ability to lead others, and on top of all of this he was a weakling compared to other soldiers. At age 7, Baipan became aware of this and his father became a large source of embarrassment for him, and he grew distant to him. Though, by age 8, the father and son forged a decent bond. Neither of them really liked one another, but they got along. For the next two years Baipan led a normal life studying civil administration and governing. As a student, he gathered a reputation for having such an eye for administration that he was capable of critiquing the mayor of Yuan's policies. Although, by age ten his life took a poor turn.

His father was accused and convicted of theft and corruption, and executed. Baipan now had to leave the city of Yuan behind and join his mother's cousin in Luo Yang. His new adopted father, Shun Xuan, served as a merchant capable of producing fine items in a short period of time. Xuan also served as a capable soldier, skilled in maintaining order and discipline in city garrisons. Xuan taught Baipan also taught Baipan about military administration and military operations.

Baipan initially disliked Xuan because of his over protectiveness, but gradually, Baipan enjoyed the attention he received from his new parental figure. He became accustomed to getting attention, and rather enjoyed it. Being ignored became one of his major pet peeves. He came to acknowledge Xuan as his father, and the two got along well. Xuan worked to keep Baipan out of any political matters until he turned fourteen, and that occurred just this month. Now, Baipan would no doubt begin to seek out potential lords to serve. However, Baipan was young, and naive. Like all young people, his impulses ruled him and he would no doubt join any lord that crossed his path, however, Xuan works with him to help find the proper lord to serve. Xuan guards over the boy to ensure he does not foolishly join any lord at all.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Wen Xu » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:17 pm


Wen Xu

Prologue: Younger Years
Born in 245 BC in a small hamlet outside the city of Chen of Chu province Wen Xu lived most of his life as a simple farmer. He cared little for the politics of the land and some how was able to not take part in most of the battles during his younger years. It was not until 224 BC when the invasion was a true threat on the people of Chu that Wen Xu finally was conscripted to fight in Xiang Yan's army.

As Li Xin was moving through Chu to take control of the province in the name of King Zheng, Xiang Yan's army pursued them for three days and three nights. Finally they made a surprise attack on the army of Li Xin and defeated their army. This was a great success and Wen Xu had proved himself very admirably. He was given the reward of being released from his requirement to serve in the army and so he returned home. Later that year he was able to watch the battle between Xiang Yan and the new Qin army led by Wang Jian. After watching all of his countrymen die from his home he wanted to help them but knew that it was not the time for such actions. Instead he returned to his fields and waited for another opportunity.

This presented itself in 209 BC when the commander Chen Sheng came to Chen and declared himself Prince of Chu. At first the man had very little support but in only a month he had nearly ten thousand followers. Wen Xu and a few of his friends decided to go along with him to join Chen Sheng. He was assigned under the command of Wu Chen who was sent north to take the lands that was formerly Zhao. They were quite successful at first but Wu Chen decided to name himself the Prince of Zhao and became independent of Chu. Not wishing to have a possible war with his own lands Wen Xu fled the army and returned to Chu. However, when he returned he learned that Chen Sheng had been assassinated by his own guards and so once again returned to his home.

It was not long before another power took command of Chu. This time Wen Xu did not join their cause and instead waited until they proved themselves. Finally he decided to join their cause after Xiang Liang died and was put under the command of Xiang Yu. Marching north Wen Xu was with the force that would help aid the forces of Zhao. However, the commander of this army Song Yi was either a coward or a fool and did not march into Zhao territory. Instead the man enjoyed himself and feasted off the land. Wen Xu was planning on leaving the army at this time but to his great surprise his commander had killed Song Yi and taken full command of the army.

Taking part in the Battle of Julu, Wen Xu once again gained much fame for his accomplishments and even earned the undying friendship of a man by the name of Fan Shuo. This man was well educated and had been an advisor in Chen before the war began.

Following their victory and returning to Chu, Wen Xu sought to gain fame for himself. He had proved to himself that he was an able soldier but he wanted more. So in January of 206 BC, Wen Xu left the army of Xiang Yu's and sought a force of his own to spread the influence of Chu. Along with him came his friend Fan Shuo.

Chapter 1: An Army
Unsure where to start with gaining an army he looked to his friend Fan Shuo on ways to do it. He suggested that they had three options, first would be to conscript an army on their own; second they could seek an army from the court; and the third would be to join the courts and then eventually hope he was named the commander of a force. Of these three options only the first two seemed reasonable to him and so he began recruiting men. In under a season he had fifteen hundred men around northern Chu all who supported him.

As he built up his own army he also began to gain the support of the people of the court and the more northern locals. The court quickly grew to support him but the southerners were taking a little longer then he had hoped to gain their support. During this time he knew he still had to convince General Lu Chen and Prime Minister Fan Zeng that he was a reliable person and a man they could trust before he came before Xiang Yu.

Meeting first with the General Lu Chen, Wen Xu believed he had gained the man's recognition and a little bit of his trust. Though his meeting was brief the two had discussed the invasion of Liang and Xu believed that the General would follow his plans. After a month Xu returned to the imperial court in Chen but this time he cam to meet with the Prime Minister. With him he brought his friend Fan Shuo who was the nephew of the man. This meeting at first had began very poorly do to Fan Shuo's constant praises of his uncle, but once Xu had kicked him out he recieved a mission from the man. He was to go to the city of Yangdi and meet with the new district manager of the city, Ying Ranzhen. This man had recieved an army from the Hegemon King himself which he used very poorly. In the end of the battle he had lost nearly half of his men, but the city was his.

The meeting with this man was brief but what he could tell was that the man was never satisfied. He wanted more 'capable' men but from what he could tell lacked the experience to use them properly. However, he was beginning to prepare for the full occupation of Hann. He only hoped that the remaining battles would not be so bloody. With this information Wen Xu returned to the Prime Minister and informed him of his beliefs of the man in which he thanked him before Wen Xu returned home.

Though Wen Xu was not a very intelligent man or very knowledgable in strategy he wished to try and impress the Prime Minister with this very feat. So over the next month working along side Fan Shuo the two came up with plans for Chu expansion in which Wen Xu brought before Fan Zeng. His timing could not have been any worse as a little before his arrival news came to the Prime Minister that the men of Qi had gained complete control of the province. Though this man was impatient and did not want to hear what Wen Xu had to say he gave him an army of seven thousand newly recruited troops and the commanders Yuzu Zuo, Su Ai, Cen Zong, and Jelong Qiong.

Of these men Cen Zong was a veteran commander which kind of worried Wen Xu but after returning to his village a family friend by the name of Peng Yiro arrived with over a thousand Pi Spears and Leather Armors for the men. It appeared that he had heard of his good fortune and wished to take part in it. As Wen Xu started south with his men two local villagers by the names of Yun Pi and Yi Dan decided to join Xu's cause as well. Now with a force of 8500 men Wen Xu marched south to claim the lands of Jiujiang in the name of Xiang Yu and Chu.

Chapter 2: Conquest of Jiujiang

Unsure where to begin in his Conquest of Jiujiang, Wen Xu left the preperation of the forces to Peng Yiro as he went to go scout the three major cities of the Jiujiang province. The first he decided to check out was Shouchun which was most certainly the most profitable from what he had heard. One of the ways they gained a profit it seems was bribes as the second in command of the city suggested Wen Xu pay him. This quickly angered Wen Xu who left and decided that this would be the place that he would take first.

Upon his return to the small village he lived in outside of Chen, Wen Xu sent Fan Shuo and Peng Yiro south as he finished his last preperations. Yi Dan and Yun Pi were allowed to stay back to spend the last of their days with their family along with another thousand men who had family in the area. The day Xu had scheduled to leave was also the day that a thousand men appeared outside the village stating that they were going to rest there. This was something that Xu could not allow and so rode out and questioned the leader of the force. The leader ended up being a child of fifteen years by the name of Fi Ran, he said that he would not leave and told him the only way he would leave is if Xu defeated him in a duel. The duel lasted a short time but in the end Xu had him on the ground with his dagger at the boy's throat. The young boy agreed to surrender his authority of his men to him and offered to assist him in his campaign to take Jiujiang. Even though he was nothing more then a child he allowed him to come and they set off together for Shouchun.

Arriving outside the city with a force of just over ten thousand men Wen Xu gave command of his thousand archers and an additional fifteen hundred men to Fan Shuo while he lead the remaining seventy-five hundred men himself. The battle lasted only a short while before he was able to claim the field. He lost just shy of three thousand men but was able to capture an additional two thousand of the enemy's men who agreed to fight for him now. Along with those two thousand men he captured the enemy officers Deng Chi and Neng A along with the Governor Hanndiao Jen. Both the Governor and Commander Deng agreed to join him but Neng A requested being allowed to retire to his home as he was injured during the battle, this Xu allowed and claimed Shouchun as his own.

With Shouchun under his control word had spread to the capital of his success and so the Prime Minister sent an envoy to inquire on the battle. Once the envoy had left Wen Xu prepared the men to take all the towns in Jiujiang. With a force of five thousand men and his friends Fan Shuo, Cen Zong and Yuzu Zuo, he began his march. Quickly Longhushan and Guizhi fell under his sway but as he came before the town of Gan which was near Chengde another army of three thousand men were there. This force was mostly made up of Xiang Jun's men but he could also see some of Meng Jun's men too.

It was obvious that these men were no way ready for a fight as they lacked both numbers and equipment. Giving his orders the army split with four thousand marching forth with him and Cen Zong while Fan Shuo took charge of the thousand archers in support along with Yuzu Zuo. Once his battle lines were ready a low ranking officer was seen standing outside the camp bearing a white flag. Riding out to speak with the man Wen Xu was quite suprised by the audacity of the man. It almost seemed like the man wanted to be killed. Most days he would have obliged him but since he was also a soldier of Chu he gave him the option of returning to Chengde or he along with all his men would die. Unsprisingly the man fled the field and Wen Xu took Gan under his control as well.

With this recent turn of events Xu returned to Shouchun with his men. He would have to do something with this man of Chengde. First though he would need to speak with the court and see what they suggested. Quickly setting out Wen Xu made his way back to Chen where he spoke with the Prime Minister in depth about this new turn of events. The talk was quite fruitfal and it became obvious that the elderly politican was a good man. Upon returning to Shouchun though he learned some very distressing news, it appears that the Emperor and Fan Zeng were being forced to leave the capital.

Shortly after learning that news a man by the name of Shuo Shi arrived with word that Xiang Jun had allied with the army of Deng Yue who had recently arrived in the province and began a campaign against Zhou Mingli. He knew very little of Zhou except for the few letters they had traded amongst each other but this Xiang Jun fellow was certainly a man who tried to push people around. Wishing to lead his garrison out himself to go aid the man Wen Xu knew he shouldn't because of the recent snake bite he had endured on his trip home from the village of Gan. Instead he sent Fan Shuo with a force of over ten thousand men to aid Zhou Mingli. The man who came with the news even offered to help and left with Fan Shuo.
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