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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby jonny duck » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:01 pm

Ma Liang

Early Life
Orphaned at a young age, he was raised by his brother Ma Shensun. Without a family to look after the two brothers, they travelled around, scratching whatever living they could. By the time he was 18 they had a small hut in a village. Liang spent his days practising archery, either hunting or against bandits. With the money he earnt he was able to buy manuscripts from travelling merchants, learning the basics of strategy and tactics.

Small Fish, Big Pond
On his 25th birthday, Liang bid farewell to his brother and took his few possesions south to the city of Xuwu. There he gained employment under the local governer, marshalling the cities garrison. During his time there, he became popular among the people, making friends with politicians, officers and the soldiers he commanded. Shortley before his 27th birthday, the governor fell ill. Using all the connections he had made, Liang was able to arrange his succesion, the town officials and garrison demanding that he be given command of the city.

We're a long way from Kansas
And so as March came around, Liang found himself in control of a town, where he would go from there, only the fates knew.
Ma Liang (27)
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Xuwu, Changshan

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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby lutai » Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:05 pm

In the province of north west Chang Shan. A family by the name of Ma lived peacefully, the head of the clan was Ma Junshu fifty-six years old and a women who was a newly wedded wife of Junshu was named Ma Meina forty-three years old.They had one child his name was Ma Rai he was boy who did not play good with other children, and he mainly killed animals that looked to be a danger to him.Now before Rai was born Junshu was married to his old wife Ma Luku, when he was in Dai province at the time and had the children named Ma Shensun and Ma Liang.But abandoned them for reasons that Junshu thought was right at the time, his wife Luku died of illness soon after.Through the years Ma Rai was trained by his teacher Jin Huaki of the Qui school which taught the art of the sword, Rai liked fighting and using weapons but he also liked to command underlings to do his bidding for him.He also started learning more arts and even surveyed the area's and the town that he lived in to know each and every spot, so he could plan out his actions well.

At age Twenty=six Rai was a trained warrior, a warrior that his father was proud of and Rai was very concentrated on his work and always accomplished the tasks given to him.
Ma Rai (马拉伊)

After years of heavy training by his teacher and master Jin Huaki and many other teachers, he set off from his home town of Kuailang and journeyed off to find his purpose.He made a name for himself as a assassin taking jobs to kill people that were not wanted in this world, he late found out about a man named Ma Liang was defeated in the battle for Xuwu and that his older brother Ma Shensun was captured and killed.Ma Rai knew of these two men from the sayings of his father Junshu, but he didn't know that they were in Chang Shan.Ma Rai didn't really care for his half brothers to much sense he had lil to do with them, but he didn't like how the Ma family name was tarnished by some upstart bandits who lost more than they should in that battle. But before he would do anything rash he set off to find his older half brother Ma Liang to get more information from him.

After talking to regional lords in Chang Shan, to do away with Zang Kai.Rai took the head lead of his family by killing his father Junsun then moved the Ma family to Di,Rai plans to settle in Di for a time being and to come back to Chang Shan with a reasonable force behind him.After losing to Huang Fu, after he surrendered to him he was asked to serve or die and sense Ma Rai couldn't allow himself to die.He joined Huang Fu and served him till the times comes for him to leave.
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Gong Ao » Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:44 am

Cai Xuan's grandfather Cai Tong had been an official of Chu. He was by no means prominent, but was merely one of the myriads that served as cogs in the bureaucracy - and were well paid for it. He had always said that the key to success in life was to seek neither to be powerful and wealthy nor humble and poor, but to be mediocre and comfortable. While this served Cai Xuan well, times were changing. Chu fell just a few years after Cai Xuan begun his career and his new employer, Qin, was a lot less accepting of the occasional failures that mediocrity entailed, meaning that instead of the comfortable job that he had always envisioned, he was forced to constantly work under tremendous stress. Later, as Qin's power waned and turmoil ensued, Cai Xuan had to flee home to avoid the mobs that were out to kill any representative of the much loathed government.

And that's where he had been for the last three years, growing vegetables and rearing livestock like a common peasant. It was fortunate that at least the weather was good, or else he would have struggled to feed his household - five daughters, one son (his wife had died shortly after the birth of this son) and his son-in-law Ming Yang. The latter's father Ming Hong had done much to advance Cai Xuan, who in turn had been Ming Yang's supervisor. When Ming Hong met his end at the hands of insurgents, Cai Xuan felt compelled to take in the young man. With his dreams of a successful career in tatters, Ming Yang sought to cement a relationship with Cai Xuan, hoping that he could take advantage of Cai Xuan's ability to find employment under the same boss. Thus, Cai Xuan gave his eldest (and ugliest) daughter to Ming Yang in marriage, in spite of his belief that the fellow was no more than a serial brown noser who was utterly devoid of ability.

Now, there was finally some semblance of peace in the land, and this was just as well, since Cai Xuan's funds were fast running dry. Thus, he set off to find employment, hoping that everyone had either forgotten or forgiven his involvement in Qin's government, hoping that this time, he would finally attain the mediocrity and comfortable government job that he had sought for so long.
Cai Xuan;51-41-76-82-33/Civil Administrator II, Engineer II, Jeer I, Poison I, Politician I, Public Planner II, Scribe I
Age 43
600 gold
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby SunTzu » Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:00 pm

Bio: Shu Yuan was orphaned as a baby when his father, a minor political official in Wei province, and his mother were poisoned by an assassin that was working for one of his father’s enemies. One of his father’s servants feared that Shu Yuan would be the next target so he was secretly moved to the province of Chu. He spent most of his childhood being raised on a farm with revenge growing everyday in his heart. Though he had been but a babe during his parent’s deaths, Shu felt that it was his duty to seek revenge on those responsible. When he turned fifteen, Shu decided that the only way to find his parents killers was to enter the seedy criminal underworld of the middle kingdom. He became a bandit killing and robbing people with the hope that this shameful lifestyle would lead to him being able to avenged his parent’s deaths. Within a year of becoming a bandit, he made a friend who claimed he knew the man who had assassinated Shu’s parents. Shu Yuan found the assassin and convinced him to allow him to become the assassin’s apprentice. After five years of serving the assassin, Shu found that the man kept a list of all of his contracts and confirmed that the man had indeed killed his parents; he also was able to learn the identity of the man who had his parents killed. After several weeks of planning, Shu Yuan poisoned his mentor before traveling to the province of Wei to seek revenge on the man who had ordered his parents death. After joining the political official’s service, the man who had ordered the assassination on his parent’s death, Shu Yuan poisoned the official and quietly slipped out of the hall and traveled back to Chu. He soon learned that after nearly seven years of being an assassin he had no other skill. Shu had once dreamed of when he had avenged his family’s murders, he would be able to settle down into an honest living know he had no choice but to continue his deceitful life of murder and spying.

Personality: Kind hearted, is secretly ashamed of being an assassin, honorable, yet willing to kill anyone who stands in his way to achieve his goals whether they be a contract or a personal desire.
Shu Yuan Bio
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Postby GreenFabre » Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:36 am



Born in a cold December night..... at the small town of Longhushan, in the province of. .. . . ......... was
the child nam....
..... youngest daughter of Dai Wen Lang, a chinese local noble of the .....
mother was Lady Meisai of the famous S....... in the..famous group of
.. raised from the Dai Hui dojo.... the seclusion that is her ..... .
. .. at a very young age had a certain knack for causing trouble............ family residence in
Jiujiang. Some of are ....

........ fights with the other sons of noble families which inevitably included angry...

........... some minor and some quite powerful ones.....
....... on the Dai Hui family's doors demanding explanation .......... . . . . children suddenl
sported black eyes ............ their heads. ........................ questioned as to what she can say, she just
merely shrugged, played innocent and reasoned something else like sleeping in her room. ............ they did it themselves
yet not saying how she got that black ............... ang

red the parents even more. So it ............... Master Dai has a very good reason for being indifferent and dismissing ........................ but a liability, a petty troublemaker and a constant source of headache. Only through
Lady Meisai's adept and manipulative.........

............ ... minds the other way around like a puppetmaster saved the Dai family from .......
..... ..

. .... . .. times. Rash, violent and always a bully, .....
....... never . . . ............. she will show just

how different she was, by ramming your head in the wall, without a word. That's how 'different' she is........
..... ............all of them which are brothers to .......... . . . . Cai S...........

. . . . . almost got arrested by the local...

... . . ....... power grab that occured during the . . ....... . . ....... leading to the arrest of his . . .... . . . ........ ..

........assasination of Dai Wen Lang, as punishment for . . ....... . . ...... . . . ....... forming the group of
free minded individuals which spoke agains . . .......during those times . . ....... . . ....... imprisoned in Yuelang for three torturous years for attempted mur . . .

...... . . .......manslaughter of ten civilians . . ....... . . ..

..... her sanity with torture punishment, torture all d . . ...... . . ....... hatred for men ..... . . .......escaping along with the convicted Mu S
ong, Cai Deng and a Japanese man named . . ....... .. . ... .believed to be a master swordsman, in the month of March, killin

g a number o . . .......along their wake . . ....... . . .......enslaved

The warrant of arrest still stands for them for anyone who will . . ....... . .

..j. .kki
Kijo Akki

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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Diao Cai » Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:16 pm

Diao Ming Mei
24 year old Female

Ming Mei stands nearly as tall as a man just over six feet. Her shoulders are more broad like a boys, and her muscle tone is finely developed much like a boys compared to a girl. She has long dark hair and grey eyes. Her figure was such that dispite the developed upper body, she was once considered a great beauty. That has changed now as one half of her face has been grotesquely maimed, so much so that her helmet, her hair, and an eyepatch cover the damage that was done to her, resulting in her charming beauty to be maimed forever. Her armor seems well put together, though not special, and she is rarely without a long and sturdy bow at her back. Dispite her ogress frame, she has a calm and gentle voice, almost musical (her face was maimed not her voice) and delicate sounding, certainly not something on would normally expect on someone of her proportions..

Personality and Mentality
Ming Mei is still a widow in grieving. The loss of both husband, and child has left her at a low point in her life where fighting for the warlords is not something that she would find revolting. Death will come for her and she is ready to accept it, and if anything, is looking forward to that time. Dispite that she has grown up around a typically military family, and because of that, has the mentality that if she's going to die, it will be in battle, and it will be taking as many men and women with her as she can. She can be a bit over protective of the younger people, especially if they are children. She is loyal to a fault however, and finds talk of betrayal the greatest form of dishonor. She also finds the purposeful murdering of innocents beyond distaste.

Ming Mei was born in May of 182. At an early time in her life she was orphaned in the war. Her birth parents were killed by overzealous armies, and she was adopted by an older man who was a smith by trade. As she started to get older she became enthralled with her foster fathers line of work, and soon began doing the tasks she would later master to build her upper body for the tasks of working in a forge. Thus from the young age of four she worked and developed her body to handle the craft. As she got closer to seventeen years old, her foster father was conscripted to fight the rebel armies being risen. Her foster father, though a smith, was a good solider and better martial administrator and would jot down these things in a journal for later generations to read. As he came home from time to time he would teach his foster daughter a little bit because of her curiosity, slowly instructing her in the various things involved in Military Administration. As time passed and Ming Mei hit her 18th birthday, she was married off to a good man who took her out of Wei, and to Han. Though the stability of the nation was turning more chaotic, Ming Mei had forged a life for herself and her husband, taking back up the trade she learned from her foster father. Though shortly after her wedding, her foster father was killed in battle, and all his possessions, including the journal that kept his notes on administration secrets were given over to Ming Mei as the only surviving member of her fathers family. It was something she still studies well to this day.

At the age of 20, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy which she named Yu. The village that they had settled in was very excited that the young couple had produced a boy, but this celebration was short lived, around the same time of it, the armies arrived and her husband along with many other of the young men were conscripted into army. For a year he was off fighting, and that left Ming Mei to fend for herself and the baby. The village had done wonders in helping, and to repay them for their efforts, when the village elders decided that organizing a sort of militia to protect them from bandits was the choice they would go, Ming Mei quickly volunteered. Her skill with a forge gave them weapons, though poor ones due to the lack of materials, but one thign they had plenty of was wood, so the majority of the village were armed with bow and arrow. This is the beginning of Ming Mei's archery training, and she grew quite skilled in its use.

By the time she was nearing her 21st birthday, her husband was killed in the conflict along with many of the young men from the village. Not only did this leave Ming Mei to forge on alone with her son, but it left the village horribly defenseless as the young men who died would not be returning. For the next two years she did what she could with a forge to provide for her family, though some days there was simply not enough food to go around for the entire village, they did make do with what they could. Things seemed like they were going to progress, maybe not well but still progress, until bandits heard that the young men had perished and decided to raid the village. Many people were killed, including her son. The bandits were not just pleased with murdering people, they decided to take the the women for their own desires as well. Ming Mei, who was known to be quite beautiful if somewhat boyish, was one of them, but had the sense to fight back. For her efforts of resistance however the bandits went beyond their usual cruelness. Using her own tools at the forge, hot irons and molten iron, they destroyed her face with burning and torture. Ming Mei tried to resist this atrocity, but given that the most of the other militia were busy fighting the number of bandits that raided, she was simply overpowered. Ming Mei attempted to cry out for help, hoping someone, anyone, would hear her pleas. Eventually Ming Mei's cries died down from the screaming and burning, becomeing docile for the men to inflict horrors upon her, however before the eager and evil men could begin a group of her militia rushed around the corner and fought off the bandits around Ming Mei. Though she wanted to fight the wounds were simply too much to allow her to stand on her own, but the young men and women who banded together surged forth to finally drive off the bandits. Though driven off the bandit raid had taken its toll on the village, nearly everything including their food were destroyed by the raiders, and many lives, includeing her own son, had been lost. As she was laid out in a clinic healing, she did what she could to maintain of her sanity, learning as she did how to doctor wounds to try and help the elders heal the other wounded villagers. It took quite a few months to recover enough to move, her body aching from the pains inflicted upon her, but she managed to survive. The villiage however did not. Destroyed beyond saving the village prepaired to move itself and join another village, there weren't that many mouths to feed, and the trained militia that Ming Mei helped train would be a boon to the other village who lacked someone to fight and defend them. Ming Mei forged out armor and a bow useing what resources she had left, including recycling her foster fathers damaged armor and weapons. Instead of following the village however, she heard tales of grand warlords to the east, and knowing this was her only chance to die with honor, and remain somewhat sain, she choose instead of following the villagers to their new home, to travel east. Ming Mei knew that remaining in Han at the time would only intensify her grief, goign east and finding employment would occupy not only her mind, but take her away from the ghosts that haunted her still.

Aside from a trained smith from her foster father, Ming Mei is also a trained healer, as well as archery that she learned from her husband before his death. She's versed in the Gonshu arts of combat and perfers the support role with her archery skills.

Following her abuse from the bandits, her being saved, and the recovery of her wounds, Ming Mei began to wonder what she would do with her life. She knew that if she stayed grief would overtake her, and eventually she would take her own life. It was one day while she was recovering that she overheard rumors that many lords were trying to impress Xiang Yu, and because of it they were off seizing lands of their own. One such rumor lead her to believe that a newly established lord in Zhao was looking for people willing to aid him. Given she could not stay in Han, she rose up out and investigate this rumor. She received a few letters on the way, which surprised her as she was no one of renown to know, but ultimately pressed forward to her first goal. Upon Arriving she spoke with General Yi of Zhou, who took her offer of employment up. As of now she works as a general under Yi Zhiwen.

<more to come as game progresses>
Diao Ming Mei
Female 24yr old
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Zhao Ren » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:59 am

Méi​ Jí​​ (梅吉)
Born: 235 BC
Styled: Xiángzhì​​ (祥智)
Nickname: The Flying General (飛將軍)
Titles: <none>

Son of a minor army officer named Mei Yu, Mei Ji was born in Fengxiang (鳳翔) in the Guanzhong Plain during the eleventh year of the reign of the First Emperor of Qin as King of Qin. While holding a low rank, Mei Yu had cultivated a friendship with the successor of the famed theoretician, Wei Liao, a man by the name of Xin Jian. As Mei Yu marched west as an officer in the First Emperor's armies for the unification of the Middle Kingdom, Mei Ji was taken in by Xin Jian as a student. From a young age, Mei Ji showed prodigious understanding of the teachings of the Wei Liaozi and the other six military classics. Xin Jian, a retired officer of some talent, drilled Mei Ji daily in all manners of training, ensuring he was proficient in horsemanship, swordsmanship, and swimming. But it was in academics that Mei Ji excelled, memorizing many parts of the military classics, showing great talents in calligraphy and mathematics, and even proving to be competent in playing the guqin. At the young age of nineteen, Xin Jian bequeathed to Mei Ji a copy of the Wei Liaozi scribed by the great tactician himself.

Having completed his education and received the style name of Xiangzhi, the young Mei Ji was given a commission as a Chief in the army of Qin and sent off to the Northern Front under the command of General Meng Tian. During his years upon the desolate frontier, skirmishing with the troublesome Xiongnu barbarians, Mei Ji put his education to great use, rapidly advancing to the rank of Captain. During the year 211 BC, the tenth year of the reign of the First Emperor as Emperor of Qin, Mei Ji was on a scouting mission with his company when they came upon a band of Xiongnu. Applying what knowledge he had garnered over the years of his youth, he scattered the Xiongnu warband and seized a beautiful horse that had belonged to the Xiongnu chief. For his exploits that day, the Xiongnu nicknamed Mei Ji "the Flying General". Unfortunately, when news arrived of Mei Ji's exploits, it was during a time of great turmoil. The First Emperor had died and his younger son ascended as the Second Emperor of Qin. General Meng Tian and Crown Prince Fusu were sentenced to death. Mei Ji still continued his service to the Qin despite the death of his superior, guarding the northern front of the Empire.

Unfortunately for the Qin, the Xiongnu were not the threat they had to worry about. With the young Second Emperor in power, controlled by the cruel and corrupt eunuch, Zhao Gao, rebellions sprung up across the Empire within quick succession of each other. The states of Chu, Qi, and Zhao were quickly lost, and soon the Qin homeland was being threatened by the rebels. Given no orders to relieve the Imperial Capital, as Zhao Gao was attempting to keep the young Emperor ignorant of the chaos that reigned outside of the heartland of Guanzhong, Mei Ji could do nothing but continue to post sentries along the newly constructed Great Wall, making sure the Xiongnu did not take advantage of the weak state the new Empire was in. In 207 BC, the Second Emperor was forced to commit suicide by his puppetmaster, who had acted out of fear of punishment. Zhao Gao did not last much longer than his puppet, soon executed by the Second Emperor's successor, the Third Emperor. By the time the Third Emperor had ascended to the throne, however, it was too late. The future King of Han, Liu Bang, had already marched through Wu Pass and was advancing on the capital.

Though the Third Emperor surrendered to Liu Bang and was treated kindly, he was soon executed by the chief rebel, Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu. With no liege nor empire to serve, Mei Ji peaceably disbanded his company, allowing them to return to their homes if they pleased. But Mei Ji had no home to return to. Tyrannical and cruel, Xiang Yu burned the former capital of the Qin Empire, Xianyang, and laid waste to much of the land of Guanzhong before returning to Chu. As an officer in the army of Qin, Mei Ji could not help but feel ashamed at his failure to protect his homeland, feeling it likely that he would be rejected and perhaps killed by his countrymen. Fleeing to the land of Di, Mei Ji took refuge in one of the many small villages there. It is only recently, with the waning power of the Hegemon-King of Western Chu, that he dares to make his name known once again. The terror of the Xiongnu, heir to the Wei Liaozi, and former Captain of Qin bides his time, waiting for the chance to bring his master honor and to strike back at the Empire that created the chaos that plagues the Middle Kingdom.
Mei Ji (梅吉), the Flying General (飛將軍)
90*-69-33-72*-41 Aid III, Dash II, Discipline II, Military Administrator I, Wall II

GM NPCs: Empy Yi, Xiao He (蕭何), Tian Rong (田荣)

"The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace. They never are."

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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Xiao Gau » Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:02 pm

In early spring, of the year 238, a boy was born into a Xiongnu group family. Life in the traveling band was not always easy, but it was happy. The hunted the forests and plains, and they fished the streams of the northern reaches of China. As was the custom of his people, the boy who would become Ying learned the ways of his tribe by doing, and spent his days hunting and trapping from the time he could walk. He showed an aptitude for stalking game and setting traps, and a gift for identifying edible plants.

Though the Xiongnu clashed with the Qiang and Wuhan, and the occasional Qin patrols, they lived a mostly peaceful life and kept to themselves as much as able. His people maintained their nomadic life until 220 BC, when the Qin General Meng Tian scattered Ying's camp in his campaign to drive the Xiongnu out of China.

The Xiongnu were no cowards, and their warriors were fierce and brave. While the stronger warriors faced General Tian in battle, the tribe's hunters and trackers waged a guerilla war from the woodlands and high grasses. With ambush, and traps and fire the clever warriors aided their stronger, more courageous brethren. The young man who became Ying fought bravely, but couldn't withstand the full force of a modern military assault. He found himself among the other warriors who were captured during the battles.

Disarmed, injured and bound, he was brought before the commanders of the army. He and his comrades were 'offered' a chance to join the ranks of the army, or be killed. Naturally, he joined on. His skills as a scout and tracker were then put to use by the Qin officers to hunt down the remains of the Xiongnu in the area. It pained him, but with little choice, he obeyed. Due to his unusually tribal name, the Qin simply called him Ying, shadow, for his gifts at moving unseen by enemy forces.

Ying stays with the Qin army until the empire began to fragment, serving as forward scout and guerilla. But as the army began to splinter in the wake of the Imperial collapse, Ying saw his chance and escaped into the countryside, vanishing into the wilderness for several weeks.

As the forces of Chu rose in strength to challenge the faltering Qin, Ying chose to stay clear of the fighting. Sticking to small towns on the borders of the conflict, Ying drifted from place to place. Uncertain of his desire to return to his people, he wandered. But fate had other things in store for the Xiongnu hunter.

Laying down in the shade of a willow on the banks of a small river, a conscription gang from Chu surrounded him. Rounded up and transported to an army camp with hundred of other prisoners , Ying was recognized by one of the senior commanders from tales of his exploits with the Qin armies. Knowing his skill, the commanders gave the ex-scout the rank of Leuitenant and put him in charge of the army's forward reconnaissance squad. And he served with distinction, uncovering ambushes and rooting out subversives. Field armies found themselves crippled with cramping stomachs and inflamed bowels when Ying and his rangers got near the field kitchens. Well-guarded armories and barracks could be found consumed in flame, and the clever and ghostly barbarian could ferret out even the most carefully guarded secrets. As the years rolled by, and Chu consolidated it's power, Ying moved up through the ranks and earned commendations for bravery and valor.

In last spring of 207 BC Ying is given official documentation of his citizenship as a man of Chu, and released from his service in the army at the rank of Colonel. Without a purpose anymore, Ying devoted himself to enjoying his retirement. He lost himself in rich foods and drink, in soft company and fine goods. But such living is poor for a man of action and his leisure took its toll on Ying. Disgusted with himself for his condition and laziness, Ying shakes off his rust and sets off into the chaos to restore himself and seek his fortunes.
Ying, former Chu tracker and hunting dog
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Re: Officer Biographies

Postby Akira » Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:06 am

The abnormal story of a child.
The story of Lei Tian.

- Lei Tian was born in China, 18 September 236BC.

The history.
Lei Juan-Rou was a kind hearted women. Too kind, too easily trusting, too easily forgiving, too easily sympathising towards others and too easy to pity others. Lei Shin-He was a peaceful man who owned a local store in the village markets until age 17. Shi-He helped many aiding the needy and injured with all he could muster. They were twins. Their parents: Lei Huan-Houn was the father. Xin Ha-Qi was the mother.

Huan-Houn was respectful. He held pride and honour to his name as an explorer, a chinese explorer. Upon exploring the surrounds of china, he visited the island now known as modern day Japan. Upon his first visit to 'Japan', he fell in love with the most powerful village chief's daughter. Xin Ha-Qi, the third daughter and a skilled warrior.

Several months later - two years.
Sadly Xin Ha-Qi died from giving birth to twins. One female Lei Juan-Rou and male Lei Shi-He. Disappointed and heart broken Huan-Houn returned to china to continue his job as a city governor. The twins grew up in a safe environment, loved so much and without hardship. They were told stories of their mother continuously which were all recorded in an diary of their father. When Lei Shi-He turned 17, he decided to move elsewhere, explore the rest of china and finally settling down to create a family. Huan-Houn with pride seeing his son all grown up allowed him to leave, handing him a large sum of gold for his new life.

Lei Juan-Rou 18 years old.
Juan-Rou was beautiful, stunning and had a amazing body shape now. She was 18, an adult. Others envied her. She was not like the others with only Chinese blood. Juan-Rou contained blood from a different area, She was pale and had dark brown hair. It was a sunny day in the summer, a weird man in his early twenties entered the city from the west gate. He dressed like no other. Looked like no other. He stumbled slowly, clearly dehydrated. He stood there appearing up towards Juan-Rou with a messy and sort of painful look. 'POOF' The unknown man suddenly collapsed. With shock Juan-Rou rushed to help the man. Months after, the pair was in love although the man barely knew the language. All Juan-Rou knew was that the man was named Lord Valerius. But Lord Valerius did not mention he was a man related to royalty in the Roman society or that he was a exiled roman tactical genius. Juan-Rou sadly did not suspect the man's lust either or how she had become his prey.

Lei Juan-Rou 21 years old +.
Lord Valerius had years to perfect the language. He could speak fluent Latin and Chinese by this time. With his abilities and charm he marched into Huan-Houn's office one afternoon and requested a married with Juan-Rou. A month later the couple were living together. But Lord Valerius was a lustful man. Juan-Rou was often charmed by the man and after months of tiresome work with Valerius in bed and work for the city. Juan-Rou was pregnant. This was a miscarriage. Valerius did not shed a single tear at that lost. It meant he could have Juan-Rou even more. He gave a grin looking towards Juan-Rou.

Lei Juan-Rou 27 years old in 236BC.
Lei Juan-Rou delivered her first child without any problems. She had began to worry if what she could not produce any children after so many miscarriages. It had not helped when Valerius did not stop to consider the condition of her body during those times. She named her child 'Lei Xin-Qi Tian'. Her middle name was to memorise her mother, Xin Ha-Qi.

Lei Xin-Qi Tian aged 0-8
After being nursed by her mother for so long. Lei Xin-Qi Tian preferred the name Lei Tian and often found her name was too long for her liking. Her childhood was without any troubles. She lived in a caring, happy, rich, high-class environment. Her parents loved her very much that she was often spoiled with toys. Her parents loved to tell her stories from her Grandfather's diary. Valerius often spoke in Latin to her. Tian's first word was in Latin. It had made Valerius very proud. Tian grew to understand many things. Valerius told her secrets and stories Juan-Rou never knew. She learnt many skills, languages, talents and literature. She was able to met many different people from her family ranking as noblemen and family works. Lei Tian grew in knowledge and beauty each year. Her mother cared for the girl things and taught her the proper ways of a lady. Her father taught her how to be a leader.

Lei Tian aged 9
Tian cried ever so much this year. Her grandfather Lei Huan-Houn died from an heart attack. In his will she received a large amount of gold and inherited half of his belongs especially his most cherished diary. This caused much arguments within the family as Tian inherited the most.
Later that year Tian was shocked after she discovered her father's cheating and dishonesty. To bed another woman. She was disgusted. She did not believe it. She was heartbroken. Father had lied to her! After weeks of observing her mother's carelessness and love towards the betraying bastard. Tian's heart grew colder to men. Especially foreign men. It was heartbreaking. It had made her feel so guilty. She could not watch and do nothing anymore.

Lei Tian aged 10
Prosperity was no more. It was a sunny afternoon. Valenius had taken Tian out to the empty fields. 'I know that you're sleeping with 29 others. I counted all of them since I found out. Why?'
His face stunned in utter shock. Flashes of fear appeared. He stepped closer to his daughter. There was no more love in his emotions. He placed his hand on the child's shoulder. Tian was not afraid. She glared at him and pushed his hand off her shoulder. 'Why, are you jealous, do you want to be the 30th? You would surely be a trophy try. So beautiful too.'
She did not know his strength. Within moments his hands had a hard grip on her as he began to strip her. 'No one will hear you scream, they are all with your mother. Don't worry it wont hurt after awhile. It actually feels really good. After you get used to it.' There was a devilish grin upon his face. It scared Tian. 'Mother should be reading that letter now, it contains a list of everyone who you had your affair with and the times. She would be heartbroken.'
'You lie. Lying is bad sweetheart. You need to be punished.' He spoke with as he swiftly slapped Tian across her face.
Involuntarily her hand reached to the area slapped. Tian smiled. 'heh, funny isn't it? You will lose everything when mother finds out. You will own nothing, mother's will does not have you included, only me. You received nothing from grandfather. And once you get found out by the city. You will be once again exiled.'
Upon realisation of that fact, he gave a piercing glare and rushed to save himself. 'You are really my daughter, I am happy to be defeated by you.'
'I am no daughter to any man. I have no father.' Her last words to her most hated father.
Tian fell towards the ground starring at the sky.

Lei Tian aged 17
I stood at my cousin's room. The question which was unexpected to me. None had asked such a question for such a time. It had brought back memories. Tian could remember them clearly. The burning of the 28 sluts, Lord Valerius and Mother's screams and yells inside the house. Their arguments inside a burning house and the other 28 screams of pain. The thought brought a smile of satisfaction upon her face. It was a large smile. It amused Lei Tian. It was what her mother wished. I helped her fulfil it. All except the 1 left. But none would know this. Her own fun secret game.

That thought brought a smile on her face.
Lei Tian (17)
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Re: Officer Biographies

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Yi Guang zi Jianwu

Vital Information
Name: Yi Guang
Zi: Jianwu (Establishing Martial)
Birth: 228 BC
Age: 22 years
Birth Place: Wu

The most prominent General of Wu during King Li Jiacheng's reign. Yi Guang was appointed Supreme Commander for his deeds upon the battlefield. With the illness of the King of Wu, he was placed in charge as Regent when defending the kingdom against the looming threat of Ma Dieu. At the Great Northern Wall, he was in command of the Kian Tribe's armies in order to halt the Xiong-Nu advance under Emperor Modu Chanyu. In Jiaoxi province, Yi Guang received the rank of Duke of Northern Jiaoxi having repaired Changyi after it's sacking by The Sinners Brigade.

When Li Jiacheng took power and was made Marquis of Wu, an army was dispatched south under the command of Ma Dieu to attack the homeland of Duke Lu Shu of Huainan. The Marquis of Wu ordered Yi Guang to assemble the army, and march them north to reinforce and repel the invasion. With the successful acquisition of Huaiyin and the death of the Duke, Yi Guang faced an army of close to eighty thousand, including regiments of Ma Su and Hin Wu of Liang province. Yi Guang's disciplined army kept their resolve in a bloody battle. The lesser numbered Wu soldiers retreated back through Huainan to Huaiyin.

The remnants of Yi's army gathered in the province, where a successful provincial campaign was made upon Xiang Jun resulting in the capture of Jiujiang province. The planned invasion was intended as a personal attack upon the Hegemonic King of Chu for sanctioning his vassals armies upon the kingdom of Wu. A month later, Yi Guang finally exacted revenge against Ma Dieu and Ma Su in the successful defence of Huayin, executing four officers and destroying the enemy forces. However, with the immediate losses of Jiujiang and Yue provinces and the newly crowned King falling sick, the Kingdom of Wu's celebrations were short lived.

As acting Regent Yi Guang, his army now composed of veterans, marched north into Liang province on a provincial campaign against declared traitor to the imperial court, Ma Su. King Xiang Yu also dispatched an army east, leading out his soldiers with similar intentions. In a short confrontation, Yi withdrew the army from the invasion and returned to Huainan province. Unable to gain any real advantage over the coalition of several rulers, Yi Guang organized Wu's defence and left its final preparations to his sworn brother Shangguan Wei, now Supreme Commander of Wu. Instead, Yi Guang heeded the Kian Tribe's missive and lead a four month campaign to break the Xiong-Nu armies under Emperor Modu Chanyu.

At the end of the campaign in the north, Yi sought support from other provincial rulers against the might of Ma Dieu and his allies, but to no avail. Faced with no further options, and having just unearthed the plot of the Imperial Minister of Chu, the nature of his coalition, and witnessed the execution of Ying Bu, Yi Guang sought the aid of the King Zhefu of Qi in the acquisition of Changyi and it's surrounding towns and villages. After receiving the title of Duke of Northern Jiaoxi and uniting the Yi clan under his banner, Yi Guang now consolidates his power.

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