June 221 - Birth of the fourth

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June 221 - Birth of the fourth

Postby Phailak » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:07 am

As summer rolled around, northern Jing finally got a few weeks of peace. The contending warlords seem to reach a truce and choose a leader among them, An Taijie. What the terms Bei Baorong and Ma Dieu set to hand over control was unclear, but basically they had set their own mini three kingdom setup within Jing.

Despite this, the other powers of the land continued to ignore them and bring war to themselves. Surprisingly, they quickly won the support of the people and their truce became an alliance and quickly blossomed into a strong kingdom. When the Cao clan failed some incursions in Shu and Wu, the new force from Jing led by Ma Dieu, wedged through the Cao defenses to the north and seized Xin Ye and Wan, finally capturing the attention of Wei. Lord An and Bei brought the forces north as well and they made for Xu Chang but failed to capitalize on their momentum. Still, this allowed Liu Bei to set a campaign in the north west while Sun Quan crossed the river east. Being attacked on three sides prompted Wei to go into a very conservative and defensive position and stall. They did their best to try and get at least one of the three attacking forces to turn their attention but failed, they now smelled blood. Though Shu was unable to advance quickly because of logistics, Sun Quan made quick work of the forces east and An Taijie's surprise night attack won the day in Xu Chang.

Within three years, the north was in shambles and some whispered of the collapse of one of the three kingdoms. The Sima clan ended up in power but were unable to turn the tide as Sun Quan's influence reached all the way to Ye now, cutting access to the Wei kingdom to their northern settlements. Having seen this, Bei Baorong suggested they ally with Liu Bei before Sun Quan became too powerful, but Shu still held resentment towards the upstart Jing warlords and refused, concentrating on consolidating power in the northwest instead. An Taijie sensing Sun Quan's power moved his own forces to Xiang Yang just in time to counter Sun Quan's invasion. He left Ma Dieu in charge of the new cities to the north and requested help from Bei Baorong. Together they pushed back invasion after invasion, depleting their forces. Fearing the waves of soldiers would eventually move, Ma Dieu dared not advance and remained in a defensive position as Liu Bei and the rest of Sun Quan's forces swept the Sima clan's last cities.

Having become neighbors once more in the north, relations between Shu and Wu became strained very quickly, Guan Yu died in a battle at Hu Gate while Zhang Fei was captured. Liu Bei tried to avenge and rescue his younger brother only to fall to Lu Xun as well. At the same time, Lu Meng was killed in battle by one of An Taijie's top generals, Chang Shang.

It was the start of the unification by Sun Quan. He quickly defeated Zhuge Liang's attempts at a quick unification through the north and finally defeated the Jing Warlords through sheer numbers. In the final battle in Yong An, with all three warlords under one banner, the numbers were 20 to 1, yet the men of Jing did not lay their weapons down until Bei Baorong saw first Ma Dieu fall to an enemy blade before the gates and An Taijie fall to an arrow. He negotiated the release of what little men he had left and was awarded an honorable position within the Wu administration restoring Jing under the new Emperor of China. The new Lord of Jing ensured his fallen comrades were given heroes funerals and the land finally found peace once more.

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