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Re: Zhefu OI

Postby LuckyD » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:43 am

Character Information:
Name: Zhang Lan
Rank: None
Titles: None

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birth Year: 226

Stat and Skill Information:
Current Stats w/ Items: 79-17-107*-63-20
Base Stats: 79-17-95-63-20
Starting Stats: 77-17-95-63-20
Skills: Confuse II, Cover II, Engineer II, Jeer I, Poison II, Scout II

Stat and Skill History:
Apr 205 PT: +2 Com

Gold and Item Information:
Gold: 100

Melee Weapon: None
Ranged Weapon: None
Head: None
Body: None
Book 1: "Spring & Autumn Annals" (+6 Int)
Book 2: "Spring & Autumn Annals" (+6 Int)
Jewelry: None
Horse: None

Unequipped: None

Gold and Item History:
Sign Up: +100 Gold
Mar 205: Received "Spring & Autumn Annals" (+6 Int) and "Spring & Autumn Annals" (+6 Int) and equipped.

Personal Turn History
Apr 205: +2 Command. Patrol and Search fail.
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Zhang Lan (21) / 79-17-107*-63-20 / Confuse II, Cover II, Engineer II, Jeer I, Poison II, Scout II
Gold: 100
Items: Spring & Autumn Annals (+6 Int*), Spring & Autumn Annals (+6 Int*)

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Re: Zhefu OI

Postby King Tao » Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:47 am

Kung Xing (17)
Stats: 91-69-57-68-20
Skills: Dash II, Instructor II, Maraud II, Sortie II, Wall II
Items: Baihu's Diary (+4 Command, Book) and Baihu's Military Notes (+3 Command, Book)
Kung Fang 78-71-35-68-28 Charge 2, Cover 2, Encourage 1, Raid 1, Support 2, Volley 1, Wall 1

Kung Xian

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