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Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:10 pm
by Phailak
Qin raised an eyebrow.

"You disgrace me to Lord Sun and you dare..."

He didn't have time to finish, Yun charged at him surprising everyone but Qin deflected the blow. Yun's momentum brought him to the other side of Qin however who now was between two opponents.

"What did this toad tell you anyway?"

It was only a moment before Yun came again and Qin had to turn back to block the blow. It was Quan's chance to strike now though.

Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:18 pm
by Anoriand
A moment of realization came upon Quan. It was the Luo brothers all over again. He had been deceived. He was tricked by a man who did not value true justice... or at least he might have been. He had only one shot to do this right. Zhang Yun had led him hear. He swore fealty to him, and Quan needed the help! And so... he made his choice.

"Hah!" Quan struck in his moment, charging forward and shoulder charging Yun while his focus was shifted, attempting to shove him back and cause a momentary pause. He raised his blade in between them, standing such that he could react to either as he spoke, addressing Qin.

"This man told me that someone killed his father and brother, and that there was an attempt on his life as well, and the roads have led to you. I have been fooled one time too damn many, so if this is a lie or if there are reasons for your actions, then say so now! If there is reason for you to live, I will find a solution! If you have done as you said, I will be your executioner. So answer. Now!"

Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:25 pm
by Phailak
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Qin did not lower his guard.

"Oh I killed those bastards alright and he should of been dead as well but I would never sully Lord Sun Quan's name. They died in battle after I defeated this garbage in a duel."

Yun was back up and ready but did not press.

"Lies! You attacked our camp as we made our way north!"

Qin smirked.

"I did after your little ploy disgraced me in the eyes of my Lord."

Yun tilted his head, he genuinely did not seem to know what Qin spoke about.

Qin spoke to Quan.

"Step aside, enough talk. If he has a quarrel with me then let him come and see if he can defeat Jiang Qin."

Yun did not seem to eager to do so, but he did raise his sword before addressing Quan.

"He is trying to play with you, you have promised me vengeance and my father and brother await!"

Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:35 pm
by Anoriand
Quan stood his ground, eyeing both men and pondering for a moment, finally he lifted his blade and turned... to face Qin.

"I will not step aside. I have fought to get here, and I deserve answers. What was the ploy he used? Was it true trickery, or did you actually go and kill a mans family because he bested you on the battlefield? Speak your truth now, or let your blade do the talking." Quan still hasn't truly made his choice, but he had decided that it was Qin who seemed to have broken the rules of war, and barring a good defense of himself, who would be made to pay.

Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:45 pm
by Phailak
Qin shrugged.

"It is my word against his. This worm somehow got a letter to Lord Sun saying I was providing information to Cao Cao. I did not see the forgery."

He seemed to finally realize about the battle raging in his camp.

"These good men followed me to clear my name. We attempted to confront this pompous fool but he would not listen. He was bringing a force to Cao Cao from what we gathered so we attacked. We face each other in a duel before the forces swarmed in, I thought he was dead but I guess he was just playing dead. The father and brother died by my blade in battle as they came to avenge HIM!"

Yun just kept stammering no over and over as if overwhelmed.

"You are the one using ploys and deceiving him and now Lord Cao comes for you at last you fool but no one shall still my revenge."

Quan knew he had not much time left before he had to make a choice...

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Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:53 pm
by Anoriand
Quan listened to each man speaking, sighing for a moment and realizing the truth of things.

"I understand now... Yun was bested in battle... his father and brother died in a battle they willingly served in... and he attempted to get someone else to kill you to eliminate his failure." Quan turned and faced Yun, a steely gaze in his eyes and his words ringing it.

"The same craven act you accused him of, you were going to do? I will not have it. You tricked me. You played me so I could do your dirty work for you. If you truly were telling the truth, why would you be stuttering and he be so confident? No... I was led astray, but I can side with the right side now." Quan turned just enough to eye Qin as he spoke, but still enough to see Yun.

"You words ring true. You have done this the honorable way... And I fight for honor." And with that Quan had made his choice, with his blade facing the man who had led him here...

Re: Eye of the tiger

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:27 pm
by Phailak
In a strange moment of courage for someone accused of what he apparently did, Yun charged at Qin. Though Quan tried to intercept, Qin calmly moved him aside. Quan didn't have a chance to interfere as arrows started flying down all around them.

Someone charged at them on a horse, leveling his spear at Quan but Qin somehow dodged Yun's powerful and hateful strike and parried the lance before dismounting the rider.

Qin fell to an arrow in the leg and Yun's follow up attack which he blocked but the power behind the blow had the flat side of his blade knock him out. Quan was too far away now to stop the killing blow.

At the last moment an arrow struck Yun's wrist, disarming him. He fell back in pain as Qin lay unconscious.

"Commander Mao, Jiang Qin is here."

Yun yelled no as he rose again and the arrows stopped flying but by this time, Quan had Qin on the horse and they were riding away.

Cao Cao's men gave chase for a long time and having two bodies to support, the horse was quickly fading.

Luckily, they found some of Qin's men that had managed to rally and they made it to a nearby small settlement. The soldiers said they would go scout, 50 in all, but they figured they did not have much time.

When Qin woke, he was very grateful. As the two spoke and Quan shared his ambitions, Qin pledged his sword to him with whatever men he had left for saving his life.

OOC: Quest completed. You have gained a follower Jiang Qin as well as 50 (75) soldiers and 50 armaments.