A tale of two brothers

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Re: A tale of two brothers

Postby Phailak » Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:50 pm

OOC: Quest is considered done. Losers still get paid 25 gold which was left back at camp.

Winners get 25 gold as well as an extra 25 for contacts from the village, 25 armaments from the spoils of war and 25 soldiers that decide to go back with them after fighting under them. So breakdown:

Ji Song (KDS), Hao Wen (clouds), Liu Quan (Anoriand), Chen Ping (Chen Ping) get 25 gold

Hu Jing (rcsha), Yuan Zhang (Mal Tijie), Yu Daoshi (Naxr), Fei Lai (Phailak) get 25 gold, 25 contacts, 25 armaments, 25 soldiers

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