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Re: General Roleplay

Postby Suicide Fox » Mon May 15, 2017 9:45 am

Bradums wrote:some really good stuff

There was a long, natural pause at the conclusion of Bei Baorong’s words, broken only by a snort of surprise by Jian Bian once he’d taken it all in. An ah-ha! smile crept across his face. He unfolded his fingers and stretched them across the surface in front of him to feel the texture.

It was cathartic in a way.

“Your honesty is refreshing,” He said to the warlord whole-heartedly. His gaze fell to the surface in front of him. It was obvious there was inner turmoil on the former bandit’s face. He was struggling to come to grips if he should reciprocate the sentiment. “Truly refreshing...”

A long, drawn out sign escaped him.

“Very, well…”

“Know that I meant you no offense when I raised your standard against Shen Feng, that much is true and I swear by it. But I had to get your attention somehow... and it seems to have worked. You see, Bei Baorong, I feel as if you and I are kindred spirits… yet at the same time we are very different.”

His right hand tapped the cup of wine and his eyes remained on the half-full contents.

“So I will tell you everything, because I believe in your heart you are an honorable man… which is more than I can say for myself. What I have done to get where I am, not all of it was honorable, but much of it was necessary. So here is the truth.. and at the end of it I hope that we can move forward as allies…”

Eyes raised to Bei Baorong.

“When I called the Winter Summit, as you know, I was not in the best position militaristically speaking. My army is large and I am capable, but the proclamation by Rah-Ky left us in a precarious situation. I am a powerful commander of men, yes, but I cannot take on all of Jing alone.”

“I am bound to Rah-Ky, you see. Before I met him, I was just a bandit. All I cared for was money, the next big score, and my own survival. The young warlord opened my eyes to something greater. Many may see him as an incapable child, but he is much.. much more. He showed me that I had something within to raise an army of my own and make a difference in this world. That I was more than a bandit trying to survive. He showed me a purpose…”

“And I also see that purpose within you. When I sit across from you, I get that familiarity I feel with Rah-Ky. Both of you… full of such greatness, both with a vision for a better world.”

He spread his hands, noticing he was babbling.

“So, I called the summit for two purposes: One, which everyone knew, was to expel the three powerful clans from Jing. But the second, I kept secret. I needed to see who was of like-mind, and who was not. Because, like it or not, this new world order cannot be achieved through kind words alone. There would be opposition, and they would need to be stopped.”

“And thus the summit served its purpose. I was able to gauge who stood where and could act accordingly. Shen Feng showed little courage during the summit. He spoke more of caution, fear of retribution from the three clans. In the end, he was against the coalition.”

“I understand your way, I truly do. But words cannot solve everything – bold action is what brings progress. When I used your banner I meant to send a message. Those who question this new Jing… one of our own making, it cannot be tolerated. We could be allies, you and I. Your words and my might, we could change this world. I want us to be allies, Bei Baorong. I want us to work together to achieve a peaceful Jing.”
“Shen Feng deserved to have those lands stripped from him simply because, he was too cowardly to defend it. Think, Bei Baorong. You said it yourself at the summit, we warlords trade our holdings like common coin. One warlord attacks another one, and the defender simply gives up and moves to another territory.”

“The people are suffering. They need stability. They need men who will stand to defend them, no matter what the odds. I can be that for them---I am that for them.”
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Re: General Roleplay

Postby Bradums » Tue May 16, 2017 3:08 pm

Suicide Fox wrote:Text Wall Party!

Save for a few slight visual cues and a raised eyebrow or two, the black-armored lord was fairly expressionless; but that was par for the course with him. Regardless, it was obvious he was very intent on Jian Bian's words. Once Jian Bian was finished speaking, Baorong gave a nod and put his cup back on the table, filling it once more with wine.

"I was born in Jianye," he began cryptically, seemingly off-topic entirely, "To a very wealthy family. I could've stayed there and spent my days in relative luxury as a vassal of the Southlands, using my voice to help govern my people there. Instead, I left home to join Cao Cao's army, because I felt that his cold efficiency...his initiative...was the best chance our Empire had at ending the chaos we had been gripped in since...well, before you and I were born. You question, in a way, my use of words rather than the sword. I chose the sword long ago. However, I've learned to realize the benefit in using words when a sword is less efficient."

The lord took a drink, then a deep breath.

"I can't count how many men I've killed at this point. How many limbs I've cut, or how many fathers, brothers, and sons that I've sent away from the world of the living. I've fought alongside and against men our younger soldiers speak of as heroes when I was younger than they themselves, and while I'm not an old man yet, I've seen much in my thirty years on this Earth," he recalled.

Giving a firm nod, he smiled and said, "I know what necessary evil looks like. What it feels like. A third of the region flies a black-and-gold banner, not counting those you recently raised, and it wasn't words alone that made this possible. I've lost thousands of men and killed ten times that number, all to achieve our common goal of stability and order in Jingzhou."

Baorong tapped his thigh idly with his index finger, not to signify anything, but out of a sort of habit. Tilting his head slightly, he gestured softly toward Jian Bian and asked, "How many battles have you fought, Lord Jian? How much of your young lord's territory was earned through bloodshed and hard-argued diplomacy? I do not ask this to question your integrity or the worth of your cause, but to illustrate my point. My enemies made the mistake of assuming my kindness and calm to mean weakness and fought me at every turn, yet here I sit. Battle after battle, and a third of the region now knows some measure of peace by my hand, drenched in blood such as it may be."

Raising his hands as a symbolic illustration of his point, he then clasped them in his lap and cleared his throat.

"To make a pointed respected ally - Ma Dieu - was declared your mortal enemy at the whims of a fourteen-year-old boy, if you'll forgive the generalization. There were no ideological differences at the time, no existing conflict...just a declaration of war and a threat against any who didn't follow him into battle. Unwilling to shed blood over a war with no cause to it, Lord Ma withdrew from each of your invasions. Your young master was emboldened with each hollow victory, despite not having to fight for any of them. At the summit, he callously declared that after all of us had shed our blood for a shared purpose...despite all that each of us have sacrificed to be where we are...that he alone should be made lord of all Jingzhou..." the long-haired warlord recalled, raising an eyebrow.

Waving a hand dismissively, the lord said, "I don't say this to disparage you, but to make a comparison in response to what you've said. He and I are nothing alike. Polar opposites, in fact. He is young and inexperienced, taking everything for granted in this world. He makes war on a whim, and alienates everyone around him. I have seen war, and I take nothing for granted. I understand that war brings only temporary solutions, while diplomacy and strategy create permanent ones. Ky-Rah and Bei Baorong couldn't be more different from one another."

Shaking his head, Baorong went on to conclude, "I want to save Jingzhou...better it. He wants to rule it. His is the way of a bandit-lord, and the precarious position you so aptly admitted to was crafted by his own hand. Unless the boy matures into a man and begins to use his head a bit more and show a little empathy for the people he so desires to govern, I don't see myself working with him. I certainly couldn't see myself serving him, as he so openly expects."

Sighing, he took another drink of wine, slowly putting it back down before clasping his hands once more in his lap.

"But that is Ky-Rah, not Jian Bian. My concerns with you, as I've noted, are far easier to address," the lord admitted, rubbing his chin, "I am being very honest with you in voicing my two grievances with you, so I hope you take that to heart. I say the following to offer room for reconciliation, not to accuse. took my banner without my granting you the right. In itself, this is not so egregious. Given the timing of it, being used solely for the invasion of Shen Feng's land, however...makes it more concerning. Secondly, the invasion itself..."

Running a hand through his long hair, Baorong went on to say, "If I attacked everyone I deemed weaker than myself, we wouldn't be having this conversation, Lord Jian, for two reasons. Firstly, because I would've invaded your own lands absent reason long ago, before Ma Dieu conceded most of what your lord now owns. Secondly, because such unchecked and unreasonable aggression would've made me an enemy and untrustworthy to all those around me. I would've been devoured alive. This is not how to unite Jing. Instead, I offer trust for trust, peace for peace. Those who cannot abide by peace are removed, but I never strike without just cause. Your invasion of Shen Feng was not that. You can justify it as his weakness, you can justify it by his departure rather than defense of them, but this doesn't defend the intention that led to your invading in the first place."

"Shen Feng could've been an honorable ally, and was already marching to assist in the war effort you so vocally advocated for. He has the respect of many, including myself. By stealing his lands by right of conquest alone, you alienated him, as well as the rest of us. You wanted to invade Cao Ren, to expel the three kingdoms from Jing. Yet while Bei Baorong's banner...Shen Feng's banner...Ma Dieu's banner...An Taijie's banner...while all of our banners were seen on the battlefield, yours was nowhere to be seen, because you were in the south, invading the undefended land of one who was fighting alongside the rest of us...all while you were bearing my banner in the act. This throws your integrity into question, Lord Jian, and gives concern to your true purpose," he concluded.

Shaking his head once more, Baorong suggested, "You want to be the stability people need? You want to ease their suffering? This is not the way. You are a capable man, and have the potential to do great things, but the path you are on denies you the opportunity. Words are just as powerful as the sword, but you cannot bring true stability using one and not the other, and your words must be as true as the swing of your sword. You gave me responses to these concerns, but I find them very hard to take at face value, given the circumstances. The damage you've done, and the image you project of yourself is too damning to brush off as simple necessity...because it wasn't necessary to begin with, and you and Ky-Rah are the only ones who benefit while the rest of us make our sacrifices. Mistakes can be rectified, and missteps can be corrected, if desired. But when an error is made consciously, well...that is a different matter entirely, wouldn't you say? So, you'll have to humor me, Lord Jian...was your true intention in taking Shen Feng's lands under my banner really as you say?"

It was clear that he wasn't pleased with the topic of discussion, but as one would imagine, it was rare that anyone would be so open to discussion in the first place. Though he didn't show it, a sort of annoyance and anger was buried deep down, even as he spoke calmly to question the nature of Jian Bian's explanation of events. He had been vexed by the man's actions, and the actions in question ran completely opposite the given intention, so Baorong wanted to get to the heart of the matter - or at least voice his doubts and offer Jian Bian another chance to address them.

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Re: General Roleplay

Postby Suicide Fox » Wed May 17, 2017 9:48 am

Bradums wrote:.

His head naturally fidgeted as Bei Baorong touched on his different points. By the conclusion, one thing was clear: Baorong was a dangerous man.

"I have no reason to lie to you, but it seems you already have me judged," Jian Bian said at last, leaning back in his seat. "I hear you speak of your accolades and comparisons... well, the differences you highlight between you and the young Rah-Ky, but at the bones you are the same, as are we all. You may have walked a different path to get there, seen things the young should dare not see, but in the end we all want the same thing--a united Jing."

He shook his head and smiled. It was clear Jian Bian now believed Bei Baorong could not be won over.

"I realize now that using your banner to get your attention has deeply offended you, and for that I apologize. But it sounds to me as if you wish to condemn me for my actions. Forget not that although you control one-third of Jing, the young lord and myself are right behind you. We lack the allies, but we have the armies and men capable enough to lead their numbers."

"So, I too will be frank. I used your banners to get your attention, to seek an alliance with you. If I could expand my own territory and consolidate my power while doing it, so be it. It is very obvious that there will soon be moves against me and that I am not friend to many who sat at the summit due to my ties with Rah-Ky alone. I see the error of my ways, but I am not like you Bei Baorong. I do not come from such an... esteemed background where the rules of conduct are so cleanly drawn. Jing is hell and in order to survive I've had to, at times, become a demon. However, I am willing to change... to learn a better way."

"Are we so content to leave this meeting on bad terms? What could I do to make this right with you, to show you that my intentions are true and that although our methods may differ, I too seek what is best for the people."

His eyes narrowed.

"But I will say this, I will not return Shen Feng's villages. If anything, your brutal honesty has led me to believe I have lost your favor and if this is the case I will need that territory more than ever. Don't think the irony of the situation hasn't befallen me, perhaps I could gain favor with you and Shen Feng if I returned the villages.. but that is not a risk I'm willing to take. You are my last hope, so to speak, before I am forced to take drastic measures..."
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Re: General Roleplay

Postby Shen Feng » Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:43 pm

Ah, how fast situations could change.

Some months back, at the attempted coalition gathered by Jian Bian, Shen Feng had advised caution, he had warned that the gathering would be doomed to failure without an agreement on who would lead, also warning that engaging the forces of all three kingdoms at once would lead to certain doom. On the first point, he had been right, though he hadn't quite expected how. Indeed, it was the would-be coalition leader Jian Bian himself who had abandoned his own pursuit, choosing to strike at Feng's own domains rather than assisting in the effort he'd spearheaded. In doing so, he had rather effectively chased Feng into an alliance of necessity with the rest of the coalition.

But there was more to it than just that. At the conclusion of the meeting, Feng had written a letter to Lu Meng, co-signed by Ma Dieu, to request assistance in the attack on Xiangyang. Unknown to his comrade, he had included with it a second letter, a letter to warn the General of Wu of the intentions of the other warlords, to urge him to seek reinforcements and fortify his position. And then he'd waited for further instructions.

And waited.

And waited.

Instructions never came. There was no acknowledgement at all from Lu Meng as to what he should do. Busy besieging Xiangyang, there was no time for Feng to go and visit Jiangling himself, and he had begun to worry that maybe he shouldn't. He had warned Lu Meng about Ma Dieu, but what if the General didn't believe him? Would Lu Meng trust the more powerful Ma Dieu over him? Might be he in danger if he went to Jiangling?

The farmer didn't think that was the case, but he hadn't made it where he was by being foolish. Sometimes, a little paranoia could help keep one alive.

And the others within the coalition had treated him well, despite his dire warnings at the meeting itself. They had helped him retake Huarong from whoever it was that had captured it, and also assisted him in taking the strategically important town of Xiaoting, a place that put Maicheng to shame in size. He had assisted that odd female general, An Taijie, in taking Yong'An from Guan Yu, even as he worried that half of the members of the coalition weren't aware that she was female. And now, the rest of them were marching on Jiangling, making his warning to Lu Meng come true.

Feng's soldiers were not among those marching. He owed Lu Meng that much, at least. But even though the fate of Jiangling seemed sealed, time would tell if the rest of Feng's warnings would come true. Could they truly survive here in this patch of Jingzhou, having made enemies of all three of the kingdoms? Could they defend this most desirable piece of land from all comers?

Only time would tell.

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