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Postby Phailak » Wed May 16, 2018 4:52 pm

Was almost forgetting.

For plots and counter plots. Plots are very difficult to pull off and subjective to the plotmaster. Very difficult to mechanize but I will do my best to describe as best as I can how I deal with them.


Every plot needs a setting, usually through roleplay. Don't send me plots how for the next 3 months you will study the movements of your target and figure out from routine the best time to attack, I won't run anything like that.


Some plots by definition need preparation. You can't poison someone in a RP all of a sudden unless it is part of a submitted plot before said RP. You also can't ambush someone out of the blue, that kind of stuff needs planning.


Plots can't replace mechanics in place. You can't plot to attack another force outside of using battles (my 500 men attack his camp). Can't RP a duel. Can't plot the surrender of a force or location. Can't steal gold neither since that is covered under spy operations.


A difficulty -40 to +40 can be applied depending on the situation.

So what can you do?

At it's base, plots are very difficult to do, even if they are planned for a long time because as a rule, the one being plotted against is affected a lot more than the plotter. Here are some tests and related stats I would use in each.


You want to send a letter impersonating someone? False orders to gain entrance or something from another player?

You or an NPC or even a fellow player can use their character's ING to forge a letter or document or even a seal. The one receiving it would use JUD.


You think you can sneak past guards? Pretend to be someone of authority?
You or the person performing the act would use CHA. The victims would use JUD.


You have someone in your custody and want information?
You or the person interrogating would use COM, victim would use MIG.

I'll try to come up with a more defined list and cover all possible tests that could be run. IN general though you basically have a test and counter test.

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