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Brother Dun
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Re: IRC Channel

Postby Brother Dun » Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:59 pm

I don't know what's worse, Mikal's Freudian slip, or whatever the hell Xiao Gau was talking about at the end of that little conversation!
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Zhao Ren
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Re: IRC Channel

Postby Zhao Ren » Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:49 pm

[15:44] <@BrotherDun> What happens to Dreamer's kingdom now?
[15:44] * Zhao_Ren shrugs
[15:45] <Zhao_Ren> I think a group of American marines arrive through a teleportation device and are now stranded in ancient China
[15:45] <Zhao_Ren> space marines*
[15:45] <Zhao_Ren> with chainsaw guns*
[15:45] <@BrotherDun> lol
[15:45] <Zhao_Ren> on bear-sharks*
[15:46] <Zhao_Ren> that drink only blood and the tears of lesser men*
[15:46] <Zhao_Ren> and that's your new enemy, BD!
[15:47] <@BrotherDun> Yay!
[15:48] <@BrotherDun> I'll just invite them over for tea...

Only one flaw, BD! They're not Brits!
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