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Gameplay Summary

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:49 am
by Phailak
I know most of you have been simming for years so this would likely be useless but seeing as Warlords is a bit different, I decided to summarize the gameplay experience.

In this version (V6) the objective of the game is to control all 4 cities (Guiyang, Lingling, Changsha and Wuling) for a full turn meaning you had control of them at the start of the turn and still do with NO extended battles at the end of it. An extended battle occurs when neither side wins.

This doesn't have to be a lone venture though, it's true we removed any cooperation in battles, but alliances still and should exist. You can still 'join' another player in alliance and if your alliance secures all four cities this way, your group wins. Alliances must have an appointed leader though who would be the true winner of the game.

To start, you have to create a character. Using the tool at the top with the following icon Image you may reroll your character as many times as you want.

You will then want to submit your first turn using Image. Turns typically have four phases. Phase 1 being submitting your planning phase (what you and your officers do, your personal plans for officer growth and if you attack). Phase 2 occurs if an attack has been made. Those attacking have to decide if they press the attack or withdraw (there can be many reasons to withdraw but the main one would be if more than one person attacked same target). You can also decide to use a spy operation for the upcoming battle. Those being attack have to decide who they will send to defend if at all. Phase 3 consists of assigning soldiers and armaments as well as which officer goes to which layer. Tactics and duel options as well. Phase 4 is simply a results phase where battle results and planning phase results are posted.

Once you acquire enough resources, you can spend them between turns using Image.

If you are involved in a battle (attack or defense) you use Image to set up your lineup and tactics.

You can view the map at any time Image.

Using the officer information tool Image, you can specify your Bio, select an avatar and a flag for the map.

There are not set ruler players at start, you have to amass your own army and gain holdings by attacking them. Without a place to call home, you are in your own camp which allows you to gather some resources.