Chapter I: Welcome

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Chapter I: Welcome

Postby Phailak » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:07 pm


IMPORTANT NOTE: Tools should work with ALL browsers, but all testing has been done with Google Chrome

Welcome to Warlords! It has been a long absence for one of my favorite hobbies but with some life breathed into recently, it has motivated me to see if we can try to revive the community here. Right now, I am the sole admin and game runner of this version we are launching and since I don't know nearly enough about the Han era that the original versions were based in, I turned it towards something more familiar with the three kingdoms era. I want to take a moment to thank Kymvir and ann who ran the game previously and were kind enough to hand it to me now, Suicide Fox who was my cheerleader to get things going as well as Jolt who has made that awesome map we'll be using. Also very honorable mentions to Bradums and GrimoireLD for the help with testing the tools.

Speaking of tools, my experience with sims since 2006 has taught me that there are two things that eventually kill them: A) lack of staff and B) long delays in turn progression. Following up on our improvements from V4, I coded and implemented tools for ALL aspects of the game, allowing us to completely automate turn progression and game mechanics. Unfortunately, I had to limit the scope for this first version to see if there was still interest. So I concentrated mostly on the military aspect of Warlords, dumbing down the civil portion and significantly reducing the playing area of the map. Jolt helped with the storyline as well, fleshing out something that would make sense for the scope. The following chapters will go into more details on how players should use those tools for their turns, making their submissions very quick and allowing them to concentrate on role playing if they so choose to.

What is unique to this version is that each player will be his own entity with his own armies and resources. If you choose to follow another player in his conquests, you can absolutely do so, but you retain control of your own army and NPCs as well as any location you control. The storyline will set a specific objective for end game or victory conditions to be met for the game to end. So starting turn 1, every player will have what we refer to as a camp with no soldiers or followers. Through a game concept we call Planning Phase, each player can develop their character and resources in order to grow. The path to power will go through acquiring villages, towns and cities until your conquest is complete.

Staff will drive the storyline and offer many different role play opportunities but at its heart, the best interactions will be between the players themselves. The game design is for 10-12 players but storyline and more importantly the tools are made to they can scale to a much larger group should interest be there.

So dive right in, read the chapters that follow and tutorials within them for the tools and don't be shy to ask questions when needed!

Quick note about IP Sharing here and here please read them both.

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