Chapter II: Sign Up

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Chapter II: Sign Up

Postby Phailak » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:06 pm

[Signing Up]

As a new player of Warlords, your first order of business is to sign up and create your character. Your character will be completely your creation, and having one will allow you to interact with the other Player Characters (PCs) and historical characters played by the Game Masters that run the game (Commonly referred to as NPCs).

The first step in creating a character is to select your character's name. This can be any name, and while we encourage using Chinese names in keeping with the flavor of the game, there are no restrictions or penalties for selecting some other name (provided it is not obscene).

Next, you must select the age of your character, which may be any age over 14.

Then you must choose 10 traits that will define your stats and skills. The choices will list the trait name, statistical bonuses they provide in order of importance (first stat has highest bonus, second is medium and third is smallest). So should someone select Allure, they will gain a greater bonus to COM, average bonus to MIG and small bonus to ING (more on stats and their meaning below). You also will see a list of skills, one of them will randomly be chosen for each trait.

You can take same trait 10 times or mix it up (there's a randomize button for your convenience). You can reroll as MANY times as you wish until you have a character you like, however you can't go back. A stat can't go above 99 and a skill above level 2. If you press on the back button to a previous character, when you press save, it will use your last roll so be careful.

Sign Up Tutorial

So here's a visual of the sign up tool with some comments


Result screen shown below


When you save, this is what you will see with your officer ID which you can create links with.





AdministratorGain for all categoriesCivil102030JUDCHACHA
AgentGain intelligenceCivil255075INGJUDCOM
AidRaise Own Officer Effectivness from Melee using CHA and COMBattle102030CHACOMMIG
AlertImprove NetworkCivil102030MIGINGCOM
ArchitectImprove ProductionCivil102030MIGJUDCOM
ArmorsmithGain armamentsCivil255075MIGCOMCHA
AuthorativeRaise trainingCivil255075COMJUDING
BarrageLower Opp Support Attack from Support using JUD and COMBattle153045JUDCOMING
BarricadeRaise Own Support Defense from Support using ING and JUDBattle102030INGJUDMIG
BlacksmithGain armamentsCivil255075MIGCHAING
ChargeRaise Own Melee Attack from Melee using MIG and JUDBattle102030MIGJUDCHA
CommanderImprove MilitaryCivil102030COMMIGJUD
ConfuseLower Opp Officer Effectivness from Support using ING and CHABattle369INGCHAJUD
ConscripterGain soldiersCivil255075COMCHAMIG
CoverRaise Own Melee Defense from Support using JUD and INGBattle102030JUDINGMIG
CrafterImprove crafting point gains for playerCivil255075JUDINGCOM
DecoyLower Opp Melee Attack from Melee using COM and CHABattle153045COMCHAMIG
DelayLower Opp Both Layers Speed from Support using ING and JUDBattle102030INGJUDCHA
DerideLower Opp Support Morale from Support using ING and JUDBattle51015INGJUDCHA
DisciplineRaise Own Soldiers Morale from Melee using COM and CHABattle102030COMCHACHA
DisruptLower Opp Support Defense from Support using COM and CHABattle153045COMCHAMIG
EconomistImprove EconomyCivil102030JUDMIGCHA
EncourageRaise Own Both Layers Speed from Support using COM and CHABattle102030COMCHAJUD
EngineerImprove ProductionCivil102030MIGINGCHA
EntangleLower Opp Both Layers Speed from Melee using MIG and COMBattle102030MIGCOMJUD
EscortRaise Own Army Supplies from Melee using MIG and INGBattle102030MIGINGJUD
FazeLower Opp Officer Effectivness from Melee using CHA and MIGBattle369CHAMIGING
GovernorRaise output for all categoriesCivil369CHACOMMIG
GuardRaise Own Army Supplies from Support using ING and MIGBattle102030INGMIGJUD
HasteRaise Own Both Layers Speed from Melee using MIG and CHABattle102030MIGCHACOM
InfiltratorGain intelligenceCivil255075INGCOMMIG
InvestorImprove EconomyCivil102030JUDCOMING
JeerLower Opp Melee Morale from Melee using CHA and INGBattle51015CHAINGMIG
LeaderImprove MilitaryCivil102030COMMIGJUD
MagistrateRaise output for all categoriesCivil369INGCHAMIG
MentorImprove stats experience for playerCivil255075INGJUDCOM
MerchantGain goldCivil255075JUDCHAING
PoisonLower Opp Support Supplies from Support using JUD and INGBattle51015JUDINGCOM
PoliticianImprove RecruitmentCivil102030CHAINGJUD
PropagandistImprove RecruitmentCivil102030CHACOMJUD
RaidLower Opp Support Supplies from Melee using MIG and COMBattle51015MIGCOMING
RallyRaise Own Army Morale from Support using CHA and MIGBattle102030CHAMIGCOM
RecruiterGain soldiersCivil255075COMMIGCHA
RuptureLower Opp Melee Defense from Melee using COM and MIGBattle153045COMMIGJUD
ScoutLower Opp Melee Defense from Support using CHA and INGBattle153045CHAINGCOM
SeekerGain contactsCivil255075CHAJUDING
SortieLower Opp Melee Attack from Support using MIG and JUDBattle153045MIGJUDCOM
SpyImprove NetworkCivil102030INGMIGJUD
SuccorRaise Own Officer Effectivness from Support using JUD and INGBattle102030JUDINGCHA
SupportRaise Own Melee Attack from Support using JUD and COMBattle102030JUDCOMING
TraderGain goldCivil255075JUDMIGCHA
TrainerRaise TrainingCivil255075MIGCOMING
TravelerGain contactsCivil255075CHAINGJUD
TutorImprove skill experience for playerCivil255075INGCHAMIG
VolleyRaise Own Support Attack from Support using ING and JUDBattle102030INGJUDCOM
WallRaise Own Melee Defense from Melee using COM and MIGBattle102030COMMIGING

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