Chapter III: Turn Progression

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Chapter III: Turn Progression

Postby Phailak » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:06 pm

Turn Progression

Time does not function the same in Warlords as it does in life. Here, the staff tries to make most turns (game months) take at most one week. If there are no battles, would be significantly lower. Usually any turn that requires any kind of submission is given a 24 hours (like battle decisions or submitting PPs). A single turn will go through four phases:

Phase I
PP (Planning Phase) submission which means the player makes the necessary choices in the tools that determine his officer's actions that month. At a high level this means actions for him and his NPCs for his kingdom, his own personal tactics and time allotment that will determine how much experience or crafting points he acquires and finally if he launches any attacks (one or several). This phase usually lasts 24-48 hours.

Phase II
Once Phase I time expires, attacks will be publicly posted in the Battle Thread. Phase II consists of attackers deciding who is the leader of their group of attackers if there are more than 1 and for defenders to send their armies to locations they own being invaded. Other players at this point can also send reinforcements to places being attacked. This phase usually lasts 24 hours.

Phase III
Once Phase II expires and battles are set, Phase III allows leaders of the battles (selected attacker and the defender) to organize their soldiers into layers, assign officers to positions and determine tactics. Also lasts 24 hours.

Phase IV
Once Phase III is done, battles are executed and results posted and updated in the database. At the same time, Planning Phase results are posted and updated in the database. Turn is officially changed to the next one and we are back to Phase I. Usually lasts 24 hours.

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