Chapter VIII: Duel Management

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Chapter VIII: Duel Management

Postby Phailak » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:04 pm

Duel Management

Duels have been simplified so that we could get a version out there and gauge interest. Should the community revive and we have player interest, we'll expand on duels because we know they are an important part of the game.

For game purposes, there are two types of duels that can occur. The first one would happen because of a roleplay situation where two characters would face off. In this case, both participants would simply request staff run the duel in the duel request thread or use the DM tool that is available. That tool can be used by either player or staff and results are posted in the duel thread directly.

Second would be within battle. Each side can choose a champion and can decide to have that champion challenge or accept challenges. If two champions challenge or either one challenges and the other accepts, duel will run automatically with the tactics set in the officers OI.

As for the tool, it is pretty straight forward


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