Chapter IX: The Map

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Chapter IX: The Map

Postby Phailak » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:04 pm

The Map

Can be found here: Map

Again, want to take this opportunity to thank Jolt who put this together in mere hours.

So though the map has no direct impact on the game, it's a great visual cue to quickly take notice of the state of affairs in the land. It also represents the storyline and overall goal of the game.

There are three icons to take note of represented in the map's legend Image. Villages are small and provide only a small amount of resources, but their defenses are weak with only a few NPCs and soldiers to defend them. Towns usually have a bigger force but reward players with much better results each month. Finally cities are prized possessions for players, granting them much power and standing in the game. For this version, the three cities are each own by one of the three kingdoms while all towns and villages are independent.

The flags represent who controls each location. Through OI tool, you can customize your own flag. White flag represent independent NPCs that follow no one.

The map updates automatically with the database, so changes are immediately reflected. Flags are for the owners, so administrators serving another don't get their own flag.

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