November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

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November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

Postby ann » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:58 am

Hordes of armies pour from Wei into Dai under the command of Supreme Commander Yue Shang and Chu Prime Minister Fan Zeng, launching a provincial campaign against Zhao Liu's holdings in Dai!

Army Name: Dai Pacification Force
Origin: Wei Province
Target: Provincial Campaign Against Zhao Liu in Dai Province

Melee Layer:
Melee Commander: Yue Shang; 69-108-25-73-53/ Challenge I, Charge I, Delay I, Gongshu II, Jianshu II, Qiangshu II Rank: Supreme Commander (+4000 max troops)
Equipped: Spear of Fuchai (+3 Might, Challenge*), Helmet (+7 Might), Armor (+7 Might), Text of the Two Worlds (+1 Int, +1 Charisma), Throwing Knives, Horse (+1 Speed)
Sub Commander:Cheng Dang; 98-28-39-58-80/Discipline II, Diplomat II, Military_Admin II, Politician II Rank: King(+5000 Max Troops)
Sub Commander: Rou Jang; 70-81-35-70-67/Charge II, Delay III, Jianshu II, Military_Admin II, Smith II Rank: General(+(+2000 max troops)
Sub Commander: Rang Ka; 73-40-71-73-45/Aid II, Confuse I, Envelop I, Trainer I, Wall II Rank: Marshal(+3000 Max Troops)
Soldiers: 32183(79.18) Layer Max is 32600
Armaments: 19978 Bronze, 17150 Horses, 4205 Halberds, 4619 spears, 805 leather

Support Layer:
Support Commander:Fan Zeng;74-41-96-100-81/Decoy II, Poison II, Politician II, Public_Planner I, Saboteur II, Spy II, Volley III, Wall I Rank: Prime Minister
Cui Song; 75-64-52-59-68/Cover I, Deride II, Maraud I, Rally I, Smith I Rank General(+2000 Troops)
Yue Geng; 60-47-58-69-49/Discipline I, Instructor II, Public_Planner I, Scout I, Scribe I Rank: District Manager(+5000 Troops)
Di Bin; 79-67-39-54-70/ Entangle I, Escort II, Raid I, Smith I Rank: Marshal(+3000 Troops)
Liao Guang; 88-65-79-68-73 /Aid II, Assemble I, Civil_Admin I, Diplomat I, Scout I, Spy II, Yueshu I Rank: Magistrate (+5000 Troops)
Rue Ren; 49-20-103-78-47 /Doctor I, Engineer II, Jeer II, Poison II, Public_Planner II, Scribe II
Soldiers: 40230(44.46)
Armament: None

Supply Line:
10000(34.55) Soldiers
Lead by Shi Fen 22-42-46-67-53 Doctor I, Inspire I, Public_Planner I

This battle will be run by Belial! Defenders?
Xiang Yu 99-107*-72-61-81 Charge III, Challenge III, Dash II, Inspire II, Envelop II, Gongshu III, Assemble II, Instructor II, Jianshu III, Volley III, Raid III, Rupture III, Rally II, Qiangshu III, Pierce II, Intimidate III Items: Dapple (Horse, Spd+8, Atk+1, Def+1), Sword ( Mgt+7), Billhook (Mgt+3), Crossbow
Bu - the peasant
Zhao Nu 79*-91*-53-66-57/ Discipline I, Smith I, Challenge II, Qiongshu I, Wall II, Aid I Items: Horse Spd +3, Javelins, Billhook Might +7, Book of Maneuvers Com +2, Armor +3 Might

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Re: November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

Postby Belial » Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:03 pm

Please post your defensive force within 48 hours!
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Re: November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

Postby chandler_19 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:36 pm

A horsemen traveled to the approaching army with a letter. He ended the letter to a guard at the camp for Cheng Dang and Yue Shang.

Dear Cheng Dang,
my foolishness has already brought too much blood on the sand of Dai. No more should be spilled for my ambitions. By amassing such an army, you have proven that you are a worthy administrator. The province of Dai is yours, I hope that you will take good care of it and make it flourish into a blossoming area.

Sincerely, Zhao Liu.

OOC : Zhao Liu will leave the province with a PA trying to get every soldiers, NPCs and gold it will be possible to him to keep, unless Cheng Dang has something to offer to him.
Zhao Liu ; 80-63-40-87-44
Aid, Civil Admin III, Instructor II, Military Administrator II, Smith II, Sortie
Item : none


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Re: November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

Postby Chinka » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:42 pm

In the bitter cold, Wei's forces poured into Dai. Traveling along the main roads the army had yet to counter any resistance. In moments Ping Yang the deathplace of Zhao Ning was surrounded. Cheng Dang partly wanted to believe Ping Yang was an awful hellhole, and a godforsaken place to die. However the city was fairly prosperous more so than it had been when it was considered part of his lands. Continuing, to the Capitol of Dai. The forces of Wei encountered the rider. Baring the news that Zhao Liu is withdrawing.

How anticlimatic. Just like that they had accomplished their mission. Months of planning, gathering his best officers and preparing the soldiers for the bitter winter. Their mere presence had won the fight. Still Zhao Liu had not been much of nuisance, looking from Zhao Liu's perspective his intentions were good. And Cheng Dang had to give credit. He wasn't going to press an attack on Zhao Liu's remnants. The armies of Wei received new orders shortly to secure the holdings, quash an resistance, and sizeable force to escort Zhao Liu. Out of Dai ensuring that a would be counterattack would be a bad idea on Zhao Liu's part.

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Re: November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

Postby Spike » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:33 am

When he first heard the news of Zhao Liu's retreat, disappointment overcame Yue Shang.

"Damn," he muttered to Cheng Dang, dismounting his steed to join the man. "I was hoping for a fight. Though, I do suppose this land has seen enough blood..."

He trailed off, contemplating the death of Zhao Ning. This was the place he had died...With it claimed for Cheng Dang, there was really only one thing left to do to honor his mentor.
Yue Shang (23) 69-108*-25*-73-56*
Skills: Jianshu II, Gongshu II, Qiangshu II, Charge, Delay, Challenge*
Items Equipped: Spear of Fuchai (+3 Might, Challenge*), Helmet (+7 Might), Armor (+7 Might), Text of the Two Worlds (+1 Int, +1 Charisma), Sapphire Pendant (+3 Charisma), Throwing Knives, Horse (+1 Speed)

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Re: November 206 Provincial Campaing in Dai

Postby Phailak » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:08 am

Cities and locations assigned.

KTs marked.

Armies moved

Battle closed

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