September 206 Battle for Shouchun

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September 206 Battle for Shouchun

Postby ann » Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:04 am

Marquis Ma Dieu leads his Vanguard army and Huainan Rearguard in an assault on Wen Xu's city of Shouchun!

Origin: Huainan
Target: Wen Xu city of Shouchun in Jiujiang
Army: Vanguard
Commander: Marquis Ma Dieu 98*-84*-40-84*-21 Discipline II, Instructor II, Rupture II, Sortie II, Wall II Horse (+3 Speed),"Fan Zeng's battlefield wisdom" (+2 Judgment, Book), Black Armor (+3 Might , Armor), Sima Fa (+4 Command, Book), Sword (Melee, +4 Might)
Equipping [+5000 max troops, +25% Civil Development, +25% Recruitment]
SubCommander: Prefect Fei Lai 70*-17-102*-72-54 Civil_Admin II, Confuse II, Diplomat II, Jeer II, Scribe III Horse (+3 Speed), Book (+7 Int), )Book (+6 Com) [+5000 max troops, +25% Civil Development, +25% Recruitment]
Subcommander: District Manager Huo Zhi Kai 48-90*-27-50-65 Faze II, Gongshu II, Jianshu III, Qiangshu I, Spy I, Yueshu I, Yingzi [Sword] (Melee, Mgt+7), Heiyè [Horse] (Spd+5, Atk+1) [+5000 max troops, +25% Civil Development, +25% Recruitment]
Subcommander: Ro Qi 31-70-50-76-61/Challenge I, Entrench I, Instructor I, Saboteur I, Sortie I, Spy I
Soldiers: 21305(81.696738)
Armaments: 560 spears, 932 crossbows, 1200 leather


Origin: Huinan
Target: Wen Xu city of Shouchun in Jiujiang
Army: Huainan Rearguard
Commander: Kijo Akki71-103*-28-69-54 Challenge I, Charge I, Gongshu II, Jianshu II, Qiangshu II, Raid I, Yueshu I "HOOD OF DEFIANCE" (Armor - Might +7), "SANGE AND YASHA" (Sword - Might +6), "MASK OF MADNESS" (Helm - Might +3), "KELEN'S DAGGER" (Set of Throwing Knives (Ranged)), "THE WHITE KING" (Horse - Speed +5)
Subcommander: Magistrate He Ro 41-36-60-62-93 Assemble II, Doctor, Entrench II, Haste II, Inspire II, Rally II [+5000 max troops, +25% Civil Development, +25% Recruitment]
Subcommander: Pudang Cheng 70-45-70-71-67/Diplomat I, Doctor I, Military Administrator I, Poison I, Poison I, Public Planner I, Smith II.
Subcommander: Cesheng Pin 55-60-63-64-54 Assemble I, Confuse II, Politician I, Spy I
Soldier: 10125(62.300330)
Armaments: None

This battle has been assigned to Kymvir. Please post a combined invasion force - or indicate use of forces elsewhere for defense.
Xiang Yu 99-107*-72-61-81 Charge III, Challenge III, Dash II, Inspire II, Envelop II, Gongshu III, Assemble II, Instructor II, Jianshu III, Volley III, Raid III, Rupture III, Rally II, Qiangshu III, Pierce II, Intimidate III Items: Dapple (Horse, Spd+8, Atk+1, Def+1), Sword ( Mgt+7), Billhook (Mgt+3), Crossbow
Bu - the peasant
Zhao Nu 79*-91*-53-66-57/ Discipline I, Smith I, Challenge II, Qiongshu I, Wall II, Aid I Items: Horse Spd +3, Javelins, Billhook Might +7, Book of Maneuvers Com +2, Armor +3 Might

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Re: September 206 Battle for Shouchun

Postby Mardagg » Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:36 am

Both army will retreat to defend Xuyi!

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Kymvir Raemiz
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Re: September 206 Battle for Shouchun

Postby Kymvir Raemiz » Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:46 pm

Invasion cancelled. Brave Ma Dieu ran away! Battle Closed!
Han Xin, General of Han
99-52-95-76-58 Confuse II, Cover I, Dash II, Decoy III, Entrench II, Military Admin II, Pierce III, Rupture I, Sortie I, Spy I, Wall III

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