The Battle of the Wall

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The Battle of the Wall

Postby Belial » Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:06 pm

When Qin Shi Huang ordered the construction of the Great Northern Wall, he realized he would need allies to support his defenses. Qin Shi Huang realized that while the wall would serve to stall an enemy invasion, a siege could be laid upon one of its sections and the barbarian hordes of the north break free and run rampant across the lands of Qin. He knew allies might even serve to one day support a grand northern campaign, to see his ten thousand year reign spread in power and influence.

At the time of the Great Northern Wall's construction, Qin Shi Huang sent diplomats to the tribes of the north. He demanded their surrender and loyalty, pledges that they would support his lands and armies in time of need. Most of the northern tribes rejected the emissaries of Qin Shi Huang. Some of the northern tribes sent the heads of the diplomats and their escorts as their tribe's reply. Yet, there was some who rallied to his banner. Small and unimportant tribes which had been weakened by strife and conflict with the 'barbarians of the north.' Underneath Qin Shi Huang, these smaller tribes was reorganized and structured underneath a single banner which became known as the Kian Tribe.

Yet, the reign of Qin Shi Huang never lasted ten thousand years. His campaign to the north never came and the barbarians' will to fight was quelled by the mighty ramparts and cliffs of the Great Northern Wall. Instead, the northern steppes fell into internal strife. Tribe against tribe as they struggled for dominance upon those cold and bitter steppes. Yet, the legendary enemies of the Qin prospered in that era of internal strife. The Xiongnu, underneath Modu Chanyu, had begun to reach a height of power never before seen.

In the fall of 206 BC, seven horsemen rode to the Great Northern Wall and passed into the cities of the north. With those seven horsemen came their cause. In pleading tones, the seven horsemen besieged the governors of the north to honor their treaty. Even though the era of the Qin had come to pass, the Kian tribesmen argued that they had upheld their charge. The diplomats of the Kian tribe argued that they had defended the Great Northern Wall against the enemies of China and even now they protected. Yet, by the day, their tribe was being pushed back by the armies of Modu Chanyu. That by the day, the legendary tyrant of the north was gaining ground and soon his territory would press as far as the Great Northern Wall. It was a message at first ignored by the governors of the north.

By the winter of 206 BC, rumors had spread across the majority of northern China. Rumors which claimed a host of over one hundred thousand men laid ready to attack the Great Northern Wall. The Xiongnu had finally reached the borders of the northern frontier. Yet, rumors persisted that even after being denied, the Kian people had continued to struggle on. That even at the brink of defeat, the Kian people stood ready to fight. The question remained, however. Would anyone relieve them of their struggle?

Quest Summary:
Application: Up to ten players will be permitted into this quest. All applicants should make a roleplayed post which sees them head beyond The Great Northern Wall and enlist their services with the Kian people. Likewise, all applicants should follow the format below. The ten slots will go by rolled result and the ten rolled will be given membership to the quest.

December 24nd at 6 PM Central Time Zone (-6 GMT)

Application Format:
Character Name:


Application Example:
Character Name: Sir Fancy Pants
Stats: 9001-100-100-100-100
Items: The Tale of Sir Fancy Pants (+9000 Command Book), Crossbow, Sir Fancy Pants' Pants

BLARG BLARG BLARG BLARG. Sir Fancy Pants requires not the rp, but, you do!

Quest Progression: Players who are accepted into the quest will find themselves given access to the Kian Tribe PH. Within this thread, players will be given the chance to vote for their CiC for this quest who will have final say over battle tactics. This quest will have eight phases to it with four being civil and four being military. Players will be given an chance to improve their army before each of the four battles and then another chance to improve their army before the next. It will go: Civil, Batt;e, Civil, Battle, Civil, Battle, Civil, FINAL BATTLE. More details will be revealed in the quest PH.

Quest Rewards: To be revealed

Quest Danger: High - These are considered real battles and they will have real effects. Duels will be death matches and captures can end quite horribly. However, due to the danger rating, rewards are VERY high as well.
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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby Spike » Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:01 pm

Name: Yue Shang
Stats: 69-108-25-73-56
Skills: Gongshu II, Jianshu II, Qiangshu II, Charge, Delay, Challenge*
Items: Spear of Fuchai (+3 Might, Challenge*) Armor (+7 Might), Helmet (+7 Might), Text of the Two Worlds (+1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma), Sapphire Pendant (+3 Charisma), Throwing Knives, Horse (+1 Speed)

RP: Yue Shang had heard news of the plight of the Kian people. This was no business of his...not really. But these people needed help. And he could not sit idly by while the home of these innocent people was set siege upon. So he rode to the Kian territory. When he arrived, he dismounted and asked the onlookers, "Where is your leader? I have come to aid in your struggle."
Yue Shang (23) 69-108*-25*-73-56*
Skills: Jianshu II, Gongshu II, Qiangshu II, Charge, Delay, Challenge*
Items Equipped: Spear of Fuchai (+3 Might, Challenge*), Helmet (+7 Might), Armor (+7 Might), Text of the Two Worlds (+1 Int, +1 Charisma), Sapphire Pendant (+3 Charisma), Throwing Knives, Horse (+1 Speed)

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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby Chinka » Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:33 am

Character Name: Cheng Dang, King of Wei, Black Dog of Qin. Steward of Chu.
Stats: 98-28-39-58-80
Skills: Discipline II, Diplomat II, Military Administrator II, Politician II
Items: Dog of Qin(+3 Command Book)

The Great Walls were of major relevance to Cheng Dang. In his younger years he had been assigned to oversee their construction. A testament of not only the First Emperor's power, to all of man itself. It had taken unspeakable sacrifice to erect them. A signal of not only a near impregnable defense but a show to the Heaven's. Cheng Dang would be damned if he allowed the Xiong Nu to besiege them and invade the Middle Kingdom.

However this was not the only reason. The Great Kingdom of Wei was adjacent to walls if he sat back and allowed them to fall, Wei would surely be ransacked. Surely it was better to fight the barbarians on their lands and not his own. Better yet there was already a resistance laid by the Kian Tribes. Cheng Dang set forth to aid and organize the defense that would not only set the fate of the Kian people and Wei. But all of China was at Stake.

Cheng Dang was familiar with land, and climate this fight was to take place. Once again The Black Dog arises to face this challenge. Humming a this diddy.

Once again there is pain, I bring flames, I bring cold, Blood Red Sandman is coming home

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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby Radical Dreamer » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:32 pm

Name: Kubali Dun
Stats: 90-76*-35-65-22
Skills: Aid II, Qiangshu II, Sortie III*, Military Administrator II, Discipline II, Dash I
Items: Li Mu’s Bronze Armor (+2 Might, *Sortie), Steppe Pony (+1 Speed)

Modu Chanyu: it was a name that Dun knew well. Chanyu had been a major force when Kubali Dun had left the steppes in search of Li Mu's legendary armor and now it seemed he was the dominant force. Dun's own clan of Xiongnu had been in contention with Chanyu's for years, though the clan leader, Dun's father, was smart enough to avoid direct and overt confrontation. The letters the old man had sent to Dun's home in Jiaoxi told that unless this new thrust was destroyed, they would lose what standing they had in the clan meets; the Modu clan would be the most venerated, not the Kubali.

After leaving a quick letter for his commander, the man suited up and rode for the wall at the end of the world...
Kubali Dun 90*-76-35-68-23
Aid II, Qiangshu II, Sortie III*, Military Administrator II, Discipline II, Dash I

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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby lutai » Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:36 am

Character Name:Ma Rai
Skills:Challenge II, Gongshu II,Jianshu II,Military Administrator I,Qiangshu II, Spy II,Scout II
Items:Black Hair (Spd +2),leather helmet (Mgt+1),Level 4 Armor (+4 Mig),(+2 Mig) Sword,Judgment Book (+3 Jud)

Ma Rai heard of the Xiong Nu, and as a loyal Han member.He went too answer call to help defend the Great Northern Wall.
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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby scorpion » Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:18 pm

Name: Sho Tao. Hound of retribution, Headhunter of Qin, and Iron Arm of the North.
Stats: 69-111-28-44-57
Skills: Challenge II, Charge II, Smith III, Yueshu II
Horse - +1 speed horse (soon to be +5)
Head - +7 mig Helm
Body - +7 mig Armor
Weapon - +5 mig ax (soon to be +10)

Sho Tao had been banished from his home province of Dai. Then he had been abandoned by his lord while another took rule. On his way north to foresee the movement of his shop and escort his wife out of Dai, he heard news of the betrayal of Wei's forces. Crestfallen and angry, he had what was left of his disbanding army escort his wife south. While in turn, he went north of the wall in search of aid. Instead, he came across the Kian. Their plight inspired him to action from the burning anger inside of him. So he threw his name into the hat once again. And prepared for war.
Name: Sho Tao
Age: 28
Stats: 69-117-28-64-57
Skills: Challenge II, Charge II, Smith III, Yueshu II

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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby Krimzon » Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:13 pm

Character Name: Yi Guang (易广) zì Jianwu (建武, Establishing Martial)
Stats: 101*-104*-16-80-24
Skills: Aid II, Charge II, Qiangshu II, Raid II
Items: Akhal-Teke (+5 Speed), Mingguang Helm (+7 Might), Mingguang Armour (+7 Might), Qiang (+3 Might), Shuo Qiang (Ranged), Zuozhan (作戰, Waging War) (+7 Command), Zhibing (治兵, Controlling the Army) (+3 Command)

"Just a little further..." he murmured to the plunging animal. He knew that many horses would be ruined after such a ride. He had pushed beyond anything it had known before and the wind of many would be permanently broken. As he came out of the shadowy valley onto the grass plain, his spirit lifted. He could see the colossal wall rise up on the horizon. Somewhere beyond lay the camps of Modu Chanyu and a potential hundred thousand of those who followed him. Yi Guang had no idea how many men the Kian tribe could bring to the field. The steppes could have been stripped for war, or left well-manned and bristling for such an attack upon the Great Northern Wall. Whatever the odds Yi Guang's messenger urged himself on in the hopes of reaching the village in a timely manner. He continued to follow a wide dirt track that many had trampled in passing, just a few days before. Should Yi's messenger return to Wu with an acceptance reply, the Supreme Commander will ride for the northern frontier at first opportunity.
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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby gravenimages » Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:50 pm

Character Name: Hin Wu
Stats: 73-18-100-75-48
Skills: Confuse II, Decoy II, Entrench II, Poison II, Scribe I
Items: Book (int +4), Book (int+3)

Post: "I will remember your loyalty."

Hin Wu hung on those last words spoken to him by his King. He had failed in his commission to occupy Jiaoxi, yet had moved his armies several times to protect and assist that the other generals in the east. Perhaps that was enough, perhaps not. Now, with Qing Bu's army charged with securing Liang, it seemed that although Hin's loyalty was notable, his competence was in question. His followers had their instructions for the time he would be away, and would cooperate with the tattooed general's efforts.

The magistrate himself rode northward with but a few men. He had had word of the plight of the Kian, and understood the threat that the Xiongnu posed not only to that tribe but to the lands south of the Wall. It had been a difficult decision, but one that seemed best in the end: He would offer his assistance in the North. Success here could offset his previous failure. If he died, it would simplify the political situation in Liang. Either, it seemed, would serve Chu...

V1: Absentee
V2: Da Re, child Duke of Yin
V3: Ouhuan Bai Zhan
V4: Xiang Hin (the PC formerly known as Hin Wu)

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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby Royalspork » Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:41 pm

Lin Yue
Aid II, Charge II, Discipline II, Military Administrator II, Sortie I, Wall II
Ed (Speed +5), Billhook (Might +4), Book of Maneuvers (Com+2)

Lin Yue had heard of threats of the way from all the way south in Nanyang, and saw it as a chance to finally prove herself. Sure, lord Baocen had held her in high esteem, but his service had not given her a chance to fight a major battle. Thus it was time to make this trek to the great wall and see what effect she could have. At the end of her travel she sought out a soldier and exclaimed, "I have come to help out in this time of need."

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Re: The Battle of the Wall

Postby Selway » Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:09 pm

Character Name: Xiang Yun
Stats: 22-84-91-20-67
Skills: Confuse II, Doctor, Gongshu, Haste II, Pierce, Scout II, Yueshu II
Items: N/A

Was it providence or just dumb luck that had found him knocking about in the north when all this fuss arose? Dumb luck tended to be synonymous with good luck, and good luck this was not. Just the same wars meant need of proper physicians. From the general gist of the rumors overheard here and there it seemed if he went they'd be expecting something more in the way of martial prowess from any would be patriots and do gooders however. It could be said that there was something of a conflict of interests when a man dedicated to healing went to battle. Yun thought of it more as a hard and true example of a sustainable business model in action.

Without too much ado Yun set out to offer his assistance to the Kian. Proximity the main factor in the decision but rooting for the underdog held it's own appeal as well. One hundred thousand men! Oh they were all going to die if it were anywhere near that number, no mistake.
Xiang Yun (34)
Confuse II, Doctor, Gongshu, Haste II, Pierce, Scout II, Yueshu II

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