The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

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The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Belial » Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:53 pm

Quest related rp from this thread.

Anyone may roleplay here even if not an applicant to the Dueling Tournament or Champion's Ball.
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Re: The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Chinka » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:13 am

The Champion's Ball would be starting shortly, and Cheng Dang had to give Yue Shang the flair he ultimately deserved. The was little question in his mind that with the passing of Zhao Ning. Yue Shang was the mightiest warrior in the middle kingdom.

With the grandiose that only Cheng Dang could think of the procession of entertainers, musicians, and criers announce the Kingdom of Wei, and its champion Yue Shang riding atop of the fastest steed Wei had to offer. This moment was for Yue Shang, his most prestigious officer championing his banner all accross the north it was only natural that he be the one to represent his Kingdom.

In the back of the procession Cheng Dang watched. As Yue Shang was clearly the center of attention. Cheng Dang was far from jealous this was to be his friend's day.

Wei had arrived in Qufu!

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Re: The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Spike » Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:10 pm

Yue Shang had never been one for theatrics, and this whole show of Cheng Dang's was a little much for him. But it seemed to mean a lot to his friend, and he had insisted, so Yue would grin and bear through it. After all, it was an honor to represent Wei in this tournament. He hoped that he would do his kingdom proud.
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Re: The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Oro » Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:03 am

An ominous carriage sat outside the arena in Qufu, bearing the flags of Wen Luan from Zhao, surrounded by a small taskforce of soldiers. Inside the carriage, Wen Luan sat with Tie Niangzi, drinking booze in preparation for the tournament. Much was talked about, threats of denying the woman known as Pojian of the south, her much needed drugs and alcohol if she lost this champions ball.

After almost an hour of being ominous, the doors swing open as the two women emerge, the soldiers parting to allow thoroughfare. "Pojian." Luan states, her eyes a little glazed over from alcohol. "I can't wait to watch you &*$& some people up, it's been so long."

A small contingent of soldiers accompanies the duo as they enter the arena, a sack full of alcohol over Luan's shoulder, she promptly finds an area reserved for rulers. Surrounded by six soldiers, seated in front and behind, Pojian and Luan relax in preparation for the event.

Turning to Pojian, she asks. "Will they be calling you down for preparations? Do you know?"
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Re: The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Wild Wolf » Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:10 pm

Pojian came out of the carriage beside Wen Luan, her walk as wobbly as it always is every time she takes a long ride in said carriage. She drank out of her bottle as she walked, wiping her lips with her forearm each time she took a sip. Whaddo I look like, the goddamn host of this 'ere place? I ain't got a clue. Her eyes, now turning into a reddish color, turn to face her liege. Besides *hic* I don't need no stinkin' preparation. All I need's right here with meh. Just let 'em shout my name when I my turn's up. She cracks her fists while she looked down on the arena she would soon be standing in.
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Re: The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Li Dao Wen » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:41 pm

The lands of Qufu were serene, almost picturesque in its splendor. Rolling hills that contrasted with the bustle of the small city towered over the -as of yet- peaceful populace, and the scenes of war to be found elsewhere was noticeably absent. The roads, with the glaring exception of delegate after delegate from kingdoms afar thundering across it, were silent with the winds.

The Dueling Tourney in Qufu called forth the mightiest warriors in the land, a challenge to decide who is truly the best in the middle kingdom. Although shamed before by a huge defeat at the hands of Guan Huang, Xun Jiang was determined to prove that he can still make a lot of improvements with his style and skill. Hoping to surpass his de facto mentor and prove yet again that he was the best in Ma Dieu's force, the Black Ogre of Chu answered the call.

The hulking, herculean Xian Long Rui dismounted from his new steed - a powerful armored stallion twice as large as his old one - and entered the dueling grounds without a fuss, his legendary halberd already primed to strike on one thick palm. Black and Gold decorated his splendid armor, the rubied helmet he was wearing also tailing a long, white plum. He surveyed the competitors around him with little interest, almost as if he was more than confident that he would blaze through the competition before him. A smirk creased his otherwise stoic face, with a deep sense of scorn discernible in his eyes. Some faces were familiar to him, and some were not.

Beside him stood both Ma Dieu and Fei Lai, his two childhood companions, men who held the utmost regard for his courage and skill. A herald behind them, carrying the standard of Xuyi, announced their names to the crowd.

He looked down at the two men beside him, his height making him the most visible attraction between the three of them. "Fear not that they can defeat me. Today I will show these fools the might that protects Xuyi."
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Re: The Duelist of Qufu [Quest RP]

Postby Big Grizzy » Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:59 am

Jin Sui and Du Si arrived at the tournament in a modest carriage pulled by Du Si's horse "Jackfruit". Du Si had been entered into the tournament at Jin Sui's urging, and did not hold high hopes of being competitive. As they surveyed the arriving competitors, he would write on his board things like 'armor' when he saw one of the many exquisite pieces adorning an entrant, then point to his own garb of tanned hides. "You will be fine," Jin Sui would assure him. He would write 'horse' when they saw the big powerful warhorses the other competitors rode. "Jackfruit has more heart than any of them," Jin Sui would confidently state. Du Si wasn't so sure, but he was glad that his brother, at least, was enjoying the trip.
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