The Murderer of Suzhou

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The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Belial » Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:11 pm

Throughout Jiaoxi province, the rumor quickly spread like wildfire. A tale of death and betrayal and promises of gold had all but stolen the attention of the fair people of Jiaoxi. The town of Suzhou had prospered over the years. It had once been the heart of the Chu rebellion, the staging ground of the Hedgemon King's first glorious rebellion. Yet, even though the great kind had long since left, the city remained a bastion for the Chu faith. Nobles of great influence resided amongst that small village, men and women who had dined and known the great King of Chu. Yet, it was the very same nobles that had become twisted and tied to that tale.

The Guan family had once been small and of little influence in the days of the Qin. Yet, with Xiang Yu's rebellion, a new found wealth and power had been brought to that family. Once little more than a family of merchants who oversaw the work of a small forge, the family's wealth had endlessly multiplied. Countless forges now dotted their holdings. Producing tools of war for those who dared seek their dangerous trade. While what had once been a small estate had become a large holding upon the edge of town. A walled manor which held a small garrison of guards and a permanent staff on residence. A grand manor managed by the head of the Guan family, Lord Guan Jian. It was within this walled manor the tale was born.

Rumors claim that within the early weeks of June, a unfortunate encounter occurred. A stable boy, a tall and lanky man by the name of Li Zhao, had prepared to rob and steal a great amount from his lord. That the stable boy had gathered a chest filled with countless coins and gems, enough to support him for decades to come. His plan had supposedly gone without so much as a hitch. He had managed to sneak, night by night, the various coins and treasures from the Guan family treasury and into the stables where he hid his wealth within a barrel buried beneath the straw. Yet, the rumors claim, that upon the night of his prepared flight, Li Zhao encountered the only son of Lord Guan Jian and his only daughter. Lady Ning and her brother, Guan Suo, was supposedly strolling across their family's manor as the sun began to fall beyond the horizon. During their stroll, they supposedly came across Li Zhao as he prepared the Guan family carriage. He had loaded the barrel within and harnessed the horses, and with his bounty in tow he was all but ready to take flight with his stolen goods.

But, the rumors claim that brave Guan Suo confronted the young stable boy. That, despite being unarmed, he boldly confronted the lanky servant and that the two of them began to brawl while Lady Ning screamed for help. In a unfortunate and dastardly move, it is rumored that the stable boy drew a knife and stabbed Guan Suo within the back as they wrestled. Yet, pushing Guan Suo away, it is said Li Zhao took Lady Ning hostage and forced her into the carriage before barring its door. Threatening to kill her if she so much as made another sound. With Lady Ning as his hostage, it is said Li Zhao fled into the night and towards Yangcheng Lake.

By the night's end, Guan Suo was dead from his wound and Li Zhao a murderer. Yet, Li Zhao was hardly forgotten. With his son's death upon his hands and the fear of his daughter's death haunting him, Lord Guan Jian made a bold proclamation. He promised endless wealth to whoever captured the man, let it be dead or alive, and returned his daughter to him alive. It was a promise that brought a savage left to that rumor. A promise that brought countless hunters, farmers, and even bandits into the woods and the foothills of Yangcheng Lake. Each pursuing the murderer of Suzhou and the gold that was promised.

OOC Quest Summary:

Applying for Membership:
Anyone is allowed to enter this quest, however, certain builds will have a innate advantage in this quest. But, all stats will serve a purpose in this quest and it may possibly effect the course of the roleplay and your results. Likewise, certain skills may give certain advantages towards certain actions. Anyone is allowed to apply but only six players will be accepted. These six players will be randomly selected from those who apply. Followers are allowed to accompany a player, but, Personal Armies are banned. Applicants must follow the format and have their starting roleplay in which they are first arriving to Suzhou or Yangcheng Lake.

Sign Ups end on Wednesday at 10 PM Central Time Zone.

Application Format:
Name: Blah Blah Blah. Example: Guan Huang
Stats: Your current stats. Example: 99-99-99-99-99
Skills: Your current skills. Example: Awesome III, God Mode III, Leet III, Reading I
Items: Your current items. Example: +10 Bow of Godly Accuracy
Followers: Your current followers. Example: Liu Chen (1-1-1-1-100) Pants on Head Retarded III Items: Pacifier.

RP: Blah Blah Blah

Quest Progression:
Players will be expected to make a roleplayed post every twenty four hours. I will attempt to insure there is one reply for every person per day and possibly more if I have the time. Progression may be a bit slow on turn change days, but, I will attempt to keep the pace. Please insure you can be active before attempting to apply.

Quest Rewards:
To be revealed at the end of the quest.

Quest Danger Level:
LOW to MEDIUM: You will be pursuing a murderer who has already killed a noble! Who knows what dangers he might present and what dangers both nature and your fellow bounty hunters might present.
Starring As:
The Hero of Xianyang, The Incorruptible Lu Chen, and the Glorious Emperor Kang!

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Wen Xu » Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:21 pm

Name: Wen Xu
Stats: 76-84*-38-54-40
Skills: Challenge I, Charge II, Diplomat I, Faze I, Instructor II, Politician I, Qiangshu I, Raid I
Items: Spear (Mgt+2), Horse (Spd+1)
-Fan Shuo 64-47-80-65-57 Decoy I, Diplomat I, Entrench I, Escort I, Inspire I, Military_Admin I, Politician II
-Deng Chi 63-63-69-58-71 Assemble I, Deride I, Inspire I, Maraud II, Saboteur I, Volley I
-Su Ai 61-66-70-64-76 Confuse I, Doctor II, Maraud I, Propagandist I
-Yun Pi 40-78-54-55-67 Confuse I, Deride I, Discipline II, Diplomat II, Intimidate I, Pierce I

As word reached Jiujiang of the nobles plight, Wen Xu at first did not really care about the actions of the man. However, Su Ai had family in the region and begged Wen Xu to allow them to go there and help. With a man murdering and kidnapping people of authority his friend feared for the life of his own family. It didn't take to much time for him to be convinced and Wen Xu left with Su Ai, his advisor and nephew of the Prime Minister Fan Shuo, his hometown friend Yun Pi and Deng Chi since he didn't trust to leave the man alone in his newly conquered city. After a long ride the group of five men found themselves on the outskirts of Suzhou.
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Wen Xu(39) ~ Bio
Skills: Challenge I, Charge II, Diplomat I, Faze I, Instructor II, Politician I, Qiangshu I, Raid I
Items: Spear (Melee, Mgt+2), Horse (Spd+1)

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Xiao Gau » Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:36 pm

Name: Ying
Stats: 81-16-76-77*-22
Skills: Confuse 2, Entangle 2, Poison 2, Sabotuer 3, Scout 2, Spy
Items: Writings of Wu Zixu (+3 Judgment, *Saboteur)

RP: -=Word of the fugitive reached Ying in his new home of Sai. A young man murdered by a sneak thief; a traitor to his lord; and a young maiden held hostage. And now the coward had fled with the poor lady into the wilderness.

Lord Guan Jian offered endless wealth and and forever riches to the man who returned his daughter and the thief to his clutches. Though Ying had little care or use for such trinkets, the chance to test his skills against the other great trackers of the land was something he couldn't pass up.

Gathering supplies, and being careful to pack his book well, Ying set off on horseback to the town of Suzhou, Jiaoxi province. Accompanied as always by his hounds, he makes good time, with favorable weather. After traveling across much of china, Ying arrives in the town and makes his towards the first crowd he can spot, to start gathering information.=-
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Ying, former Chu tracker and hunting dog
Co: 81 | M: 16 | I: 76 |J: 80* | Ch: 22
Skills: Confuse 2, Entangle 2, Poison 2, Saboteur 3, Scout 2, Spy

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Li Dao Wen » Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:15 pm

Name: Xun Jiang
Stats: 60-108*-32-63-53
Skills: Challenge II, Instructor II, Intimidate, Jianshu, Qiangshu, Yueshu III
Items: Twilight Mourning (+7 Might Halberd), Armor of the Catalyst (+6 Might Armor), Havoc (+1 Speed)

The Shadows [暗兵] - Murderer's Trail

The night was overcast, with a spray of sea wind from the east blowing with a calm fervor. Yet the pale luminescence of the moon shone forth from the gray clouds, lighting the path to the silvery lake for those who dared travel at night. Only the bravest did try, indeed, and none was more valorous--and more capable--than the Twilight General of Chu.

it was an apt cognomen for he preferred to travel during the dark hours of night, where the exquisite black armor he donned hid him in the shadows. For so long he had been the bane of murderer and innocent alike; a giant of great brutality who would sweep the lands for victims to claim and treasures to horde. Even that long, bright night was devoted to such a venture. Having heard of the bounty which the rich man from General Ma Dieu's own home province offered, he was hot on the murderer's trail for blood, gold and glory, his black steed Havoc thundering down the lonely trails towards the aforementioned lake.

By the time he reached Yangcheng lake, the sun had already begun to peek through the dense fog, the sweet smell of rain perfuming the grass. Strangely enough not a single rooster could be heard, the lake seemingly too remote for any human habitation to be nearby; wild birds in their waking songs was the order of the day. Still, despite their happy singing, there was no joy to be found in the Black Ogre's grim, hard face, and that enormous halberd of his rested across his shoulder like some trap waiting to be sprung.

He had been called by his inner turmoil to seek it elsewhere, and he was going to get it regardless of anything.

NOTE: I put in my projected Might stat (108) since I'm pretty sure the PT results will be out by the time this thread rolls. :P
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Xun Jiang the Black Ogre, King of Yan

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Rainfall in Suzhou

Postby GreenFabre » Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:26 pm

Name: Kijo Akki
Stats: 71 - 103* - 28 - 66 - 54
Skills: Charge I, Gongshu II, Jianshu II, Qiangshu II, Raid I, Yueshu I
Items: "KUMO" (Speed +1 Horse), "HOOD OF DEFIANCE" (Armor - Might +7), "SANGE AND YASHA" (Sword - Might +6), "KELEN'S DAGGER" (Set of Throwing Knives (Ranged)), "MASK OF MADNESS" (Helm - Might +3)


but just look at him go.. he kept talking, and talking and talking
as if it was the only bloody thing in the world he ever known to do
back and forth, back and forth, boy gets treasure, gets girl
kills the brother, gets away, end of story, blah blah blah...
yet the kijo can't help but grow curious, gulping down a drink
so she ordered another bowl, and closed her eyes as it rained~



the kijo only smiled at herself as the tavern keeper kept rambling on
here she was, eating her favorite spicy noodles oh so quietly
celebrating her personal victory in secret after taking Pengcheng
while the man literally sprayed saliva over her face as he talked
telling that same bloody story again for the longest time..
'some secret ingredients you got here..' the kijo mumbled as she ate~

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Kakirot83 » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:35 pm

Name: Tai Ju Li
Stats: 43-40-84-54-87
Skills: Civil Administrator, Confuse II, Diplomat II, Doctor, Scribe II, Politician, Propagandist, Public Planner II
Items: None
Wang Qun;68-60-63-80-41/Dash II, Doctor I, Entrench II, Poison I, Smith I
Sun Luo;63-57-70-52-55/Decoy I, Military Administrator I, Poison I, Politician I, Rupture I, Trainer I
Ang Lie;59-63-67-52-44/Diplomat I, Entrench I, Entangle I, Maraud I, Wall I, Yueshu I


Tai Ju Li had been qandering Jiaoxi with her followers, and with Zhuwen, on and off again. This was one of those rare times, when she had wandered away from Zhuwen, but she still had her personal followers, Wang Qun, Sun Luo, and Ang Lie with her. Along this journey, they had heard of this murderer of Suzhou, and though they had the option of going to Yangcheng Lake, Tai had the feeling she was being pulled to the town itself.

They arrived in good time, and Tai just seemed to be floating along. She didn't know where to go exactly, but she just let the 'tides' she saw, begin to guide her. She knew the person she would need to talk to first was this Lord Guan Jian, and she would need to find where he lived.

They made their way towards the first guards or or at least official looking people they could find, to ask for directions. Tai bowed, politely, as she neared whomever she found.

"Excuse me. I am new here, and I seek out Lord Guan Jian. I wonder if you might be able to tell me where I should go?"

She hoped he would know the answer, and that it would not take long. Colors were dancing, and Tai hoped to be dancing with them soon as well.
Tai Ju Li, 43-42*-104*-55*-91, Civil Administrator, Confuse III, Diplomat III, Doctor, Scribe II, Politician, Propagandist, Public Planner II
Age: 24, 379 gold, Location: Han

NPC Followers: Sun Luo;63-57-70-52-55/Decoy I, Military Administrator I, Poison I, Politician I, Rupture I, Trainer I

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Meia » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:42 pm

Name: Ding Yi
Stats: 76-72-47-74-54
Skills: Civil Administrator II, Discipline II, Gongshu I, Military Administrator I, Propagandist I, Public Planner I, Sortie II, Wall I, Yueshu I
Items: none
Followers: Cong Ma; 73-72-50-57-59; Challenge 2, Diplomat 2, Faze 1, Politician 1

Being in Jiaoxi province for the first time, Ding Yi observed the commonfolk in Suzhou, having been convinced by her recent companion Cong Ma to investigate the rumours of the Guan family's mishap. They had asked some locals about it, and the story seemed to hold. "It seems there is truth in these rumours," she concluded to Cong, "Then we must do something. I think it will do everyone a lot of good to find Lady Ning and this Li Zhao."

"And a great test of my capabilities, my Lady." added Cong Ma, looking at Ding's face as he stood next to her. "I will prove to be a useful companion. No one will lay a hand on you with me protecting ya." Cong pounded a fist over his chest, and flashed a confident grin. "It is for a good cause as well." At this Ding Yi nodded in agreement. "Yes, we should help capture a murderer and save the kidnapped lady. Let us find the Guan residence and offer our assistance immediately."
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Civil Administrator II, Discipline 3, Gongshu I, Military Administrator I, Propagandist 3*, Public Planner I, Sortie II, Wall I, Yueshu I
Equipment: none
785 gold
Bio/Char Description

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby Xe » Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:45 am

Name: Guan Xiuying
Stats: 41-44-73-53-104
Skills: Diplomat II, Doctor, Engineer II, Politician II, Propagandist
Items: Spiffeh Hat, Robe, Amulet (7, 7, 4)
Followers: Nein.

Guan Xiuying had recently heard of a crime against the household of a certain Guan Jian. Setting out, she quickly arrived at his manor, in her attempt to find clues!
Guan Xiuying, 15, Female
Diplomat II, Doctor, Engineer II, Politician II, Propagandist

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby alexoren » Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:38 am

Name: Alexandrus Brutus Publius
Stats: 81-94-44-55-38
Skills: Faze, pierce 2, Instructor 2, Maraud 2, Qianshu 2
Items: +4 might halberd, +3 might armor, +1 speed horse, +2 com book, +2 jud book
Followers: Xiao Meili 51-83-46-46-46 Skills: volley 2, assemble, sortie, yueshu, military administrator 2 Items: none

RP: Deep within his home province of Qi, the large foreigner by the name of Alexandrus Brutus Publius heard word of a dishonorable man that had dared to steal then murder a man in cold blood. Killing on the battlefield or to the roar of the crowd brought honor but murder outside of these two instances was dishonorable and brought great shame on this man in the roman's eyes. There was no way that he would allow this to go on without punishment applied to this man. Alexandrus gathered his gear and his horse and made his way out of Qi alongside his close companion Xiao Meili, who was almost always at his side. They both after many days ride found themselves in the foothills near the town where the event had occured. From there they decided to search high and low. Meili sat upon the horse which she rode about while Alexandrus marched around on foot looking for any tracks the man might have laid. He specifically searched for deep footprints of someone carrying something or of footprints accompanied by drag marks on the ground where the woman that had been taken would have been pulled across the ground. Meili was worried for the girl's saftey while Alexandrus was worried about causing death or worse to this horrible man.

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Re: The Murderer of Suzhou

Postby JG Chan » Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:20 pm

Name: Tu Shu'er
Stats: 46-72*-67*-78-70
Skills: Artisan, Decoy, Doctor, Jianshu II, Poison, Politician, Propagandist II, Saboteur II, Spy II
Items: Tearborn Heaven (Sword, Mgt +3), Throwing Knives, Herbalist's Notes (Book, Int +1)
Follower: Shuqiang Chen (16) 78-43-71-56-67 Discipline I, Faze II, Jeer I, Public Planner I, Yueshu I

As Suzhou bustled with bounty hunters gathering for the search, a pair of young women arrived and settled into one of the quieter inns at the outskirts of town. The younger of the two took the lead in heading to Lord Guan's manor, confident despite her small size, a fine hatchet hanging at her belt. Her companion, in clothes of faded red and a simple cloak, followed along silently.

Having spent some time in Jiaoxi before, the two found the prominent manor without too much trouble, and proceeded to knock on the main doors.
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Yue Dingtian 岳顶天 (60)
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